Are you looking for some top-notch YouTube channels to teach you about the world of biohacking, health, fitness, nutrition, science, wellness and self improvement? Then you've come to the right place! We have searched high and low to find the best YouTube channels out there and have compiled them for you here. Take a look at our list and get ready to embark on an amazing journey of learning and self-exploration. Read on to find out about the best YouTube channels for biohacking, health, fitness, nutrition, science, wellness and self improvement. You won't want to miss out on the wealth of knowledge available!

Biohacking: Top Youtube Channels

Biohacking Bombshell with Allyssa LaScala

Channel Views: ~772.3k Channel Subscribers: ~2.7k Channel Videos: ~361

Biohacking Bombshell with Allyssa LaScala Youtube Channel

Biohacking Bombshell with Allyssa LaScala is a YouTube channel offering biohacking advice and tips to help people fight health issues such as adrenal fatigue, lyme disease, and more. The channel covers topics related to fitness, nutrition, and health, aiding viewers in their journey to better health and wellness.

Biohacker Summit

Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~33.3k Channel Videos: ~307

Biohacker Summit Youtube Channel

The Biohacker Summit YouTube channel offers valuable advice and tips from biohackers, nutrition experts, and other unique individuals on healthy food, lifestyle, and self development. Learn about biohacking, nutrition facts, self optimization and living an optimized life from the experts who speak at the Summit. Discover new ways to improve individual health, quantified self, and live your best life.

The Biohacker Summit YouTube channel teaches viewers how to maximize self optimization, individual health, and create a healthy lifestyle. Discover the latest in nutrition facts and how biohackers are applying their skills to extend life expectancy and improve human performance. Tune in to hear the experts discuss topics such as self development, biohacking, and trends in health and wellness. Discover ways to optimize your life and become a healthier you.

Aggie 🧬 your Biohacking Bestie

Channel Views: ~6.4m Channel Subscribers: ~67.3k Channel Videos: ~151

Aggie 🧬 your Biohacking Bestie Youtube Channel

Aggie ? your Biohacking Bestie is a YouTube channel that follows Aggie Lal as she embarks on her biohacking journey. From her travels to her experiments, viewers can join Aggie in her shoes and experience biohacking with Jacob as their guide.

Esther the Biohacker

Channel Views: ~10.4k Channel Subscribers: ~724 Channel Videos: ~15

Esther the Biohacker Youtube Channel

Esther the Biohacker's YouTube channel is a great resource for those looking to gain knowledge and insight into the world of biohacking and how to live a healthier lifestyle through technology. Listen to Esther and her guests discuss cutting-edge topics, health hacks, and innovative ideas to empower every individual to take control of their health. With detailed episodes, entertaining content, and inspiring stories, Esther the Biohacker offers an accessible and entertaining education on biohacking and leading a healthier lifestyle.

DrRachael Ross

Channel Views: ~31.4m Channel Subscribers: ~349k Channel Videos: ~397

DrRachael Ross Youtube Channel

DrRachael Ross's YouTube channel is an excellent hub of information on biohacking, relationship tips, sex techniques, and more. In particular, she covers topics such as erectile dysfunction, testosterone optimization, and tips from her own Dr Rachel Institute. With her helpful advice and useful content, you'll be able to gain insights into your own life and find ways to improve it!

Ben Angel

Channel Views: ~744k Channel Subscribers: ~13.8k Channel Videos: ~381

Ben Angel Youtube Channel

The Ben Angel YouTube channel focuses on biohacking, gut health and mental health. He shares on topics such as l theanine, brain fog, the Gut-Mind connection, review on nootropics such as Oura Ring and helpful biohacking tips. He is author of the book Unstoppable, which further expands on the Gut-Mind connection.


Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~3.5k Channel Videos: ~36

HigherDOSE Youtube Channel

HigherDOSE is an informative and inspiring YouTube channel about biohacking, holistic wellness, and the power of infrared, PEMF, and other cutting-edge wellness tools. Hosted by the BiohackHERs, this channel gives viewers unique insights into the world of biohacking and how to use it to improve their lives. Check out their many videos and interviews to learn more about the revolutionary ways that HigherDOSE is changing the wellness game.

Conquer Aging Or Die Trying!

