12 Best Artificial Intelligence Course Youtube Channels

Are you looking to learn the ins and outs of artificial intelligence, data science, and programming? With so many choices for learning resources out there, it can be overwhelming to figure out which are the best YouTube channels to follow for the most up-to-date tutorials in these fields. To make your search easier, let's take a look at the top YouTube channels for artificial intelligence course, data science, python, education, blockchain, linux, AWS, AI, Artificial Intelligence, and programming. Read on to find out the best YouTube channels for you to get started.

MIT OpenCourseWare

Channel Views: ~339.7m Channel Subscribers: ~3.8m Channel Videos: ~6.7k

MIT OpenCourseWare Youtube Channel

MIT OpenCourseWare is an educational YouTube channel from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) providing accredited courses in a variety of topics including engineering, physics, calculus, mathematics, algebra, biology, and artificial intelligence. It features video lectures, syllabi, and lecture notes on courses that are freely available to learn using the tried and true OpenCourseWare model. This makes it an excellent platform for anyone looking to advance their knowledge of various topics, from basic algebra to complex AI systems.


Channel Views: ~1.6b Channel Subscribers: ~13.5m Channel Videos: ~1.4k

CrashCourse Youtube Channel

CrashCourse is an educational YouTube channel that covers a wide range of topics in the humanities, science, and history. It features educational videos about world history, biology, literature, learning, and artificial intelligence courses, offering students an informative and engaging way to learn. It's an ideal resource for school and general education, providing interesting and insightful content for viewers to explore.


Channel Views: ~320.4m Channel Subscribers: ~3.4m Channel Videos: ~6.8k

edureka! Youtube Channel

Edureka! YouTube channel provides training videos and online tutorials for a range of trending technologies including artificial intelligence, big data, apache spark, data science, android development, web development and cloud computing. Their courses help viewers become proficient in these technologies and gain valuable skills. They are committed to providing a comprehensive learning experience for their viewers.


Channel Views: ~224.5m Channel Subscribers: ~2.1m Channel Videos: ~4.2k

Simplilearn Youtube Channel

Simplilearn's YouTube channel is a great resource for those interested in learning more about the latest artificial intelligence, cyber security, digital marketing, machine learning, data science, six sigma artificial intelligence, business analyst, deep learning, social media marketing, and ethical hacking strategies and certification courses. With hundreds of tutorials, webinars, and interviews with industry experts, Simplilearn offers a comprehensive library of resources to help further your knowledge in the world of technology and digital transformation.

Sreevidhya Santhosh

Channel Views: ~49.8m Channel Subscribers: ~625k Channel Videos: ~1k

Sreevidhya Santhosh Youtube Channel

Sreevidhya Santhosh's YouTube channel offers career guidance for individuals looking to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence. She provides resources and tips on choosing the right stream after 12th, as well as discussions about Malayalam motivation and how to become successful.


Channel Views: ~904.7k Channel Subscribers: ~11.1k Channel Videos: ~862

I.N.K JO Youtube Channel

I.N.K JO is a YouTube channel providing informative tutorials and career advice related to artificial intelligence courses, software jobs, and more. It is a one-stop shop for those looking for help in understanding the current job market, finding the right career path, and gaining the skills to succeed. With informative videos and a team of experienced carreer consultants, I.N.K JO is the perfect place to find the right tools for future success.

Clever Programmer

Channel Views: ~55.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.1m Channel Videos: ~689

Clever Programmer Youtube Channel

The Clever Programmer YouTube channel provides a variety of computer programming courses related to artificial intelligence, ranging from introductory classes to advanced courses. The channel also provides helpful tutorials, tips, and tricks on programming to help viewers become effective and proficient programmers.

Ishan Sharma

Channel Views: ~44.3m Channel Subscribers: ~466k Channel Videos: ~528

Ishan Sharma Youtube Channel

Ishan Sharma's YouTube channel offers a range of free courses, from Artificial Intelligence to personal finance, so learners can start their journeys in all sorts of different industries. He also gives tutorials on how to start freelancing, coding, and even starting your own business. If you're looking to switch careers or just learn something new, Ishan Sharma's YouTube channel is an excellent place to start.

Zeeshan Usmani

Channel Views: ~23.9m Channel Subscribers: ~365k Channel Videos: ~556

Zeeshan Usmani Youtube Channel

Zeeshan Usmani's YouTube channel offers a wide selection of content that ranges from online learning courses about Artificial Intelligence (AI) to personal development and life lessons. Zeeshan, a data scientist and recognized AI expert, covers a range of topics from practical data science to AI to life hacks and life coaching. His videos offer viewers real-world insights from a successful practitioner that can help them level up their skill-set and push their career further. Whether you're interested in learning more about Artificial Intelligence or looking for life hacks and practical lessons to improve your life, Zeeshan Usmani has you covered.

