Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to follow that offer a mix of amazing creative content? We've got you covered! From body painting to travel, funny sketches to photography, you can find all sorts of interesting channels that capture different sides of the creative world. And no matter your interest - art, adventure, indie, makeup, how-tos - you're guaranteed to find some amazing content to watch. So keep reading to discover the best YouTube channels for everything from body painting to adventure!

Body painting: Top Youtube Channels

GD Films

Channel Views: ~18.9m Channel Subscribers: ~269k Channel Videos: ~384

GD Films Youtube Channel

GD Films is a YouTube channel that showcases videos of body art, action painting and other art forms. It is based in London and they use the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K to film their works. GD Films is truly one of the best channels to check out for the latest in creative body painting and action painting.


Channel Views: ~92m Channel Subscribers: ~188k Channel Videos: ~337

Roustan Youtube Channel

Roustan is a YouTube channel featuring tutorials on body painting, makeup, airbrushing, photography and art. The channel has become a popular destination for anyone looking to learn about unique body painting techniques, as well as how to use these techniques to create stunning artwork. Some videos also contain nudity. Roustan has come to be known as the go-to for body paint ideas and instruction.

JBo Airbrush

Channel Views: ~78.2m Channel Subscribers: ~105k Channel Videos: ~241

JBo Airbrush Youtube Channel

JBo Airbrush is a YouTube channel devoted to teaching airbrush techniques such as body painting, airbrush shoes, and painting a goalie mask. It features tutorials and how-to videos on how to pour paint from a can, airbrush, and create a body paint masterpiece. Learn how to achieve incredible results with step-by-step demonstrations and detailed video explanations. Get ready to perfect your airbrush techniques!

Airbrush Hero Avi Ram

Channel Views: ~595.1k Channel Subscribers: ~3.4k Channel Videos: ~59

Airbrush Hero Avi Ram Youtube Channel

Airbrush Hero Avi Ram is an imaginative artist who specializes in airbrush painting. He is an expert in body painting, wall murals, and airbrush art. Through his YouTube channel, he captures the excitement of his work, such as creating masterpieces for Skin Wars and other body paint projects. His passion for airbrush painting comes through in every video, providing viewers with a unique and fascinating look into the world of airbrush art.


Channel Views: ~211.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1.4k Channel Videos: ~23

skydaddi Youtube Channel

Skydaddi is a YouTube channel dedicated to lifestyle and entertainment, mainly focused on creative body painting projects. Their videos showcase the latest body painting techniques and trends, providing viewers with inspiration and ideas for their own projects. With a highly skilled team of professionals, Skydaddi is a great resource for anyone with an interest in body painting.

Tips for Applying Body Paint the Right Way

When you're applying body paint, you want to make sure that you do it in the best and safest way. It is important to know how to properly use body paint for your project, as well as understand the best practice techniques for applying body paint correctly. Here are some top tips to help you apply your body paint the right way.

  1. Firstly, it's important to make sure that you prepare your skin for the paint. Before you start painting, cleanse your skin with a gentle soap and water, and exfoliate if your skin is especially rough. If you have dry or sensitive skin, use an oil-free moisturizer to create a barrier between your skin and the paint. Ensure that the area is dry before you begin applying the paint.
  2. Next, you need to ensure that you're using the right kind of paint for your body. Certain body paints are made for different types of skin. For example, if you have sensitive skin, you might want to use hypoallergenic paints that are formulated for delicate and sensitive skin. If you're not sure which type of paint you need, it's best to consult an expert.
  3. Finally, you want to make sure that you use the right tools and techniques when applying the body paint. Invest in quality paint brushes and sponges and be sure to tap the excess body paint off the brush before you start applying it. When you're done, set the body paint with a face powder before putting on any clothes. Doing this will help ensure that the paint stays in place for longer.

Following these tips will help you to apply your body paint the right way and achieve the look that you want. With a bit of practice and patience, you should have no problem creating beautiful designs using body paint.

Choosing the Right Color Palette for Body Painting

Body painting has become increasingly popular in the last decade. An art form that has found its way into the beauty industry, body painting uses color to transform the look of a person or creature. Choosing the right colour palette for body painting is important and can be somewhat overwhelming, especially to a beginner body painter. Whether you’re creating a design from scratch or using an existing template, selecting the right color palette will ensure that your artwork looks good, and that your client is satisfied with the end result.

  • The most important thing to consider when selecting a color palette for body painting is the skin tone of the model. Matching the tone of the paints to the natural hues of the model’s skin helps to create a more natural and cohesive look. To determine the right color palette to use, experiment with paint swatches on the model in order to find the most complementary shades.
  • Another factor to think about when choosing a color palette is the size or scale of the space you’ll be covering. If you’re working with a large area of skin, choose vibrant pops of color to make the design stand out. If you’re dealing with a smaller space, try playing with subtle, more muted shades. For an even more unique effect, you can blend colours to create an entirely new palette. No matter what, make sure that the colours you select will not clash and do justice to the artwork.

Ultimately, the right colour palette for body painting will depend on the artist’s creative vision, as well as taking into account the skin tone and size of the model’s body. Experimenting with different colors can be fun and might even lead you to unexpected and unique results. Have fun and remember to always carefully consider the size, shape, and tone of the model in order to achieve the best results!

Learn How to Do Body Painting at Home

Body painting is the perfect activity to do at home on a rainy day or when you are just looking to get creative. It also requires very few supplies, making it a great activity for adults or kids alike. So if you are looking for a way to express yourself artistically or just have some fun, you should definitely learn how to do body painting at home.

  • Body painting is a creative way to use your body as a canvas. It is used to highlight the body's features and can also add to or change your look entirely. The most important part of body painting is to make sure you are using paint that is easily removable and safe for your skin. When you shop for paint, look for a water-based paint brand that is specifically designed for use on the body. You will need paintbrushes, sponges, or stencils to create the designs of your choice.
  • Finally, practice, practice, practice! It is important to spend some time practicing with different techniques, colors, and designs before you decide to put your masterpiece on display. Start by practicing on something other than yourself, like a poster board or old clothes. Once you are comfortable with your technique, you can start using it on friends or even yourself! 

Body painting is a great way to have fun and boost your creativity. Have fun and be creative as you learn how to do body painting at home!

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