Channel Views: ~650.7k Channel Subscribers: ~11.6k Channel Videos: ~164

Conquer Aging Or Die Trying! Youtube Channel

Conquer Aging Or Die Trying! YouTube channel provides education and practical strategies for biohacking to extend lifespan and delay aging. It offers resources to measure and quantify biometrics, analyze microbial burden and perform blood testing. Each video explains the latest research and trends in health, fitness and longevity to help viewers maximize their potential and live life to its fullest.


Channel Views: ~254.9m Channel Subscribers: ~797k Channel Videos: ~3.2k

ReasonTV Youtube Channel

ReasonTV is a YouTube channel which is the video component of Reason magazine, the libertarian publication founded in 1968. It is overseen by Editor in Chief Nick Gillespie, and looks to bring the magazine's perspective to life in the digital realm. ReasonTV covers topics such as biohacking, self-improvement, and politics, and also serves as a gateway to the other Reason platforms -,, and Reason magazine itself.


Channel Views: ~274.8m Channel Subscribers: ~4.1m Channel Videos: ~257

DR LA ROSA Youtube Channel

DR LA ROSA is a popular YouTube channel tackling biohacking, alternative medicine, intermittent fasting, gut flora, weight loss, and ideal dieting. Subscribers can learn about functional medicine and its benefits for weight loss, as well as understand other areas of health and wellness. DR LA ROSA is the go-to channel for those seeking information on biohacking, alternative medicine, and improving their overall health and well-being.

NanoVi Device for Performance, Wellness & Recovery

Channel Views: ~158.6k Channel Subscribers: ~571 Channel Videos: ~51

NanoVi Device for Performance, Wellness & Recovery Youtube Channel

The NanoVi Device for Performance, Wellness & Recovery YouTube channel is all about biohacking. It focuses on the NanoVi Pro, Exo and Eco technology and shares information about bio-identical signaling, oxidative stress and clearing brain fog. It also has interviews with biohacking experts like Dave Asprey and helps explain the concept of cellular health.

The Joe Cohen Show

Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~15.1k Channel Videos: ~164

The Joe Cohen Show Youtube Channel

The Joe Cohen Show YouTube channel is a science and health podcast providing viewers with reliable and entertaining content about biohacking, health and fitness, self-discovery, genetics, and diet. Joe also provides genetic testing services through his innovative selfDecode podcast. Tune in to stay updated on the latest in biohacking and health.

Peter Joosten

Channel Views: ~49k Channel Subscribers: ~1k Channel Videos: ~97

Peter Joosten Youtube Channel

Peter Joosten's YouTube channel provides a deep dive into biohacking, human augmentation, and human enhancement from a futurist's perspective. He explores theories and technologies that could potentially help humans become superhuman and transform our future. Learn about the possibilities of biohacking and the future of humanity on his channel.

Success Driven

Channel Views: ~98.3k Channel Subscribers: ~2.4k Channel Videos: ~243

Success Driven Youtube Channel

This Success Driven YouTube channel is a great resource for those looking to unlock their potential and reach new heights of success. With topics ranging from biohacking, success mindset, business success, life coaching, life advice, self development, life success, personal growth, and productivity tips, viewers are sure to find expert guidance and advice that can help them reach their goals. A great channel for those looking to level-up and achieve life success.

The Resetter Podcast

Channel Views: ~259.4k Channel Subscribers: ~5.4k Channel Videos: ~410

The Resetter Podcast Youtube Channel

The Resetter Podcast YouTube channel focuses on biohacking and intermittent fasting, hosted by Dr. Mindy Pelz. She interviews experts such as Michael Beckwith and Steven Gundry on different types of fasting, women and fasting, and fasting hacks to balance hormones. It is an engaging platform to learn more about intermittent fasting and biohacking!

Luke Max Voigt

Channel Views: ~305.1k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~40

Luke Max Voigt Youtube Channel

Luke Max Voigt's YouTube channel focuses on biohacking and personal development, helping viewers reach their goals in life through self help, self improvement, and motivational videos. Build muscle and achieve success with Luke Voigt's videos covering bodybuilding, spirituality, and reaching your goals. Tune in to transform your life!

Addictive Wellness

Channel Views: ~502.2k Channel Subscribers: ~5.7k Channel Videos: ~548

Addictive Wellness Youtube Channel

Addictive Wellness is a YouTube channel dedicated to biohacking and delicious sugar free, keto-friendly recipes. They feature sugar free chocolate, keto recipes, keto ice cream, superfoods, superherbs, and other paleo-friendly snacks and treats. Join their channel and explore the most delicious healthy options.