Irfan Malik

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~43.2k Channel Videos: ~445

Irfan Malik Youtube Channel

Irfan Malik's YouTube channel is a helpful resource for learning about artificial intelligence and technology. He offers courses, interviews, video blogs, DigiSkills tutorials, success stories, and Xeven Solution training. He is also a motivational and public speaker as well as a success coach. All the content aims to help viewers build skills to succeed in the tech world.


Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~9.8k Channel Videos: ~376

GetSmarter Youtube Channel

GetSmarter is a leading online education platform offering a range of artificial intelligence courses and online short courses. Whether it's a certificate course or online learning, GetSmarter has the experience and technology to facilitate an effective and rewarding learning experience. With 2U as its parent company, GetSmarter has a commitment to lifelong learning and creating fulfilling learning opportunities.

Professor Abdullah

Channel Views: ~301.9k Channel Subscribers: ~11.1k Channel Videos: ~247

Professor Abdullah Youtube Channel

Professor Abdullah's YouTube channel provides online courses to help viewers learn about artificial intelligence and how to earn money online. Topics include popular courses from Qasim Ali Shah, Mind Labs and Hisham Sarwer as well as free courses and advice from Azad Chaiwala on how to get an online job.
These courses help viewers gain a strong understanding of the fundamentals of artificial intelligence as well as important skills for earning a living online. Join Professor Abdullah's channel to start down the path to success.

What Artificial Intelligence Course is Right for You?

The demand for artificial intelligence (AI) courses has grown rapidly in recent years, with many universities and specialized educational programs catering to AI professionals. With all the choices, it can be hard to know which AI course will best meet your needs. Here are some tips to help you decide which AI course is right for you.

  1. First, consider what you want to accomplish with an AI course. Are you looking to build basic skills from the ground up, or do you want to build on existing knowledge? Different AI courses cover different concepts and algorithms, so it’s important to look for the right program that addresses your specific goals.
  2. Finally, consider the cost. Many AI courses are offered free, while others may require financial investment. Evaluate your budget and factor in the cost of tuition and other associated forms of expenses. You may want to look for discounts or other forms of financial assistance, such as scholarships or grants, to help cover the cost of the course.

By considering your goals, the course material, and the cost, you can choose the right AI course to suit your needs. With the right program, you can enter the AI field confidently and begin building the necessary skills for success.

Benefits of Taking an Artificial Intelligence Course

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly important tool for modern organizations to reach their business goals. Taking a course in artificial intelligence can provide a wide range of benefits for those seeking to expand their knowledge. AI can help to speed up tedious tasks, while also providing decision-making support and problem-solving capabilities.

One of the primary benefits of taking an artificial intelligence course is the increased knowledge and understanding one will gain of AI and its various uses. Through AI-focused course material, students can learn how to leverage AI to better manage their work vision, implement AI-based strategies in their organization, and develop a deeper understanding of how to use AI to maximize efficiency.

Taking an artificial intelligence course can also allow students to stay current with the latest AI trends. In a rapidly changing and increasingly digital world, having the latest AI tools and technologies can make a huge difference in one’s success. Learning from industry leaders and experts can phase an individual into the most advanced solutions adapted from AI and ultimately increase their market value and potential.

Overall, taking an artificial intelligence course can significantly benefit those looking to stay current on the latest advances in AI. Not only will students gain knowledge of AI and its use in modern organizations, they will also be better equipped to learn and implement the latest AI trends in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Improve Problem-Solving

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an invaluable asset to businesses in solving an array of daily operations problems. AI can be utilized to create intelligent solutions to a variety of problems by automating mundane tasks and streamlining complex operations. AI is used to analyze data rapidly and identify patterns and trends that can be used to identify novel solutions and optimize decision-making. Therefore, applied AI has revolutionized the way businesses problem-solve, creating efficiencies in time, cost, and resource utilization.

  • One of the most effective ways for businesses to improve their problem-solving capabilities is by implementing AI-powered solutions. For instance, AI models can be used to analyze large datasets and reveal underlying insights that inform decisions within an organization. AI models can also be used as powerful tools to simulate possible outcomes and test solutions. This not only streamlines the problem-solving process but also increases the level of accuracy of the results. Furthermore, AI can also be used to identify any existing correlations between different aspects of the problem and potential solutions, allowing institutions to make more informed decisions.
  • Finally, AI can also be utilized to fine-tune and customize existing problem-solving approaches to fit the particular needs of an organization more effectively. For example, AI-based algorithms can be used to create custom-tailored recommendations for different types of problems, increasing the efficiency of the issue resolution procedure. As such, AI can be a invaluable tool for problem-solvers in the business setting, allowing them to identify and implement creative solutions with increased accuracy and efficiency, while also saving time and money.

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