Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to stay up to date on all the latest information related to cannabis, politics, entertainment, television, and video content? Look no further! With so many options out there, it can be hard to find the right channel for you. Read on to discover the best YouTube channels for cannabis news, breaking news, documentaries, politics, entertainment, television, and video content related to marijuana. These are the channels you won't want to miss out on!

Cannabis: Top Youtube Channels

York River Cannabis

Channel Views: ~3.1m Channel Subscribers: ~44.9k Channel Videos: ~326

York River Cannabis Youtube Channel

York River Cannabis is a YouTube channel dedicated to everything related to cannabis. from growing and harvesting to making CBD oil. Through step-by-step videos and tutorials, viewers can learn how to cultivate and care for cannabis plants, properly flowering and harvesting them, and even make CBD oil in the comfort of their own homes with a Magic Butter Machine. With useful tips and tricks, the channel is an excellent resource for the budding cannabis aficionado.

The Cannabis Experts

Channel Views: ~11.3m Channel Subscribers: ~151k Channel Videos: ~173

The Cannabis Experts Youtube Channel

The Cannabis Experts YouTube channel provides viewers with education and information on all things cannabis. from THC and CBD to cannabis strains, cannabis benefits, and weed legalization in the UK and USA. With cannabis knowledge and advice from experts around the world, this channel aims to be a go-to resource for all things cannabis.

Cannabis Tech

Channel Views: ~153.2k Channel Subscribers: ~2.2k Channel Videos: ~155

Cannabis Tech Youtube Channel

Cannabis Tech is a YouTube channel that covers the intersection of cannabis, technology, and lifestyle. The channel showcases how modern society is integrating cannabis into everyday life, while also providing interesting examinations of the latest tech developments and lifestyle trends. Through informative videos and engaging content, Cannabis Tech is your gateway to learning more about the ever-evolving world of cannabis.


Channel Views: ~65.7m Channel Subscribers: ~352k Channel Videos: ~704

MERRY JANE Youtube Channel

Merry Jane is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on the culture of cannabis and marijuana. They offer fun and informational content on subjects such as music, tech, food, and more. The channel brings unique perspectives and an abundance of knowledge to the cannabis community, providing a platform to explore the diverse world of merry jane.


Channel Views: ~16.1m Channel Subscribers: ~294k Channel Videos: ~361

Leafly Youtube Channel

Leafly is a YouTube channel devoted to cannabis education. It provides in-depth marijuana information to help viewers better understand the medicinal benefits of cannabis, as well as the differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid varieties of weed. Leafly is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to learn more about the properties of marijuana and its many uses.

Advanced Nutrients

Channel Views: ~3.6m Channel Subscribers: ~33.8k Channel Videos: ~173

Advanced Nutrients Youtube Channel

The Advanced Nutrients YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone interested in growing cannabis indoors. It provides tutorials and tips on everything from setting up hydroponic systems to finding the right fertilizers and hydroponic nutrients for your indoor garden. It even covers topics related to growing weed and using organic fertilizers. All in all, the channel provides viewers with a wealth of knowledge on indoor plants.

The Ganjier

Channel Views: ~3.8m Channel Subscribers: ~51.1k Channel Videos: ~151

The Ganjier Youtube Channel

The Ganjier YouTube channel focuses on cannabis, exploring its health and lifestyle benefits. They provide in-depth analysis, tips, and advice on cannabis use and its lifestyle components. Through their informative videos, viewers can learn to live healthier, more enjoyable life.

Mr. Canucks Grow

Channel Views: ~81.3m Channel Subscribers: ~929k Channel Videos: ~131

Mr. Canucks Grow Youtube Channel

Mr. Canucks Grow is a YouTube channel that helps indoor cannabis growers in their gardening journey. Through videos and guides, viewers can learn about the most up-to-date indoor gardening techniques such as using grow lights, dry amendments, Gaia Green, and The Greensunshine Company products. Mr. Canucks Grow provides an informative and detailed grow guide and gardening guide, as well as how-to videos to help any cannabis cultivator improve their yields.

