Birds have been an integral part of human life and culture for eons, and birding and bird watching have been around for centuries. Whether you're interested in birding, bird photography, wildlife, nature, wildlife photography, or the science and conservation behind bird species, there are many incredible YouTube channels dedicated to this wonderful hobby. So, if you're looking for a great resource on birding and bird watching, read on to discover some of the best YouTube channels to explore this fascinating interest!

Birding: Top Youtube Channels

The Birders Show

Channel Views: ~236.2k Channel Subscribers: ~5.3k Channel Videos: ~200

The Birders Show Youtube Channel

The Birders Show YouTube channel is a talk show about birding, bird watching, and the natural sciences of ornithology. They bring you on an exciting journey around the world to observe different bird species in their native habitats. Gain knowledge about the birds, the nature, and educate yourself on responsible birding practices. All while watching the most impressive and entertaining footage out there!
Brought to you by professional birdwatchers and nature lovers, The Birders Show is your number one source for birding-related information, news, and stories. Tune in and join us in celebrating the marvels of birds and nature!

Badgerland Birding

Channel Views: ~2m Channel Subscribers: ~14k Channel Videos: ~321

Badgerland Birding Youtube Channel

Badgerland Birding is a YouTube channel hosted by Coyote Petersen that offers viewers a cool bird watching adventure around Wisconsin and its beautiful nature. You can watch birds and other animals in their natural habitat, get birding tips and tricks, and learn more about the lives of these feathered creatures. Join them on this exciting journey!

The Birding Voyage

Channel Views: ~110.7k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~92

The Birding Voyage Youtube Channel

The Birding Voyage YouTube channel is a great resource for birders and birdwatchers of any experience level. The channel features stunning nature footage showcasing a variety of birds from around the world. It provides detailed information about each species and tips for successful birding. The videos spark a sense of awe and excitement about nature and the beauty of birds. Make sure to check out The Birding Voyage YouTube channel for your next birding adventure!

Ebro Delta Birding

Channel Views: ~254k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~44

Ebro Delta Birding Youtube Channel

The Ebro Delta Birding YouTube channel is perfect for bird lovers looking to explore Spain through bird watching. Their channel provides bird watching tours, bird watching holidays, and birding day trips to the stunning Ebro Delta. Visitors can also find highlights from the RSPB Springwatch event as well as other birding holidays and day trips. Dive into the beauty of the Spanish countryside with Ebro Delta Birding.

Birding with Nick Upton

Channel Views: ~214.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.6k Channel Videos: ~163

Birding with Nick Upton Youtube Channel

Birding with Nick Upton YouTube channel provides virtual birding and birdwatching trips to birders and beginners looking to learn more about birds. Through the channel, viewers can join Nick Upton on a virtual birding tour or take a virtual birdwatching trip, and learn more about the beauty and diversity of bird life. Nick Upton is an experienced birder who also offers informative tips as well as great stories to share with viewers.

Birding The Strait

Channel Views: ~91.4k Channel Subscribers: ~371 Channel Videos: ~28

Birding The Strait Youtube Channel

Birding The Strait is a YouTube channel devoted to birding in the Strait of Gibraltar off the coast of Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain. It covers a wide range of topics related to the local raptor populations and the birds' seasonal migration patterns through the area. It's an ideal channel for anyone interested in bird-watching in Tarifa and around the Strait of Gibraltar.

The Urban Birder

Channel Views: ~48.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~190

The Urban Birder Youtube Channel

The Urban Birder YouTube channel is a great resource for birders in urban environments. Hosted by lindo, the channel focuses on birdwatching, bird identification, and finding birds in cities and other unexpected places. Through incredible nature photography, this channel provides an opportunity to explore the wildlife living in our cities. There's something for everyone, from the novice backyard birder to the experienced nature enthusiast.

Leica Sport Optics Birding

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~67

Leica Sport Optics Birding Youtube Channel

Leica Sport Optics Birding YouTube channel is a source of information for birdwatchers, offering tips and advice on binoculars, cameras, photography, and digiscoping. For those interested in birding, this channel provides an extensive collection of videos on how to identify, observe and photograph birds in their natural habitat.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Channel Views: ~112.3m Channel Subscribers: ~423k Channel Videos: ~541

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Youtube Channel

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology YouTube channel is an excellent resource for birders, showcasing rare and endangered birds and birds of paradise, as well as owl sounds and other wildlife sound recordings. Audio recordings of bird sounds and bird photography is also featured on the channel. It also encourages citizen science projects, with a focus on the conservation of birds and other wildlife.

Follow Thomas

Channel Views: ~164.1k Channel Subscribers: ~2.3k Channel Videos: ~380

Follow Thomas Youtube Channel

Follow Thomas is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on exploring the outdoors. It covers a variety of topics relating to birding, bike touring, and bikepacking, from beginner tips to more advanced content. The channel also covers hiking and backpacking on the Florida Trail and provides insight to the best locations for both Florida birding and Florida bike touring. It's a great resource for anyone interested in the outdoors and outdoor activities.

