6 Best Carpet Bombing Youtube Channels + Videos

Are you looking for intense and awesome gaming experiences? Are you a fan of military games, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, or War Thunder? Are you search for in-depth tutorials, gameplay, and MilSim experiences? Then you are in the right place! We are going to take you through a carpet bombing of the best YouTube channels to get your gaming fix. Keep reading to discover more and find your next gaming source!

Carpet Bombing

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~6.6k Channel Videos: ~101

Carpet Bombing Youtube Channel

The Carpet Bombing YouTube channel is a platform for viewers to enjoy retro 2D flying side-scrolling game footage such as jets fighting and bombing. Experience the thrill of engaging in aerial warfare similar to a mobile game with the added advantage of the jet fighter being a JAS Gripen. Viewers can follow through the experience from start to finish with daily uploads of exciting 2D flying and carpet bombing footage.

Steel Guru

Channel Views: ~235.2m Channel Subscribers: ~227k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Steel Guru Youtube Channel

Steel Guru is a YouTube channel dedicated to the War Thunder game. Content on the channel includes strategy guides, tutorials, and reviews for different tank and aircraft types, along with guides for carpet bombing and general tips for how to become a better War Thunder player. Steel Guru is the go-to channel for War Thunder fans!


Channel Views: ~776.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.2m Channel Videos: ~3.2k

PhlyDaily Youtube Channel

PhlyDaily is an exciting YouTube channel for fans of War Thunder. It offers a variety of content, ranging from insightful reviews on aircraft, ships, and tanks, to exhilarating gameplay of the popular Massive Multi-Player Online game. Get the latest information and updates on all things War Thunder with the help of PhlyDaily's carpet bombing of content!


Channel Views: ~41.5m Channel Subscribers: ~23.1k Channel Videos: ~108

f39eagle2 Youtube Channel

The f39eagle2 YouTube channel is a great resource for aviation enthusiasts. It features videos of military aircraft such as fighters, bombers, and even stealth planes. You'll find videos of various aircraft participating in activities such as carpet bombing, air strikes, and fleet maneuvers by the US Navy and the United States Air Force. If you are interested in military aviation then this is the channel to watch.


Channel Views: ~21.5m Channel Subscribers: ~51k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

Hunter Youtube Channel

The Hunter YouTube channel is a channel dedicated to carpet bombing and war games, featuring video games such as War Thunder and No Commentary. Hunter also focuses on aircraft like F-4E Phantom II and Kamov Ka-29. Alongside these topics, the channel also has light-hearted playthroughs of Tiny Ivans and Life of Boris, as well as Bo Time Gaming reviews.

Milsim K

Channel Views: ~39.8m Channel Subscribers: ~107k Channel Videos: ~71

Milsim K Youtube Channel

Milsim K is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on Military Simulation gaming experiences, with content that includes carpet bombing, DCS World, Arma 3, Arma3 Milsim, Arma 3 Movie, Action Games, and Military Simulators. Their primary focus is on Arma 3 and the AH-64 Apache, and they have a wealth of Arma3 content that showcases the intense military reactions and experiences in tactical scenarios. People who are looking for an immersive gaming experience will find plenty to enjoy here.

Definition of Carpet Bombing

Carpet bombing is a type of aerial bombardment by multiple aircraft carrying a large number of individual bombs over a large area. It is typically used to target industrial complexes and densely populated areas where precision bombing is ineffective. Carpet bombing is most often used in the context of modern warfare, where the tactic may have a pivotal role in gaining aerial superiority through the destruction of enemy infrastructure and the demoralization of enemy forces.

In carpet bombing, the attacking aircraft carries many bombs, usually delivered through gravity-dropped bombs or incendiary bombs. The bombs are usually unarmed, anti-personnel, incendiary, or blast bombs, which are designed to make it difficult for adversaries to counter the attack. The aircraft then make a low-level pass over the target area, releasing the bombs with a high degree of accuracy and providing effective coverage across a large area. The resulting explosions inflict widespread destruction and can result in massive casualties and property damage.

Carpet bombing remains controversial today due to its indiscriminate nature and its ability to cause enormous destruction with limited targeting accuracy. The tactic has been condemned by many as a violation of international treaties and human rights laws. Nevertheless, carpet bombing continues to be used in some conflicts where its effectiveness outweighs the potential collateral damage. It is still seen as an effective strategy when used carefully and with precision to avoid needless casualties and property damage. As such, carpet bombing remains a tactic employed by modern militaries and combatants.

Exploring the History of Carpet Bombing

From World War II and the Vietnam War to the war on terror, the term ‘carpet bombing’ has become relatively well-known and notorious throughout the years. It refers to the large-scale bombing of cities, villages and neighborhoods in order to take out strategic military, economic and industrial targets. Despite the damage and destruction it can cause, carpet bombing was rated an effective way of combatting an opponent’s military capability.

Carpet bombing was first seen during World War II, when Allied forces in Europe and the Pacific used 1,000-pound bombs with time-delay fuses to carpet bomb their enemies. In the Vietnam War, the US employed a particularly dangerous form of carpet bombing - napalm bombs - causing extensive damage to villages and killing thousands of civilians, including women and children.

The US also made extensive use of carpet bombing in the Middle East and Central Asia as part of its War on Terror after the September 11 attacks. However, these latest efforts have drawn criticism from several human-rights groups and international organizations for their indiscriminate use of weapons, their controversial effects on civilians, and for their often catastrophic humanitarian aftermath. It’s clear that the history of carpet bombing is dark and complex, and understanding it better can teach us a lot about the true cost of war.

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