Mr. Grow It

Channel Views: ~13.7m Channel Subscribers: ~259k Channel Videos: ~116

Mr. Grow It Youtube Channel

Mr. Grow It is a YouTube channel dedicated to growing cannabis, marijuana, and weed. The channel provides viewers with step-by-step instructions on how to grow each of these plants, from selecting the right strain to caring for the plant during its growth. The channel is a great resource for those wanting to learn about all aspects of cannabis, marijuana, and weed cultivation. Additionally, viewers are also provided with helpful tips and tricks to maximize the yield of their growing pursuits.

Growers Network

Channel Views: ~17.4m Channel Subscribers: ~195k Channel Videos: ~95

Growers Network Youtube Channel

Growers Network is a YouTube channel that includes cannabis cultivation and related content. From the popular Canna Cribs series to tips for growing your own cannabis outdoors, Growers Network covers topics that are valuable for current and aspiring cannabis cultivators. The channel also provides helpful resources and guides to provide helpful insight into cultivation.

How to Identify Different Types of Cannabis

Cannabis is a category of plants that contains many different varieties, each with distinct traits and uses. Identifying different types of cannabis can be quite difficult, particularly for new users. However, there are a few key factors that can help you determine which type of cannabis you are dealing with.

  1. The first step in identifying different types of cannabis is to look for the plant family it comes from. There are two main types of cannabis – indica and sativa. Indica is characterized by wider leaves, denser buds, and a higher concentration of CBD, a relaxing chemical compound. Sativa is characterized by thin leaves, lighter buds, and a higher concentration of THC, the component that causes a psychoactive “high.”
  2. The next step in identifying different types of cannabis is to look for the strain. Each strain of cannabis carries its own unique characteristics, such as smell and taste, cannabinoid profiles, and effects. Certain strains may be indica dominant while others may be sativa dominant, so it is important to look up information on the strain you are dealing with in order to determine which type of cannabis it is.

By familiarizing yourself with different types of cannabis plants and their characteristics, you can easily identify the type of cannabis you are dealing with. Doing this can help you pick the right strain for you and ensure that you get the desired effect.

The Legal Aspects of Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis consumption is a popular recreational activity in most parts of the world and it has become increasingly more commonplace in the past few years. But, with the growth of cannabis consumption, the topic of legality has become a more common and pertinent issue. The legal aspects of cannabis consumption are governed by both national and local laws, which can vary from place to place and often make it confusing to understand.

  • When looking at the legal aspects of cannabis consumption, it is important to consider local laws in addition to laws on the federal and state level. Depending on the jurisdiction, various aspects of cannabis consumption can be legal or illegal. For example, in many states, the possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use is decriminalized or completely legal. On the other hand, in other states possession or consumption can still be considered illegal.
  • Additionally, the process of obtaining cannabis legally through dispensaries also varies based on location. Many states, such as California and Colorado, have legalized the sale and consumption of both medical and recreational cannabis and therefore have established regulatory agencies to oversee the industry. On the other hand, in states that only allow medical cannabis consumption, dispensaries are only able to provide cannabis to those with a medical prescription and any unregulated sale is still considered illegal.

The legal landscape surrounding cannabis is changing rapidly and varies greatly from state to state. It is important to stay up to date on the latest laws and regulations in your area to ensure that your cannabis consumption is compliant with the law. 

How to Choose the Right Cannabis Strains

Choosing the right cannabis strains for your needs is an important decision. With so many strains available these days, and so much information on their different effects, it can be hard to know what to choose. Here are some tips to help you find the strains that are right for you:

  1. First and foremost, do your research. Find out about the different types of cannabis, their effects, and what medical conditions each may be suitable for. A good way to do this is to work with a knowledgeable dispensary staff who can help answer any questions you have. They can also point you in the right direction when it comes to finding which products are right for you.
  2. Next, think about your own needs. What kind of experience do you want from the cannabis? Are you looking for something to help you relax, manage an existing condition, or help inspire creativity? Different strains of cannabis can have different effects, so knowing what you want beforehand is key. It is also important to make sure that you are getting the right CBD to THC ratio for your needs.
  3. Finally, ask around. Reach out to friends or family members who are already cannabis users and ask them which strains they’ve tried and what they recommend. They can be a valuable resource when it comes to finding the right strain for you. Of course, it’s important to remember that what works for one person may not necessarily work for everyone.

No matter which cannabis strains you decide to try, the most important thing is to trust your gut and make sure you're finding the products that will work best for you. Doing a bit of research and talking to experts can go a long way in helping you find the right cannabis for you.

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