9 Best Biathlon Youtube Channels

Are you searching for the best YouTube channels to get the latest updates on biathlon, skiing, and other winter sports? Or maybe you're a die-hard fan of Bundesliga football and want to see highlights from the latest matches? Whatever your interest in sports, there are plenty of great YouTube channels to satisfy your thirst for the latest news, action, and highlights. Read on to discover the best YouTube channels for all your winter sports and news needs!


Channel Views: ~21.2m Channel Subscribers: ~35.7k Channel Videos: ~3.4k

Biathlonworld Youtube Channel

The Biathlonworld YouTube channel is a great resource to learn about the thrilling world of biathlon and winter sports. It features exciting videos of actual biathlon races and helpful insights about biathlon equipment and tips for training.

Biathlon Central

Channel Views: ~317.3k Channel Subscribers: ~2.8k Channel Videos: ~62

Biathlon Central Youtube Channel

Biathlon Central is a YouTube channel dedicated to biathlon - a combination of skiing and shooting. It provides comprehensive coverage of the sport, from competitive athletes to lifestyle tips and tutorials on how to get involved. It's an excellent resource for anyone looking to learn more and develop their own biathlon skills.

Biathlon Kanal

Channel Views: ~12.7k Channel Subscribers: ~51 Channel Videos: ~23

Biathlon Kanal Youtube Channel

The Biathlon Kanal YouTube channel is a great place to find content related to the thrilling sport of biathlon. Content on the channel covers a variety of topics ranging from top athletes to training tips, and lifestyle insight into the biathlon scene. If you're looking for high-quality, entertaining, and informative content related to biathlon, then this YouTube channel is a must-watch!

real biathlon

Channel Views: ~314.4k Channel Subscribers: ~573 Channel Videos: ~15

real biathlon Youtube Channel

Real Biathlon is a YouTube channel dedicated to the winter sport biathlon. It features videos from some of the world's leading biathlon athletes as they compete in events around the world. From individuals pushing themselves to the limit to teams showing strength in numbers, Real Biathlon provides viewers with an up close and personal look at the sport. Whether you're an athlete, a fan, or just curious about biathlon, this channel has something for everyone.

Paralympic Games

Channel Views: ~396.5m Channel Subscribers: ~848k Channel Videos: ~18.4k

Paralympic Games Youtube Channel

The Paralympic Games YouTube channel brings inspiring and passionate sporting moments from around the world. Featuring champions like Oscar Pistorius and top athletes from world championships and Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010, and London 2012 Paralympics, viewers can see recent and past Paralympic Games events in biathlon, para Olympics, and international paralympic events. Enjoy the videos and keep up with the latest news in the Paralympic Games world.

Brian Halligan

Channel Views: ~306.7k Channel Subscribers: ~2.8k Channel Videos: ~150

Brian Halligan Youtube Channel

Brian Halligan's YouTube channel is a great resource for biathlon enthusiasts. It has video coverage of all major biathlon competitions and races from the Winter Olympics to the ampumahiihto event in Finland. You'll find helpful tutorials, interviews, and commentary on the various techniques and strategies used in biathlon and skiskyting sports. There are also videos featuring analysis and discussion of the biathlon events and the culture of the winter sport. The channel covers biathlon in many languages, including English, Russian, Finnish, and Spanish.

Bear News

Channel Views: ~816.3k Channel Subscribers: ~599 Channel Videos: ~142

Bear News Youtube Channel

Bear News is an impressive YouTube channel specializing in world sports events. It covers a wide range of international events, from football and basketball to skiing, biathlon, and dakar rally. Expert commentary and comprehensive video coverage of international championships and world cups make it a popular choice for sports fans. The channel offers exciting highlights from the world of alpine skiing, biathlon, and cross-country skiing, plus full coverage of world championships and world cups in football, basketball, and motor racing. Follow Bear News to keep up to date with the latest scores and the greatest athletes!


Channel Views: ~48.6k Channel Subscribers: ~66 Channel Videos: ~97

Edgy Youtube Channel

This edgy YouTube channel covers a variety of biathlon-related topics, from sport-specific training and tips to lifestyle pieces about balancing exercise, nutrition, and social life. The channel features interviews with Olympic athletes, thought-provoking stories, and exclusive content that speaks to hardcore biathletes and casual sports fans alike. Tune in to learn how to take your biathlon to the next level and get inspired to live an active, healthy lifestyle.

