5 Best Banker Youtube Channels You Should Follow

Are you a banker, finance professional, business enthusiast, or simply someone looking to improve your knowledge of economic banking and money management? Then you have come to the right place! Here we have compiled a list of the best YouTube channels that cover the topics of investment, banking, economy, money, news, and much more. Learn the ins and outs of money management and how to handle your finances, stay up to date with the latest banking and finance news and find out which strategies will help you make the most of your investments. This is the ultimate guide for those who want the best YouTube channels to stay informed about the financial world and pass the JAIIB and CAIIB exams with flying colors. Keep reading to find out more!

Banker Vasu

Channel Views: ~3.2m Channel Subscribers: ~26.9k Channel Videos: ~656

Banker Vasu Youtube Channel

Banker Vasu is a YouTube channel dedicated to banking and providing daily current affairs. With his videos, viewers can study IQ, Wifi Study, and GK Today to stay up-to-date on all the latest news. Banker Vasu's channel is an ideal destination for anyone looking to stay informed and get exam-ready. Be it banking or GK, there's something for everyone!

Officers Adda247

Channel Views: ~22.3m Channel Subscribers: ~156k Channel Videos: ~8.1k

Officers Adda247 Youtube Channel

Officers Adda247 is an educational YouTube channel dedicated to helping banking and other professional service officers prepare for the Jaiib Exam with video lectures, practice quizzes, and other useful resources. The channel offers comprehensive coverage of topics related to Jaiib and answers users' questions on how to pass the exam. With Adda247 JAIIB, users can gain access to high-quality study materials and be better equipped to pass the exam.


Channel Views: ~22.6m Channel Subscribers: ~81.9k Channel Videos: ~685

jpmorgan Youtube Channel

JPMorgan's YouTube channel is a great resource for those looking to learn more about the world of investment banking. Featuring content related to banker life and the JP Morgan internship program, viewers can get a comprehensive look at the world of corporate investment banking. From job advice to insights into the investment banking lifestyle, JPMorgan's channel is the perfect tool to get started in the industry.


Channel Views: ~10.6m Channel Subscribers: ~290k Channel Videos: ~32

Nischa Youtube Channel

Nischa is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing information about personal finance, banking, money management, side hustles, investing, business, and entrepreneurship from both the United Kingdom and the United States. Their goal is to empower viewers to take control of their finances and advance their self-development.

Jennifer Zhou

Channel Views: ~53.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~7

Jennifer Zhou Youtube Channel

Jennifer Zhou's YouTube channel is devoted to documenting her life as a banker in Hong Kong, having recently graduated from USC. She also shares her experience of transitioning from Hong Kong to Los Angeles and provides tips for others about HK living, banking, and HK vlogs. Her channel mainly focuses on adjusting to life in the United States of America.

Exploring the Different Types of Bankers

Banking is a highly varied profession, and as such there are many different types of bankers. From personal bankers who manage investments of individuals to securities traders who buy and sell financial instruments, bankers have essential roles in the economy. What follows is an exploration of several types of bankers and the responsibilities that come with each profession.

  • The most common type of banker is retail bankers. These bankers are employed by retail banks and work with individuals or small businesses to open and manage accounts, offer loan services, help with investments, or process payments. Additionally, retail bankers also manage portfolios using sophisticated computer programs to monitor investments and recommend new ones when appropriate.
  • Commercial bankers are typically employed by larger banks, and primarily work with large-scale businesses. They understand the financial needs of the businesses they serve and help structure transactions to meet objectives. These bankers guide businesses through large acquisitions, underwrite bonds, and provide advice on investments. Investment bankers focus more on the buy and sell side of financial transactions. They provide advice to businesses and individuals on potential investments and coordinate transactions. These bankers also have duties to execute securities, assist in acquisitions, and negotiate debt restructuring.

Ultimately, the roles and responsibilities of bankers vary widely depending on the type of bank and the areas they specialize in. As a finance professional, it is important to have a clear understanding of the different types of bankers and the services they offer. With the right knowledge and experience, aspiring bankers can find the role that is right for them.

Understanding the Different Roles a Banker Can Play

Bankers often have many roles and responsibilities, which can vary from one job to the next, and from one bank to the next. Understanding the different roles that a banker can play is important, not only from a job standpoint, but also from a financial management, and regulatory perspective for those in the banking industry.

  • The primary role of a banker is that of a financial adviser. Bankers will advise individuals and businesses on their financial situations, and provide solutions to help them reach their financial goals. This will involve researching investments, tracking account performance, and discussing portfolio management strategies. A banker may also help customers with loan applications, if they need assistance.
  • Bankers also have the responsibility of marketing financial services and products. They may be responsible for attracting new customers, meeting with existing customers to discuss their financial needs, or informing customers about new products and services. Bankers need to be well-versed in all the products and services offered by their bank, so they can confidently present them to potential customers. 

Understanding the different roles and responsibilities of a banker is essential for effective banking operations and client relations.

Challenges of Being a Banker

Being a banker today comes with a number of unique challenges. As a banker in today’s digital world, it is essential to stay ahead of trends in order to adequately serve customers and maintain the viability of the business itself. As such, bankers must continuously be aware of advancements in technology and the threats modern methods of commerce present, while also delivering excellent customer service and fostering trust with customers.

  • One of the biggest challenges is one of evolving customer needs. As technology advances, customers are increasingly expecting more from their banking experience. From mobile banking to online and person-to-person services, customers now expect cutting-edge banking systems and quick access to customer service. In order to meet these demands, banks must be continuously investing in forms of software and technology to ensure effective customer experiences.
  • Today’s banking environment has also become increasingly competitive and presents a new challenge to banks. Online banking has made it easier than ever for customers to switch banks and the numerous banking options available can sometimes overwhelm customers. Banks must work to stand out from the competition, from their online presence to the quality of service they provide. 

By delivering a superior customer experience, banks can show customers that they are the best option available.

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