Are you looking for the best bangla song, bangla gaan and new bengali songs? If you are a fan of bangla music and looking for a channel to help you find the latest and greatest bangla songs, then you have come to the right place! Read on to find out the best YouTube channels for bangla music, from classic bengali songs to bangla movie songs and the newest and hottest new bangla songs. Whether you are looking for a bangla music video for your next music session or just want to enjoy some bangla music with friends, these are the YouTube channels that you need to check out!

Bangla song: Top Youtube Channels

Superhit Bangla Gaan

Channel Views: ~12.8m Channel Subscribers: ~70.5k Channel Videos: ~163

Superhit Bangla Gaan Youtube Channel

Superhit Bangla Gaan is a YouTube channel that hosts a variety of popular and rare bangla songs. It is the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the original and classic bangla gaan, superhit bangla gaan and bangla hit gaan. The channel has recently released its upgraded version, Bangla Superhit Gaan 2.0, which includes a curated selection of classic and unique bangla gaan 2.03, bringing the best of bangla music to audiences everywhere.

Times Music Bangla

Channel Views: ~299.3m Channel Subscribers: ~882k Channel Videos: ~418

Times Music Bangla Youtube Channel

Times Music Bangla is a YouTube channel featuring the best of Bangla songs, Bengali video songs, Bengali movie songs and love Bangla songs. It includes top new love songs, Bangla songs written and composed by singer Prasenjit, as well as classic Bangla movie songs. All songs are beautifully arranged with rich quality sound that make it a must-watch channel for anyone wishing to listen to great Bengali songs.

Siddharth Bangla

Channel Views: ~257.1m Channel Subscribers: ~956k Channel Videos: ~435

Siddharth Bangla Youtube Channel

Siddharth Bangla is a YouTube channel that specializes in Bangla music and videos. Its content includes studio version songs, new Bangla love songs, new Bangla sad songs, as well as music and video featuring Siddharth himself. Siddharth Bangla provides an easy way to access contemporary Bengali music and sound straight from the heart of Bengal.

Coke Studio Bangla

Channel Views: ~202.5m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~48

Coke Studio Bangla Youtube Channel

Coke Studio Bangla is a channel on YouTube devoted to showcasing the unique sound and style of Bangla music. Featuring both traditional and contemporary bangla songs, this channel brings together some of the best musicians, lyricists and vocalists from the region. Listeners can enjoy the mesmerizing fusion of musician's talents, creative songwriting and compositions that make for an unforgettable musical journey. Coke Studio Bangla is a great destination for fans of Bengali music.

E-Sound Music

Channel Views: ~93.1m Channel Subscribers: ~521k Channel Videos: ~130

E-Sound Music Youtube Channel

E-Sound Music is a YouTube channel that features an array of uplifting Bangla songs. You can find hits from Samz Vai, as well as the latest Bangla songs from top artists like New Bangla Song and Bengali Song. Besides tunes from today, the channel also features New Song 2023 and Bangla Gaan. Tune in to discover the best Bangla music of all genres.

G Series Music

Channel Views: ~2b Channel Subscribers: ~7.6m Channel Videos: ~3.6k

G Series Music Youtube Channel

G Series Music YouTube channel is a great place to find the latest Bangla songs. This channel features the newest and hottest Bangla songs including fresh releases from 2021 and 2022. It is expertly curated with the best bangla gaan that the viewers can enjoy and appreciate. Enjoy the latest Bangla songs for free on G Series Music.

Eagle Music City

Channel Views: ~701.6m Channel Subscribers: ~4.5m Channel Videos: ~332

Eagle Music City Youtube Channel

Eagle Music City is a YouTube channel that provides an array of modern bangla songs and music videos for viewers to enjoy. Vibrant and diverse, the channel offers up-to-date bangla and bengali songs for fans of all ages, releasing new originals and remixes of popular tracks. Whether you're looking for a classic track or a new release, Eagle Music City is sure to offer the perfect bangla song for your listening pleasure.

SVF Music

Channel Views: ~1b Channel Subscribers: ~2.8m Channel Videos: ~1.1k

SVF Music Youtube Channel

SVF Music is a popular music channel with a wide range of Bangla songs, videos and movies from 2017. It is the go-to destination for Bengali music lovers, providing high quality audio and video of the latest Bangla Gaan and Bangla music. Whether it's some modern Bangla tunes or classics, SVF Music has it all!

Eagle Music Video Station

Channel Views: ~1.8b Channel Subscribers: ~8.6m Channel Videos: ~535

Eagle Music Video Station Youtube Channel

Eagle Music Video Station is a YouTube channel specializing in Bangla/Bengali songs. It features the latest hit songs in both audio and visual format for listening and viewing pleasure. They have a wide selection of bangla songs, new bangla songs, bengali songs and even the latest new song 2019. The channel also holds regular music videos from the popular eagle music bangla gaan collection. Enjoy your favorite Bangla songs with Eagle Music Video Station!