Recharge Health

Channel Views: ~100.5k Channel Subscribers: ~643 Channel Videos: ~69

Recharge Health Youtube Channel

Recharge Health is a YouTube channel focused on teaching viewers about the science and benefits of biohacking and natural health alternatives such as red light therapy, near infrared, and photobiomodulation. The channel introduces people to the latest wellness devices and gadgets, like TheFlexBeam, and how to recharge their bodies for optimal health.

Matthew Farrahi - Masculine Medicine

Channel Views: ~1.4m Channel Subscribers: ~10.5k Channel Videos: ~608

Matthew Farrahi - Masculine Medicine Youtube Channel

Matthew Farrahi's YouTube channel Masculine Medicine is devoted to biohacking and achieving optimal health through holistic and healing methods. He provides valuable information on how to live a healthy lifestyle and address physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Exploring the Possibilities of Biohacking

Biohacking has become an increasingly popular trend in the recent years and shows no sign of slowing down. Its basic premise revolves around finding creative ways to enhance and optimize our body’s physical functions, both mental and physical, through the use of digital and physical tools. The possibilities for biohacking range from the relatively simple to the complex, and this has opened up the possibilities for everyone to take control of their own health and wellbeing.

  • The potential benefits of biohacking can be seen in how it helps individuals improve their physical and mental health. By taking advantage of the tools available, people can make small tweaks to their lifestyle and diet that, when taken together, have a synergistic effect on their overall health. For example, diet, sleep, and physical activity are all key elements when it comes to changing your health and wellbeing, and biohacking can make it easier for people to make these changes.
  • Biohacking also has potential to increase productivity. People who are working on complex tasks or who are simply trying to multitask can benefit from the use of digital and physical tools that help optimize their focus and sharpen their cognitive functions. In addition, biohacking can also help individuals become more intentional about the decisions they make and how these decisions affect their health. 

With so many potential benefits, biohacking is certainly worth exploring.

Following Safety Measures with Biohacking

The idea of biohacking has been getting more attention as of late, with many people opting to try to become healthier and fitter using various approaches. But with such experimental methods involved, it’s important to take the necessary safety measures to ensure that you’re not doing more harm than good.

  • When it comes to any type of biohacking, whether it’s taking supplements, using technology to monitor bodily functions, or changing your diet, it’s essential to consult with a health professional first. This is especially true if you are taking any medication, have a pre-existing health condition, or are pregnant. It’s important to understand how any biohacking technique you choose to try can impact your health and body, so that you can make an informed decision about your health.
  • Additionally, it’s important to research and confirm the safety and veracity of any biohacking strategies and products that you are interested in. Be sure to look for evidence-backed studies, and talk to medical professionals and other people on the same path as you. Taking the time to do your due diligence can help you find techniques that can benefit you without putting your health in jeopardy.

Follow these steps and you can successfully incorporate biohacking into your routine with greater confidence, as well as improved wellness.

Tools and Supplies You Need for Biohacking

Biohacking is one of the latest trends in self-improvement and health optimization that you must try! But if you want to take your biohacking game to the next level, you need to have the right tools and supplies. Although the exact tools may vary depending on what kind of biohacking activities you plan to do, generally, you will need the following items:

  1. First, you need access to advanced self-tracking technology and sensors. This is the heart of a modern biohacker’s toolkit and enables you to track the health metrics that are important to you, such as sleep, activity, and diet. A fitness tracker, MRI scans, thermometer, scale, and heart rate monitor are some of the tools you’ll need.
  2. Second, nutrition and supplementation are key. To restore balance to your body and improve mental function, a biohacker needs to keep their diet full of healthy sources of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. You also need to be aware of the appropriate doses and timing of supplement use. It’s important to gather the right knowledge to make sure you make the best targeted dietary changes.
  3. Lastly, social support could be an essential component in biohacking. Joining or starting a biohacking community can give you additional knowledge, resources, and answers to questions you have. Receiving feedback from the other biohackers can also help guide you in the right direction. Making connections with the people who understand your process can help motivate you in your effort to create lasting health improvements.

Biohacking can be a thrilling and rewarding experience if done correctly. With the right tools and supplies, and a bit of perseverance, you can unlock your greatest potential. Investing in the right pieces of equipment and getting the support you need through a biohacking community will set you up for success. Get out there and get started on your biohacking journey today!

Happy Hacking!

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