Cheiko Sairin

Channel Views: ~364.7k Channel Subscribers: ~6.4k Channel Videos: ~457

Cheiko Sairin Youtube Channel

Cheiko Sairin's YouTube channel is a great resource for bird watchers, nature enthusiasts and wildlife admirers. His videos feature amazing Birding and Bird Watching actions in Singapore and its nature walk, beautiful Birds Photography and Birds Videography footage captured with his Olympus OMD EM5 by cheiko sairin himself, a Sabahan in Singapore. He provides valuable insight that sparks people's senses and encourages them to explore Singapore's biodiversity.


Channel Views: ~6.6m Channel Subscribers: ~6k Channel Videos: ~151

SWAROVSKI OPTIK Nature Youtube Channel

SWAROVSKI OPTIK Nature is a YouTube channel dedicated to birders and wildlife watchers. It provides videos and insights about spotting scopes, binoculars, and other birding-related topics to help viewers increase their understanding of and appreciation for birds and nature. It also features reviews of products from Swarovski Optik, one of the world's leading producers of birding optics and equipment. With instructional videos and a variety of birdwatching content, the channel is an invaluable resource for those interested in birding and wildlife watching.

Sean the Bio Bro

Channel Views: ~132.1k Channel Subscribers: ~759 Channel Videos: ~131

Sean the Bio Bro Youtube Channel

Sean the Bio Bro's YouTube channel offers viewers an educational and entertaining take on natural history and wildlife. Through professional-level birding and wildlife photography, and educational videos related to birding and birdwatching, viewers can explore the fascinating world of birds and their habitats. With topics ranging from native birds to anatomy, nesting, ecology, and conservation, Sean the Bio Bro's channel is sure to fascinate naturalists, biologists, and birders alike.

Guy Marchal

Channel Views: ~8.2m Channel Subscribers: ~21.5k Channel Videos: ~113

Guy Marchal Youtube Channel

Guy Marchal's YouTube channel is a great source for birders, birdwatching enthusiasts, and nature lovers! He covers topics ranging from vogels spotten, observation d'oiseaux, and birding to enjoying the wonders of the natural world. His content is full of amazing bird activities and tips to help viewers enjoy the beauty of nature. With his channel, Guy Marchal invites viewers to join him on the journey of appreciating birds and other forms of nature.


Channel Views: ~998.8k Channel Subscribers: ~10.9k Channel Videos: ~79

EcoFit Youtube Channel

EcoFit's YouTube channel is perfect for birders, nature lovers, and travelers alike. They showcase the beauty of bird and wildlife habitats and explore environmental issues around the world. From North American shorebirds to South American parrots, EcoFit captures nature in all its splendor. Tune in to EcoFit to travel, learn, and appreciate the natural world!

Greg Baker

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~4.8k Channel Videos: ~60

Greg Baker Youtube Channel

Greg Baker's YouTube channel focuses on the hobby of birding, offering viewers a glimpse into his lifestyle as an avid birdwatcher. He shares interesting bird facts, advice for avid birders, and fun activities to do with the whole family. Join Greg on his journey as he encourages and educates others about the wonderful world of birding!

Bob Duchesne

Channel Views: ~114.6k Channel Subscribers: ~1.6k Channel Videos: ~73

Bob Duchesne Youtube Channel

Bob Duchesne's YouTube channel is a great resource for passionate birders! He offers high quality video footage of birds found in the North Maine Woods and beyond, including the spruce grouse, black-backed woodpecker, and american three-toed woodpecker. Also, he has spotlights on more exotic birds such as puffins, boreal species, and pelagic birds. It is the perfect channel for anyone wanting to explore the birds of Maine and beyond!

Ari and Wild

Channel Views: ~58.5k Channel Subscribers: ~1.3k Channel Videos: ~56

Ari and Wild Youtube Channel

Ari and Wild is a YouTube channel that specializes in birding related content from India. They offer a variety of bird videos, bird habitat information, bird watching guides, and rare bird sightings. Additionally, the channel offers videos about other aspects of wildlife, such as wild life videos, wildlife photography, and bird photography. They aim to create a community of bird enthusiasts who can share their findings with the world.

Leander Khil

Channel Views: ~174.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~37

Leander Khil Youtube Channel

Leander Khil's YouTube channel is the perfect place for any bird and nature enthusiast! It features stunning footage of birds and other wildlife from around the world, as well as informative and entertaining bird-watching tips and tricks. Whether you are into birding, nature, or just want to appreciate the beauty of birds, Leander Khil's channel is sure to provide you with an awesome viewing experience!

Eric Carlson

Channel Views: ~15.2k Channel Subscribers: ~175 Channel Videos: ~16

Eric Carlson Youtube Channel

Eric Carlson's YouTube channel is a source for birding and wildlife enthusiasts, featuring videos with beautiful footage of birds in their natural habitats. From how-to guides on birdwatching to tales of rare and unusual species, Eric Carlson's channel celebrates the incredible beauty of birds and the joys of connecting with nature.