Channel Views: ~6m Channel Subscribers: ~34.9k Channel Videos: ~36

AmarLyrics Youtube Channel

AmarLyrics is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing high-quality Bangla song lyrics videos. It features a wide collection of new and latest bengali songs, as well as a selection of bengali hit songs and bangla gaan. The channel also publishes Bangla lyrics videos, making it easy to learn the lyrics of every new and top Bengali song.


Channel Views: ~9.1m Channel Subscribers: ~64.3k Channel Videos: ~113

BD CRUSH LTD Youtube Channel

BD Crush Ltd is a YouTube channel that provides fans of Bengali and Bangla music with new and exciting music videos. The channel specializes in producing sad song videos with popular Bangla songs. They also feature highly acclaimed new Bangla Sad Songs, romantic Bangla songs, and Bangla Gaan. If you are looking for a channel that specializes in Bengali and Bangla music, then BD Crush Ltd is the place to be.

CD PLUS Entertainment

Channel Views: ~437.9m Channel Subscribers: ~1.4m Channel Videos: ~488

CD PLUS Entertainment Youtube Channel

CD PLUS Entertainment is a YouTube channel that offers music lovers an extensive collection of both old and new Bengali songs, movie songs, and cinema songs. There is something for everyone, from Bangla movie song gaan to traditional Bengali songs. It also features a wide range of Bangla new movie song releases, in addition to a selection of old classic favorites. This one-stop shop promises an enjoyable and diverse experience for anyone looking to explore the world of Bengali music.

Anupam Movie Songs

Channel Views: ~6.6b Channel Subscribers: ~10.6m Channel Videos: ~2.8k

Anupam Movie Songs Youtube Channel

Anupam Movie Songs is a YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing Bangla songs from a variety of Anupam Recording Media movies. Featuring a wide range of Bangla cinema songs, film songs, and movie songs, it is a great source to explore the rich culture of Bangla music. Whether you're looking for modern, classic, or romantic music, they have something for all tastes. Enjoy!

Sristy multimedia

Channel Views: ~364.5m Channel Subscribers: ~1.7m Channel Videos: ~171

Sristy multimedia Youtube Channel

Sristy Multimedia is a YouTube channel focusing on providing the best in Bangla song, Natok (drama) and music video entertainment. It is Bangladesh's largest video library, offering the latest and greatest in BD Natok and Bangla song content. With their extensive collection of natok and music videos, Sristy Multimedia brings the best in Bangladeshi entertainment to your home.


Channel Views: ~6b Channel Subscribers: ~10.5m Channel Videos: ~2.4k

SVF Youtube Channel

SVF is a popular YouTube channel that offers a wide range of hit Bengali songs, videos, and movie clips from some of the best Bangla music and cinema. Here, you'll find a plethora of Bangladeshi songs, movies, and even original Bangla Gaan content for your entertainment. Keep up with the latest Bangla music and enjoy classic Bengali movie soundtracks and videos online. Tune in to the SVF YouTube channel and explore the latest of Bangla music and cinema.

Samsul Official Music

Channel Views: ~822.2m Channel Subscribers: ~2.9m Channel Videos: ~354

Samsul Official Music Youtube Channel

Samsul Official Music is a Bangladeshi YouTube channel with a huge collection of Bengali songs performed by acclaimed artists such as Atif Ahmed Niloy, Adnan Kabir, and Gogon Sakib. Here you can find everything from latest and classic bangla songs to new and hot bangla gaan. Follow Samsul Official Music now and enjoy the best of Bangladeshi music!


Channel Views: ~20.7m Channel Subscribers: ~161k Channel Videos: ~66

SR101 OFFICIAL Youtube Channel

SR101 Official is a YouTube channel that features a collection of new and classic Bangla songs and rap music, including 2020 Bangla rap songs and popular Tik Tok 2020 tracks. It also includes original works from United Sylhety and SR101 Maa and exciting Sylhety rap anthems. Get ready to jam out with these awesome Bangla songs!

Belal Khan

Channel Views: ~83.8m Channel Subscribers: ~455k Channel Videos: ~66

Belal Khan Youtube Channel

Belal Khan's YouTube channel is a great place to discover new and popular Bangla songs. Fans of the artist can watch amazing music videos, romantic songs, and popular movie songs from Belal Khan. Fans of Bangla music will find a great variety of content to explore in Belal Khan's channel.

Tabib Mahmud

Channel Views: ~115.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.8m Channel Videos: ~78

Tabib Mahmud Youtube Channel

Tabib Mahmud's YouTube Channel is a perfect choice for fans of Bangla music. It features rap, rap songs, and Gully Boy-themed songs like Ami Rana Gully Boy that are popular in the Bengali community. Tabib Mahmud creates fresh, vibrant tracks that showcase his skills as a rapper and lyricist. With its exciting blend of Bangla music and Gully Boy-inspired tunes, the channel is sure to captivate listeners looking for something new.

