If you're looking for the best YouTube channels for baroque pop music, music, piano, jazz, rock, pop, psych, opera, baroque, and covers, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the best channels out there for all your music needs. Whether you're a fan of classical music or prefer something a little more modern, you're sure to find something to suit your taste. So, without further ado, let's get started!

Baroque pop music: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~1.6b Channel Subscribers: ~3.2m Channel Videos: ~1.6k

HALIDONMUSIC Youtube Channel

HALIDONMUSIC channel comprises various types of classical music. The most significant genre would be baroque pop music. Other popular categories include classical music for studying, classical music for relaxing, and classical music for concentration. Classical piano music and instrumental music are also widely appreciated. Finally, jazz music and love songs are also available on the channel.

Kris Grauel

Channel Views: ~635.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.7k Channel Videos: ~5k

Kris Grauel Youtube Channel

Kris Grauel's channel is all about beautiful piano-based baroque pop music. His original songs are made even more special by his gorgeous vocals. If you're a fan of piano-based music, this is a channel you won't want to miss. Trust us.


Channel Views: ~3.1m Channel Subscribers: ~14.6k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

sunnyboy66 Youtube Channel

Sunnyboy66 is a YouTube channel devoted to compiling and sharing videos of 60s baroque pop and rock music. The channel features a wide variety of 1960s artists and bands, as well as a wide range of genres within the 1960s musical sphere. Whether you're a fan of 60s garage rock, 60s pop, or simply enjoy 60s music in general, sunnyboy66 is definitely worth checking out!


Channel Views: ~268.2k Channel Subscribers: ~671 Channel Videos: ~1.7k

Galactic-Ramble Youtube Channel

Galactic-Ramble channel is a great source for baroque pop music, Rhythm and blues, Pop music, Music, Soul music, Reggae, and Rock music. The channel has a wide variety of music genres that will keep you entertained for hours.


Channel Views: ~1.6m Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~853

Purplesound Youtube Channel

The Purplesound YouTube channel is a great place for baroque pop music, city pop, j-pop, jazz, and fusion. The channel features music from the '70s and '80s, as well as contemporary tracks. The channel's owner has a clear passion for music, and this is evident in the high quality of the videos and audio.

Can Bayramçavuş

Channel Views: ~390.3k Channel Subscribers: ~703 Channel Videos: ~711

Can Bayramçavuş Youtube Channel

Can Bayramçavuş is a Turkish YouTuber who specializes in creating baroque pop, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, hard rock, classic rock, blues rock, symphonic rock, folk rock, and canterbury scene covers of popular songs, as well as original heavy prog compositions. His channel has over half a million subscribers and his videos have been viewed tens of millions of times. Can Bayramçavuş is an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist and his videos feature him playing a wide variety of instruments, including electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, and drums. He also has a great sense of humor and his videos are often interspersed with comedy skits.


Channel Views: ~718.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1.7k Channel Videos: ~188

DIG THE FUZZ Records Youtube Channel

DIG THE FUZZ Records YouTube channel is dedicated to playing a wide variety of Baroque Pop, Proto Punk, Post Punk, Acid Rock, Heavy Rock, Proto Metal, Pop Psych, Flower Power, Dubbed Reggae, and Anarcho Punk music. The channel is known for its eclectic taste in music and its willingness to experiment with different styles and genres.

Aaron Wilde

Channel Views: ~240.8k Channel Subscribers: ~383 Channel Videos: ~168

Aaron Wilde Youtube Channel

Aaron Wilde is an unsigned songwriter and original artist who plays and sings live piano on his YouTube channel. His music is a blend of baroque pop and he has released several albums of original songs.


Channel Views: ~245.9k Channel Subscribers: ~2.3k Channel Videos: ~215

bigstar1000 Youtube Channel

The bigstar1000 YouTube channel publishes all things baroque pop music and the vinyl community. He posts videos about vinyl, music, records, jazz, soul, psych, prog, post-punk, and anything else that interests him. He also participates in discussions and advises others in the community.


Channel Views: ~31.7k Channel Subscribers: ~573 Channel Videos: ~55

Nymphya Youtube Channel

Nymphya is a YouTube channel that features baroque pop and electronic folk music. The channel's focus is on female vocals and art pop music, with an ethereal and trip-hop vibe. Folktronica elements are also present in many of the videos.

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