7 Best Bollywood Dance Workout Youtube Channels

Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to follow for Bollywood dance, Zumba, and workouts? Look no further! We have carefully curated a selection of YouTube channels dedicated to helping you get fit and have fun with Bollywood dance, Zumba, and more. Read on to find the best YouTube channels for your needs and get your groove on.


Channel Views: ~30.8m Channel Subscribers: ~161k Channel Videos: ~58

BollyX Youtube Channel

BollyX is a YouTube channel that offers high-energy Bollywood dance workouts for all ages and skill levels. It includes a variety of genres and dance styles such as Indian classical, folk, contemporary, and hip-hop, in addition to new Bollywood songs. It also offers various dance tutorials, choreography, and useful tips on leading a healthy and balanced Bollywood life. By combining different dance forms with Zumba-inspired movements, this creates an effective and fun dance-fitness experience.


Channel Views: ~97.5m Channel Subscribers: ~603k Channel Videos: ~340

FITNESS DANCE With RAHUL Youtube Channel

FITNESS DANCE With RAHUL is a YouTube channel focused on providing viewers with a 30 minute beginner Bollywood dance workout to lose weight and get fit from the comfort of their home. The videos feature an easy to follow, energetic tutorial from fitness expert Rahul for a fun and effective full-body workout. It's the perfect way to make fitness and healthy living easy, fun and accessible.

Choreo N Concept

Channel Views: ~6.1m Channel Subscribers: ~42.9k Channel Videos: ~312

Choreo N Concept Youtube Channel

Choreo N Concept is an award-winning YouTube channel that offers high-quality Bollywood dance videos, tutorials, classes, and more! From best couple dance videos to online dance classes and private dance & fitness studio classes in Gurgaon, this channel is perfect for anyone who wants to learn an authentic Indian dance style. With great production value and expert dance instruction, Choreo N Concept is the best place to start learning Bollywood dance.

Workout with Sabah

Channel Views: ~12.9m Channel Subscribers: ~130k Channel Videos: ~241

Workout with Sabah Youtube Channel

Workout with Sabah is a popular YouTube channel run by Sabah Kadri, a well-known trainer in the fitness and dance communities. She offers a range of Bollywood-style dance workouts, as well as Zumba and India Fitness classes in both beginner and intermediate levels. Her 30 minute beginner workouts can be done at home and make it easy to get a great full-body workout in a short amount of time. She also regularly creates new content, so there's always something fresh to try.


Channel Views: ~116.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~114

DanceWithDeepti Youtube Channel

DanceWithDeepti is a YouTube channel that features 30 minute Bollywood dance workouts ideal for beginners. Each workout is designed to help you lose weight and improve your fitness. These workouts are perfect for doing at home and range from beginner-level to intermediate. With DanceWithDeepti you can get fit in the comfort and convenience of your own home!

Hanisha G

Channel Views: ~28.8m Channel Subscribers: ~121k Channel Videos: ~81

Hanisha G Youtube Channel

Hanisha G's YouTube channel is an upbeat and inspiring place to learn Bollywood dance workouts, get tips on healthy lifestyles, and discover the music of Asia and Pop. Explore her eclectic music selection and tune into a world filled with infectious beats and positive vibes.


Channel Views: ~420.3k Channel Subscribers: ~3.4k Channel Videos: ~57

RAHUL KUMAR Youtube Channel

Rahul Kumar's YouTube channel is an excellent resource for learning Bollywood dance moves, hip hop, and western style dance moves. He provides tutorials, choreographed dance covers, and even hosts his own Bollywood dance workout to get viewers moving. He also uploads fun and informative vlogs that give a behind-the-scenes look into his studio and the lessons he teaches at his Western Dance Academy. With Rahul Kumar's channel, viewers can explore their creativity and challenge themselves to keep up with his breath-taking dance moves.

Why a Bollywood Dance Workout May Be the Best Way to Get Fit

Bollywood dance is not only a great way to stay connected to a culture that may otherwise seem distant to you, it can also be a fun and gratifying way to get fit. Bollywood dance classes featuring energizing music and steps filled with attitude and personality combine the benefits of a balanced and solid workout with the enjoyment of expressing yourself through moves that you love. That's why a Bollywood dance workout may be the best way to get fit.

  • First of all, a Bollywood dance workout is challenging and effective: You'll work all your muscle groups, focus on coordination and cardio. Bollywood dance classes are typically designed to accommodate all fitness levels, and within a few classes, you'll see yourself improving and get stronger. You'll also get familiar with the rhythm of the steps, which will make your dancing more proficient. The range of motions, quick reactions and graceful sequences requires your mind-body connection to stay fully engaged, resulting in an effective workout for the whole body.
  • Finally, a Bollywood-style dance workout is a great way to express yourself creatively. Enjoy vibrant colors, traditional costumes and unbridled emotions in movements that can be both gentle and dynamic. Feel empowered and motivated to increase your endurance and fatigue. You'll also find that each class will make you happy, and that the enjoyment that comes from the music, the costumes and the atmosphere will make your workout something to actually look forward to. 

So the next time you're looking for a fun way to get fit, why not try a Bollywood dance class? You may just fall in love with it!

What to Wear and Other Preparations to Make Before Doing a Bollywood Dance Workout

When you think of Bollywood dancing, you may think about colorful costumes and energetic moves. If you plan to try a Bollywood dance workout, you will want to make sure that you dress appropriately and have the right preparations in order to get the most out of it.

  • The main part of the ensemble is comfortable clothing that won’t restrict your movements during the workout. You will want to make sure that your clothing allows you to move and breathe freely, especially when doing the vigorous movements that a Bollywood dance workout is known for. Choose lightweight and breathable materials like yoga pants, tank tops, and t-shirts. You should also keep an extra layer handy in case you cool down during your workout.
  • If you prefer a more traditional Bollywood look, accessorize with colorful turbans, kurtis, and churidar leggings. However, be aware that these costumers can also be somewhat restrictive and challenging to keep up with all the movements, so be careful and keep comfort in mind also. Lastly, collared tops are important to protect your chest and back muscles during the workout since many of the movements are done while lifting your arm above your head. Have fun and show off your best moves without having to worry about your clothing. 

With all these preparations, you will be able to get the most out of your Bollywood dance workout.

Different Styles for a Bollywood Dance Workout

Bollywood dancing is one of the best and most enjoyable means of exercising. This type of dancing is a great way to give your body a good workout while having fun and enjoying yourself at the same time. There are multiple different Bollywood dance styles to choose from, each offering unique benefits and providing different levels of intensity.

  • The traditional form of Bollywood dancing is known as Bharatnatyam. This style is focused on expressing emotion through steps and gestures, performed in a very rhythmic manner. Bharatnatyam is a great introductory dance style for those who are completely new to Bollywood dancing because it is slow-paced and accessible for all levels.
  • For those who want to give their workout an extra punch, contemporary Bollywood dancing is an excellent choice. This style takes traditional Bollywood moves and adds a modern twist, providing an intense cardio workout. Some of the steps used in contemporary Bollywood dances have been borrowed from other dance styles such as Hip-Hop, making this variant of Bollywood dancing both physically challenging and visually stunning. 

Whatever your fitness goals may be, there is sure to be a Bollywood dance style that is right for you. So start dancing and get in shape with the help of Bollywood!

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