Are you looking for the best YouTube channels that offer content that combines both fun and informative? If so, read on as we've compiled a list of the top YouTube channels that specialize in bamboo, DIY, funny content, agriculture in the Philippines, how to make tutorials, Booba Animation and Cartoon. Each YouTube channel has been carefully handpicked for its exceptional quality, inspiring content, and interesting initiatives. So, if you're ready to explore some of the best bamboo, DIY and funny YouTube channels, look no further!

Bamboo: Top Youtube Channels

KP Bamboo Studio

Channel Views: ~52.5m Channel Subscribers: ~75.4k Channel Videos: ~720

KP Bamboo Studio Youtube Channel

KP Bamboo Studio is a YouTube channel devoted to educating viewers on the art of working with bamboo. Through weekly tutorials, lifestyle advice, and helpful hints, people can learn the skills to take up the hobby for themselves. With a focus on sustainable living, this channel will take viewers through the process of discovering the true potential of bamboo.

Bamboo Craft

Channel Views: ~101.6m Channel Subscribers: ~357k Channel Videos: ~73

Bamboo Craft Youtube Channel

The Bamboo Craft YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing bamboo crafts from around the world. Its videos feature tutorials for creating beautiful and unique items from the versatile and eco-friendly material. The channel's library of projects is sure to provide great inspiration for any craft enthusiast.

Lý Thị Ca

Channel Views: ~249.3m Channel Subscribers: ~640k Channel Videos: ~228

Lý Thị Ca Youtube Channel

Lý Thị Ca is a YouTube channel devoted to helping viewers learn how to build a bamboo house. Specializing in innovative bamboo house designs, viewers can gain insight on how to make a bamboo house in the forest, as well as tips and tricks to make sure their bamboo house stands strong in 2021. With helpful tutorials and product reviews, Lý Th? Ca is the ultimate source for all your bamboo house needs.

Hand Arts & Crafts02

Channel Views: ~3.6b Channel Subscribers: ~6.9m Channel Videos: ~202

Hand Arts & Crafts02 Youtube Channel

The Hand Arts & Crafts02 YouTube channel is a great place to learn about wood and bamboo crafts from amazing videos. It features Chinese and Indian videos about various topics such as wood carving, wood and bamboo craft, handcraft wood projects, and more. Amazing ideas are featured on the channel to help inspire viewers to create their own projects from home.

The Survival

Channel Views: ~403.9m Channel Subscribers: ~2.3m Channel Videos: ~181

The Survival Youtube Channel

The Survival YouTube channel is most known for creating unique homes and structures like treehouses, underground houses, and bamboo homes. They also have more ambitious builds such as multi-level living houses, jungle houses, swimming pools, and millinar houses. With videos that document every step of the creative building process, The Survival is the go-to for those looking to build and live an off-the-grid lifestyle.

Creative Uses of Bamboo for Crafting and Design

Bamboo is an incredibly versatile material for crafting and design projects. Its light weight, low cost, and fast growth make it an ideal resource for creatives. In addition, finished projects with bamboo are aesthetically pleasing and often distinctly unique. From practical to decorative, bamboo is a great material to have in your crafting arsenal.

  • One of the most common uses of bamboo is for furniture. Bamboo is surprisingly lightweight and sturdy, making it a great choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Tables, chairs, and shelves are some of the more popular projects, but creative minds can come up with many interesting designs. Likewise, bamboo stools, benches, and even bed frames can provide stylish alternatives to more expensive options.
  • Strands of bamboo can be used to create beautiful wall hangings. They can also be fashioned into screens and dividers for room decorations. Lighting fixtures and sculptures are other interesting projects to try with bamboo – string lights or dangling beads hung from the ceiling to create an inviting atmosphere. 

With a bit of imagination, people can come up with many creative uses for bamboo in their crafting and design projects.

Different Types of Bamboo for a Variety of Gardens and Uses

Bamboo is a great choice for adding a unique flair to any garden or outdoor space. Not only is bamboo versatile, it is also relatively low-maintenance and highly adaptable. There are many varieties of bamboo available to choose from, each with its own aesthetic and practical benefits. All types of bamboo provide fast growth and can be used in a variety of ways, such as for landscaping, screening, and creating a living fence. Here is a list of different types of bamboo and their uses:

  1. The first type of bamboo is Phyllostachys. This type of bamboo is one of the most visually appealing and diverse in shape and color. It is known to grow very tall and robust, making it ideal for creating a privacy screen or fence. 
  2. The second type is Fargesia, which is a smaller type of bamboo and great for creating smaller spaces such as rock gardens or for framing pathways. The leaves of Fargesia are also known for their shade and protection from the sun. 
  3. Lastly, Bambusa is a type of bamboo perfect for creating ground cover and an array of outdoor furniture. This type of bamboo is also known for being non-invasive and can be easily integrated with other plants.

Bamboo is a great addition to any outdoor space and certainly adds variety and visual interest. Depending on the desired use of the bamboo, the selection and use of the different types of bamboo can be easily tailored to fit just about any location or purpose. From creating privacy screens to providing ground cover, the variety of bamboo types is sure to cater to any garden space. Whatever needs you have for your garden, there’s sure to be a bamboo out there that fits the bill.

The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Bamboo

The world is increasingly turning towards more eco-friendly solutions when it comes to natural resources. Bamboo is one of the most popular green choices that people are looking to for sustainable and renewable resources. The eco-friendly benefits of bamboo are many and varied, making it an ideal material for a range of applications.

  • One of the biggest eco-friendly benefits of bamboo is that it is fast growing, meaning that it can be harvested in a shorter time than many other resources. This allows for a quick replenishment rate, making it a good option for those looking for sustainability. Bamboo also offers a great range of features and products. It’s strong and light, meaning that it’s an ideal material for furniture, building materials, and many other uses.
  • Finally, bamboo is extremely durable, meaning that it can be used for many years without needing to be replaced. This makes it an excellent choice for eco-friendly products as it has a lower impact on the environment due to its prolonged lifespan. It also produces very little waste, leading to a much smaller carbon footprint. Bamboo is therefore an ideal option for those looking to help the environment while making a practical and beautiful addition to any home or office. Its versatility and eco-friendly benefits make it a great choice for sustainable product.

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