Channel Views: ~31.1k Channel Subscribers: ~432 Channel Videos: ~86

BritHikesOntario Youtube Channel

BritHikesOntario is a YouTube channel documenting the birding, wildlife and nature of Ontario, Canada. With videos featuring Ontario birds and nature, this channel is perfect for anyone interested in learning more about birding, wildlife and nature in Ontario. Follow along on the adventures of BritHikesOntario as they explore Ontario's vast birding, wildlife and nature!

The Backyard Aviary Adventures.

Channel Views: ~85.1k Channel Subscribers: ~750 Channel Videos: ~83

The Backyard Aviary Adventures. Youtube Channel

This YouTube channel is dedicated to birding enthusiasts, offering tutorials on bird keeping and videos of exotic rare bird species such as the zebra finch, society finch, golden pheasant, and californian quail. It also features bird challenges, car camping trips, and rare birds from the UK.

Top Bird Watching Locations Around The World

Bird watching is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the world, offering an opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural environment. Whether you’re an experienced birder or just starting out, there are some amazing places across the globe that are worth a visit. Here are some top bird watching locations around the world where you can observe a wide range of birds:

  1. The Pantanal, Brazil is one of the most iconic bird watching destinations and is home to hundreds of bird species. The Pantanal is thought to be the largest wetland in the world and is home to many different birds such as toucans, parakeets, macaws, machetes and kingfishers. The best time to visit is from April to October during their dry season when the water is reduced, allowing for greater visibility of the birds.
  2. The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is another great destination for bird watching. Boasting an amazing array of endemic species, such as the Galapagos penguin, the dark-rumped petrel, and the flightless cormorant, these islands offer a unique and unforgettable bird watching experience. The Galapagos Islands should be visited from April to December as the different bird species vary by season and location.
  3. Finally, the Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea is an excellent spot for bird watching. With over 600 species of birds in the region, including the seven species of birds of paradise, it’s easy to understand why the Morobe Province is such a great destination for bird watching. The best time to visit is between October and March when the weather is dry and visibility is good.

No matter which bird watching location you choose to visit, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic experience and marvel at the beauty of these incredible birds. So, grab your binoculars and hit the road for an amazing bird watching adventure!

Essential Equipment for Satisfying Birding Experiences

Birdwatching, or birding, is a wonderful way to unwind and appreciate nature. You can birdwatch in any setting, even in your own backyard. To ensure your birding experience is as enjoyable as possible, it is important to have the right equipment. Here are just a few essential pieces of gear for the perfect birding experience.

  1. The most important piece of equipment for birding is an effective pair of binoculars. Not only do binoculars give you an up-close view of the creatures you are observing, but a good pair also provides your eyes with enhanced clarity and sharpness. Before purchasing binoculars, consider your budget and the type of birding you plan on doing.
  2. In addition to binoculars, a tripod should be on your must-have list. Tripods help to steady the binoculars and are especially helpful if you plan to do long-duration viewing. If you opt for a lightweight model, you don't need to worry about packing a large, bulky tripod.
  3. Finally, some sort of lightweight birding backpack is highly recommended. A durable, comfortable bag will help to ensure you can easily transport all your gear without compromising on style and comfort. When selecting a backpack, make sure it can safely store your binoculars, tripod, as well as spotter cards and other birding accessories. 

With the right equipment, your birding experiences will be truly satisfying.

Different Types of Birding

Birding is one of the most beloved hobbies in the world. Not only is it an enjoyable and rewarding way to spend time outdoors, but it also provides birdwatchers with an opportunity to observe, study, and admire some of nature’s most unique and beautiful creatures. There are many different types of birding—from backyard birding to birding in the backcountry.

  • Backyard birding is exactly what it sounds like: watching birds in your own yard. This can be a great way to get acquainted with the birds of your region and to discover how to attract them to your area. Start by investing in some bird feeders and filling them with high-quality birdseed. You can also put out birdhouses, nesting boxes, and bird baths to give birds even more incentives to visit. Some people even go as far as adding a water feature to attract larger birds, like ducks and herons.
  • Another form of birding is called “big day birding.” This involves traveling to different birding hotspots, sometimes crossing state or country borders, in search of a variety of bird species. While this type of birding requires more time and effort, it can be very rewarding. Big day birders often work in teams and strive to identify as many bird species as possible during one outing. They often document their successes with a tally of species seen and even a list of the different types of birds spotted. Birders can then share their successful tallies with other birders from around the world.

No matter what type of birding you pursue, it’s a great way to get outside and appreciate the beauty of nature. Whether you’re birding at your local park or exploring a local wetland with a team of birders, there’s something out there for everyone. With so many options, it’s no wonder that birding continues to be one of the most popular hobbies around.

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