Are you looking for an easy way to discover some of the best Canadian fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment YouTube channels? Do you live in Toronto, Ontario, or anywhere else in Canada and want to stay up to date on current news, trends, and topics? Look no further! We've scoured the web to bring you the ultimate list of fashion, news, beauty, and lifestyle YouTube channels from Canada that you won't want to miss. Keep reading to find your next favorite YouTube channel today!

Canadian fashion: Top Youtube Channels

FASHION Magazine

Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~4.7k Channel Videos: ~820

FASHION Magazine Youtube Channel

FASHION Magazine is a Canadian YouTube channel focusing on all things fashion, womenswear, style, beauty, and advice. They also provide tips and explore the latest Hollywood trends. It's the perfect destination for Canadian fashion lovers looking for their next style inspiration.


Channel Views: ~6.2m Channel Subscribers: ~9.9k Channel Videos: ~542

FLARE Youtube Channel

FLARE is a Canadian fashion and beauty YouTube channel aimed at empowering women, exploring diverse fashion and beauty trends, and providing helpful advice on topics such as health, entertainment, relationships, and even horoscope. Whether you're looking to improve your own wardrobe or just want to stay in the know about the latest trends, FLARE has you covered.

Canuck Catwalk

Channel Views: ~209.6k Channel Subscribers: ~414 Channel Videos: ~79

Canuck Catwalk Youtube Channel

Canuck Catwalk is a Canadian-based fashion YouTube channel offering viewers the latest fashion trends, street style looks, beauty news, and model bios. From fashion history to runway and catwalk shows, Canuck Catwalk is the perfect resource for keeping up with the fashion world. With its own fashion magazine and model biographies, the channel features content from fashion experts and industry professionals.


Channel Views: ~10.1k Channel Subscribers: ~140 Channel Videos: ~73

CAFA TV Youtube Channel

CAFA TV is a YouTube channel dedicated to the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards. It showcases Canadian fashion designers, industry leaders, and inspiring stories from within the Canadian fashion scene. With content featuring interviews, fashion trends, red carpets, and more, CAFA TV is the ultimate viewing destination for all things Canadian fashion.

Celebrities who Make Canadian Fashion Popular

In recent years, Canadian fashion has become incredibly popular, especially among celebrities who have begun to show off their Canadian style. While streetwear has been on the rise, there are plenty of celebrities who love to share their stylish Canadian fashion.

  • Renowned popstar Justin Bieber is a big fan of Canadian fashion, often wearing designs from Canadian streetwear labels Ransom, Reigning Champ, and Herschel. His combination of grunge and preppy is a nod to the influence of his native country. He often wears bold graphics, varsity-style jackets, and other statement pieces that prove that Canadian fashion goes far beyond jeans and plaid.
  • Actress and model Shay Mitchell is another fan of Canadian fashion, often sharing her love for labels such as Surrender and Le 31 on her Instagram page. She loves to mix tough items from those labels with elegant pieces from mid-level Canadian brands. Her unique style proves that Canadian fashion can be both modern and stylish.

Overall, it seems that celebrities are embracing their Canadian roots through fashion. They have proudly showcased their skills in bringing a fresh new look to Canadian fashion, making it trendy and cool. It's clear that Canadian fashion has been gaining traction in the fashion industry, and with the help of these popular celebrities, that only continues to grow.

Common Themes and Trends in Canadian Fashion

Canada is a country known for its strong sense of fashion. From the rugged outdoor winter garments of the prairies to the trendy brands of the major cities, Canadian fashion has something to offer everyone. Common themes and trends can be seen throughout Canadian fashion, from texture to fabric choice, and from colour palettes to silhouette.

  • Texture is key in Canadian fashion. From the heavy wools of winter sweaters to the lightweight coats, Canada's clothing reflects the need for warmth, protection, and style all in one. This can be seen in popular items like cozy pullovers, folksy prints, and puffer jackets. Texture is also found in fabrics like leather and fur, which brings a rugged feel to some looks.
  • Colour palettes often vary between states and seasons. A muted palette of greys, blues, and browns are often worn during the Canadian winter seasons. These colors are used to reflect the colors of a blustery winter landscape. During the spring and summer, colors often become brighter and livelier, embracing a more vibrant and uplifting look that celebrates the coming of warmer seasons. Similarly, silhouettes may also vary between states and seasons, often becoming more oversized and relaxed in winter and tighter more tailored in spring and summer.

Overall, Canadian fashion is rooted in comfort and protection while also reflecting the diversity of the country. From its fabrics and textures to its colors and silhouettes, fashion in Canada showcases the unique weather, seasons, and varied cultural origins of its residents.

Crafting Affordable Canadian Fashion Outfits

It is no secret that high fashion often comes with an incredibly high price tag. However, it is possible to still look fashionable without breaking the bank. Crafting affordable Canadian fashion outfits is often easier than you may think. To get started, head to your local thrift or consignment store for some amazing finds at a fraction of the cost.

  • Finding quality pieces does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Canadian brands offer fashionable trendsetters a variety of options that are sophisticated, stylish and affordable. Try out some of the smaller indie brands for fun statement pieces or look for timeless classics from larger brands. Social media platforms are also a great source for discovering fashion-forward Canadian brands and pieces that will fit any price range.
  • To make the perfect Canadian fashion outfit for any occasion, try mixing high-end pieces with low-budget finds. This way, you can create one-of-a-kind looks that you may not find in stores. Additionally, using accessories such as jewellery, scarves and hats to enhance the look are great ways to stand out without having to spend a ton. 

Crafting an affordable but stylish look is easier than you think – all you need is a bit of creativity!

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