Paul Schommer

Channel Views: ~47.5k Channel Subscribers: ~580 Channel Videos: ~52

Paul Schommer Youtube Channel

Paul Schommer's YouTube channel is dedicated to the navigation of the biathlon world. Through his channel, viewers can explore and learn about biathlon training, skiing, shooting, biking, and camping, as well as get an insight into the travel and training side of biathlon. Watch Paul Schommer break down the different biathlon disciplines and take part in challenging events around the world.

Gear Equipment for Biathlon

Biathlon is a unique physical sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting and has been a winter Olympic sport since 1960. With this fast and action packed sport, it’s essential to have the right gear equipment to ensure that you’re able to move fast and accurately.

  1. For starters, you’ll need the proper equipment for both disciplines. When it comes to cross-country skiing, the necessary gear includes a pair of cross-country skis, bindings, and poles. For shooting, invest in a top quality biathlon rifle and ammunition. Additionally, you may need a carrying system to transport your rifle when skiing.
  2. To prep for the challenging conditions at various biathlon events, athletes tend to rely on clothing and accessories that protect against extreme temperatures and keep them safe and warm. These items include thermals, special ski suit, balaclava, and ski goggles. 
  3. Other equipment you might need are ski wax kits, waxing irons, and thermos bottles to store hot drinks so you can keep your performance levels high during the event.

It’s important to invest the right gear and equipment so your performance is safe and effective. Biathlon is a physically demanding sport, but with the right gear in hand you’ll be ready for any challenge.

Biathlon Techniques to Optimize Performance

Biathlon is a sport composed of equally challenging skiing and shooting disciplines, and becoming well-versed in the techniques used to optimize performance is key to success in the sport. Skating, classic and free-style ski techniques can all help to power the biathlete up a course quickly and efficiently while precision shooting skills can cut precious seconds off of the end-time. Crafting a well-rounded biathlon technique is the key to success and brushing up with the following tips can help to put any competitor ahead of the pack.

  • First and foremost, a biathlete should focus on mastering the skating style ski technique used in competition. Skills such as V1, V2, and V2 Alternate, as well as push-off techniques are all key to skiing quickly and coming first out of the gate. Developing the ability to power through turns using powerful strides that continue into the next turn is a huge asset. Uphill skiing is another important part of the ski technique and should not be neglected as it certainly takes a great amount of strength and practice to excel.
  • The shooting portion presents an entirely different challenge to biathletes as its goal is to effectively eliminate an area of a target while attempting to minimize movement. Therefore, trigger control and breath control techniques are primary as they are the essential foundations to precision firing. In order to achieve this, biathletes should focus on developing smooth breathing patterns and a steady trigger grip that is used consistently during practice. Further, use of supportive equipment such as gloves, a shooting mat, and the correct stance will all help the athlete perfect the shooting technique.

Biathlon is a challenging sport that requires great attention to technique if peak performance is to be achieved. Careful consideration on the part of the athlete is key to success, and time spent honing skiing and shooting skills can pay off in the end. Taking into account these tips can help any biathlete take their technique and performance to the next level.

Basic Biathlon Rules for Beginner Competitors

Biathlon is an increasingly popular Olympic winter sport that combines the athleticism of cross-country skiing with the skill of rifle shooting. As with any sport, understanding the rules is crucial to competing and improving. Here is a brief guide to the basic rules for beginner biathletes.

  • To begin a biathlon event, competitors must ski a set course while carrying their rifle on their back. The course is usually between 6 km and 20 km long and competitors ski in rows of up to 30 people. This makes for a great spectacle, as skiers attempt to race alongside each other over a twisty obstacle-filled course. In between the stages of the ski course, participants must fire their rifles at several targets.
  • In order to be competitive, biathletes must stay on their feet throughout the ski course and fire as accurately as possible on the targets. If an athlete falls over on the course, it will cost them time and ground on their opponents. Similarly, missing a shot on the target results in a penalty. The penalty system varies slightly from event to event, but the most common penalty is an extra lap of the course for a missed shot. Therefore, the best combination of speed, agility and accuracy is the key to a successful biathlon competition.

These are the basic rules of biathlon. However, it is also important to keep up to date with any changes in rules or regulations of individual events. Participating in a biathlon can be a great way to stay fit and improve your shooting and skiing skills. With a bit of practice, you could be the next Olympic champion.

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