Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to help you find inner peace and relaxation through meditation? From body scan meditation to guided meditation, mindfulness, yoga, health and more, this article will help you find the perfect YouTube channels for your specific needs. Here, we have rounded up some of the best YouTube channels offering meditation, mindfulness, relaxation, and other helpful resources to help you on your journey! Read on to discover the perfect collection of videos and channels for you!

Body scan meditation: Top Youtube Channels

Meditation Vacation

Channel Views: ~75.7m Channel Subscribers: ~378k Channel Videos: ~429

Meditation Vacation Youtube Channel

The Meditation Vacation YouTube channel provides videos of body scan meditation, guided sleep meditations, deep sleep meditation, sleep meditations and more to promote relaxation and deep sleep. It also has guided deep relaxation and hypnosis for sleep videos for those who need extra help winding down. Taken all together, it forms an oasis of guided meditations to help viewers gain a sense of inner peace and calm in their lives.

Fostering Resilience

Channel Views: ~1.4m Channel Subscribers: ~21.4k Channel Videos: ~733

Fostering Resilience Youtube Channel

Fostering Resilience is a YouTube channel devoted to aiding individuals in recovering from addiction and managing mental health challenges. Led by Dr. KJ Foster, the channel offers guided meditation and body scan meditation to help with anxiety, post-acute withdrawal, and how to stay sober. It is a great resource for those looking for alternative ways to support their healing journey.

Palouse Mindfulness

Channel Views: ~7.8m Channel Subscribers: ~41.1k Channel Videos: ~255

Palouse Mindfulness Youtube Channel

The Palouse Mindfulness YouTube channel offers videos demonstrating mindfulness and relaxation techniques, with an emphasis on body scan meditations and courses based on the evidence-based Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. The channel also provides guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to help viewers develop their mindfulness practice.

Exploring the Benefits of Body Scan Meditation

Meditation is an ancient practice that continues to be beneficial today. Body Scan Meditation is one technique that is becoming increasingly popular for not only reducing stress and improving focus, but also for strengthening overall wellbeing. This type of meditation involves a series of mental body scans and focuses on bringing awareness to all regions of the body. By exploring the benefits of Body Scan Meditation, you can begin to access the visual, spiritual, and psychological benefits that come with this practice.

  • Body Scan Meditation helps to bring awareness to areas of physical tension, allowing for the possibility of stress relief. The body scan also brings with it increased self-awareness as it requires focusing not only on the body but also the thoughts and feelings associated. Through this practice, you can start to understand the dynamics of your body and its inherent wisdom for the purpose of healing. Moreover, this Meditation technique helps build the skill of focusing on the moment and can be used to increase mindfulness from day to day.
  • Studies have also found that practicing Body Scan Meditation can help improve mental health. Individuals who practice it regularly have reported improved moods, greater inner peace, and decreased levels of anxiety. This is likely due to the practice encouraging awareness of the body and learned acceptance. Research also suggests that this technique can increase empathy, help overcome fear, and foster self-compassion. Overall, Body Scan Meditation is a practice that is packed with many healing benefits and can be used to improve both mental and physical wellbeing.

Overall, it is evident that the practice of Body Scan Meditation can provide a wide range of health benefits. Not only can Body Scan Meditation reduce physical tension and bring with it improved self-awareness, it can also help improve mental health. This practice also encourages individuals to learn acceptance and build skills that enable them to be more mindful day to day. With such an array of advantages, it’s no surprise that Body Scan Meditation is becoming an increasingly popular technique to practice. And with that, it’s time to start your own exploration of the wonderful benefits of Body Scan Meditation.

Preparing for Body Scan Meditation

Body scan meditation is a gentle form of meditative practice widely used to foster awareness and a sense of relaxation. This type of meditation can help reduce anxiety and stress, enhance self-awareness, and improve sleep quality. Preparing for body scan meditation is essential for getting the most out of your practice.

  1. First, find a comfortable space in your home or outdoors to practice. Make sure you are warm enough and that the area is free of distractions. Prepare your body for the meditation by lying down on your back, with your legs slightly apart, your arms resting by your sides, and your eyes gently closed. Focus on your breath and allow yourself to take relaxing breaths.
  2. Next, direct your attention to each of your body parts in turn, starting with your toes and progressing up to your head. As you move through your body, take time to observe and acknowledge any sensations that arise. Tune in to any areas of tension and focus on releasing it. Be mindful of any resistance and be kind to yourself throughout this practice. As you progress, repeat a mantra or desired phrase to help keep focus and remain connected to your body. 

Once you have completed scanning your body, take a few moments to give yourself gratitude for taking this time to practice. Allow your body to rest and find stillness in the present moment.

Exploring Body Scan Meditation for Stress Reduction

Body scan meditation is a mindfulness practice that can help to reduce and even prevent stress. The goal of body scan meditation is to bring awareness to the body and to do a full body scan from head to toe, focusing on individual body areas and allowing oneself to release any tension.

  • Body scan meditations typically start by finding a comfortable, relaxing position, either lying down or sitting. Next, bring attention to the head, shoulders, and neck, paying attention to any sensations that come up and mentally noting them. The body scan moves down through different parts of the body, including the arms, hands, chest, abdomen, legs, and feet. As the body is scanned, focus on subtle sensations in each body part, noticing feelings of relaxation or tension and using breathing to shift the tension out.
  • Body scan meditations are a powerful tool for reducing stress, as focusing on the body and all its sensations creates a distraction from potentially distressing, anxious thoughts. Noticing sensations in each body part pulls the meditation practitioner out of the mental cycle and into the present moment. With regular practice of body scan meditation, practitioners can learn to better manage and shift their stress levels. 

Ultimately, this can lead to improved well being and overall health.

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