Rain Music

Channel Views: ~81.3m Channel Subscribers: ~527k Channel Videos: ~186

Rain Music Youtube Channel

Rain Music is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing the best in Bengali music and culture. Their expansive collection of Bangla songs includes popular Bangla folk songs (Baul song), Bangla Islamic songs, and many other genres of Bengali music. They strive to make their channel a one-stop destination for all your Bangla music needs.

Aastabol Productions

Channel Views: ~736.6k Channel Subscribers: ~5.6k Channel Videos: ~117

Aastabol Productions Youtube Channel

Aastabol Productions is a YouTube channel that offers a wide variety of content including Bengali songs, music videos, sad music, comedy videos, full movies, Bollywood songs, Bangladeshi rock, audio stories, and Bengali stories. Whether you're looking for a musical escape or a fun video, Aastabol Productions has something for you.

Understanding the Roots of Bangla Music Culture

The roots of Bangla music culture are stemmed from the soil of Bengal. While the region is best known for its delectable cuisine, its music has played a huge part in embedding itself in the mainstream culture of South Asia. In many ways, Bangla music has been integral to the music of many countries in the region. It draws influence from classical Indian and Pakistani music, as well as more contemporary styles.Plus, the region’s diverse population has added an intriguing mix of influences.

Bangla music has a long and rich history. Its influences can be traced back to 15th-century India, with the popular subgenres including Part singing, Bhajan, Raga and Rabindra Sangeet. It has also been heavily influenced by Islamic, Sikh and Christian music as well. The region’s folk music is also an important part of its musical heritage and is popular throughout South Asia.

Today, Bengali music has spread far and wide. Numerous singers and composers have made the genre popular across different countries. Popular singers such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and Sabri Brothers have helped to promote the genre and make it easily accessible. Numerous albums have been released in the West, featuring music from the region. There’s no doubt that understanding the roots of Bangla music culture is integral for a true appreciation of its art and culture.

Different Genres and Styles of Bangla Songs

Bangla song is the most popular form of traditional music in India, Bangladesh and surrounding countries. Bangla song is known for its unique style and sound, which has drawn in large numbers of fans from around the world. There are many different genres and styles of Bangla songs, ranging from classical, to Indipop, to folk and religious.

  • Classical music is one of the oldest styles of Bangla music and dates back to the 15th century. It is known for its intricate melodic patterns, folk characteristics and ancient instruments such as the tabla, harmonium and flute. This style of music is often listened to by those who have an appreciation for traditional music.
  • Indipop music is a combination of Indian pop songs with modern influences from western music. It is usually composed with synthesizers and samples and is usually upbeat and catchy. This type of music is popular amongst the younger generations for its blending of traditional and contemporary elements.
  • Folk music is another popular genre which has been around for decades and is often passed on from one generation to the next. This type of music is typically composed with simple instruments, such as drums and harmoniums, and is often used to tell stories from the local cultures of Bangladesh.
  • Finally, religious music is also common and often incorporates religious chants, songs and mantras into traditional melodies. It is often used as a form of meditation or spiritual practice.

Overall, Bangla music has many different genres and styles to choose from. It is a versatile form of music that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether it is classical compositions, Indipop, folk or religious music, Bangla music is a wonderful way to experience the culture, history and sound of Bangladesh.

Famous and Influential Artists of Bangla Music

Bangla music has been shaped by some of the most famous and influential artists of all time. These titans of music have set the benchmark for Bangla's sound and its culture. From Rabindranath Tagore, the father of Bangla music, to contemporary artists like Shafi Mondol and Habib Wahid, their legacies have been felt across the musical landscape of the country.

One of the most renowned musical artists is Tagore, a polymath who excelled in different arts forms, including music. From his early writings of Jana Gana Mana and Vande Mataram, to Bhupen Hazarika's interpretation of Yagh Halay Haraye, Tagore's influence has been far and wide. His work has been intricately woven into the Hindu and Bengali culture, giving it an icon all of its own.

There have also been many other influential singer-songwriters such as Ashok Das, Paul Shah and Lopamudra Mitra who have pushed the boundaries of Bangla music. More recently, there have been many popular takeovers from artists contemporary artists such as Arjunan and Anupam Roy that have given the genre freshness, blending traditional styles with modern touch. In doing so, they have given the Bangla music a bigger presence in the national landscape and offered a platform for the next generation of singers to make their mark.

Overall, Bangla music has an impressive heritage and a bright future in the hands of its most famous and influential artists. As the genre continues to evolve, these titans will continue to be remembered and appreciated by generations to come.ngla music for years to come.

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