16 Best Artificial Intelligence Art Youtube Channels

Are you interested in discovering the latest and greatest in artificial intelligence art, art, technology, politics, news, science, ai, drawing, tech, and business? If so, then you've come to the right place. Here, we've rounded up the best YouTube channels that will help you learn more about all of these topics and more. So read on to find out what channels might interest you most!

The Museum of Modern Art

Channel Views: ~48.8m Channel Subscribers: ~489k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

The Museum of Modern Art Youtube Channel

The Museum of Modern Art YouTube channel is an excellent source for modern and contemporary art, featuring videos about exhibitions, performances, and events at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, as well as at its PS1 location. Additionally, the channel regularly shares and discusses groundbreaking new works created from artificial intelligence art.

The Art of Aaron Blaise

Channel Views: ~31.5m Channel Subscribers: ~557k Channel Videos: ~641

The Art of Aaron Blaise Youtube Channel

The Art of Aaron Blaise YouTube channel is a great resource for those interested in learning about artificial intelligence art, digital painting, wildlife art, animation, art, drawing, wacom, and photoshop. It features tutorials and lessons related to Aaron's artistic journey. He offers insight on how to use various tools to create artwork and how to use artificial intelligence to take your artwork to the next level. It's a great way for both beginners and professionals to enhance their artistic skills.


Channel Views: ~36m Channel Subscribers: ~718k Channel Videos: ~94

SamDoesArts Youtube Channel

SamDoesArts is a YouTube channel dedicated to exploring the intersection of art and technology. Through their videos, they showcase the use of artificial intelligence art to create unique pieces of art and explore the possibilities of what may be achievable in the future. They also provide lifestyle advice, tutorials for various hobbies, and interviews with experts in the fields of art and AI.

PBS NewsHour

Channel Views: ~1.7b Channel Subscribers: ~3.1m Channel Videos: ~40.9k

PBS NewsHour Youtube Channel

PBS NewsHour is a YouTube channel providing breaking news, world news, science news, health news, and more. Hosted by Judy Woodruff, Yamiche Alcindor, Lisa Desjardins, and Nick Schifrin, the channel also produces stories that explore the impact of artificial intelligence on the art world. PBS NewsHour provides up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of world events.

CBS Sunday Morning

Channel Views: ~663.8m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~5.5k

CBS Sunday Morning Youtube Channel

The CBS Sunday Morning YouTube channel offers insight into the complexities of the modern world, showcasing a wide variety of subjects such as art, society, lifestyle, and technology. By exploring current topics ranging from artificial intelligence to art, it helps viewers stay informed on global events. It also features compelling interviews and entertaining stories to bring the Sunday Morning experience to life. From the curious to the thought-provoking, CBS Sunday Morning provides an engaging and educational look into the many fascinating facets of modern life.

Brad Colbow

Channel Views: ~89m Channel Subscribers: ~697k Channel Videos: ~439

Brad Colbow Youtube Channel

Brad Colbow's YouTube channel covers a wide variety of topics related to art and technology, with content about Artificial Intelligence Art, Apple Pencils, Wacom products, iPads and Procreate software. He provides tutorials and insight for professional illustrators and drawing enthusiasts who want to expand their understanding of the latest tech and techniques to bring their art to the next level.


Channel Views: ~370.7m Channel Subscribers: ~3.7m Channel Videos: ~439

ColdFusion Youtube Channel

ColdFusion is a YouTube channel offering thought-provoking documentaries covering a range of topics such as artificial intelligence, new technology, and Tesla. It also features an array of chillstep and artificial intelligence art for viewers to explore. Tune in to ColdFusion to experience the latest thinking in the world of technology.


Channel Views: ~913.8m Channel Subscribers: ~3.3m Channel Videos: ~234

Quantastic Youtube Channel

Quantastic is a YouTube channel devoted to showcasing the amazing fusion of art and artificial intelligence. Their videos feature a wide variety of creative projects ranging from AI-generated art to AI baking cakes. With a focus on making AI accessible, Quantastic provides a fantastic learning experience for anyone with an interest in the creative potential of AI.

Studio Practice

Channel Views: ~598.4k Channel Subscribers: ~10.8k Channel Videos: ~154

Studio Practice Youtube Channel

Studio Practice is a YouTube channel that showcases the best of artificial intelligence art, contemporary art, and design. It features artist and designer studios, offering viewers an insight into their creative practices and the inspiration behind their work. It's also a great resource for anyone interested in exploring new forms of expression and creative techniques.

Jono Dry

Channel Views: ~33.9m Channel Subscribers: ~432k Channel Videos: ~156

Jono Dry Youtube Channel

Jono Dry's YouTube channel provides art tutorials, tips and advice for aspiring professional artists. His channel focuses on time lapse drawing exemplifying artificial intelligence art, pencil drawing and other art techniques, backed by solid advice about the art industry and career building. Learn to draw and develop your own classic art skills with Jono.


Channel Views: ~431.3k Channel Subscribers: ~4.9k Channel Videos: ~119

THIS DUDE DRAWS Youtube Channel

THIS DUDE DRAWS is a YouTube channel dedicated to creating beautiful art with the help of artificial intelligence and Blender 3d. It offers tutorials and time-lapse videos to help viewers learn how to create and speed up their own art. They also show speed-art clips that show how quickly pieces can be completed with skill and practice.

The Canvas

Channel Views: ~18.2m Channel Subscribers: ~399k Channel Videos: ~152

The Canvas Youtube Channel

The Canvas YouTube channel is a documentary series exploring the world of art and artificial intelligence art through interviews with renowned artists, painting analysis, art history explained and more. The channel offers viewers an intimate look at the creative process and the newest advances in artificial intelligence art and their impact on art as a whole. It's a great resource for anyone interested in art and art history.


Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~26.2k Channel Videos: ~56

Maximize Youtube Channel

Maximize is a YouTube channel devoted to the exploration of artificial intelligence art, new technology, the latest technology, and cool tech. They provide technology updates, new gadget reveals, amazing tech finds, and tech stuff. They also explain the midjourney of AI. Tune in for an in-depth look at the world of tech and AI!

Liam Ottley

Channel Views: ~2m Channel Subscribers: ~64.4k Channel Videos: ~41

Liam Ottley Youtube Channel

Liam Ottley's YouTube channel focuses on Artificial Intelligence (AI) topics such as AI art, AI entrepreneurship, and ChatGPT. Through his content, Liam helps people understand the opportunities AI can provide for businesses, individuals, and the world. He provides a unique perspective on the world of AI and entrepreneurship.

Sam Hamper

Channel Views: ~701.2k Channel Subscribers: ~11.6k Channel Videos: ~50

Sam Hamper Youtube Channel

Sam Hamper's YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing a unique fusion of AI and traditional art techniques. Sam's art videos take viewers on an exciting journey from concept to finished piece, through speed drawing, fine art, oil paintings, and art vlogs. Go behind the scenes and explore the creative process of a modern artist with Sam Hamper's YouTube channel.


Channel Views: ~272.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~31

Surrealism Youtube Channel

The Surrealism YouTube Channel offers a unique viewing experience with its contemporary AI and motion graphics art. Through modern animation and artificial intelligence art, viewers can explore the surrealism art form in an entertaining and immersive way. Experience the true power of ai video art with the Surrealism YouTube Channel.

What is Artificial Intelligence Art?

Artificial Intelligence art is an art form that leverages machine learning to create sophisticated works of art. AI art is generated using algorithms, meaning machines generate visual and textual art automatically. Such artworks include the use of Neural Networks, Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), and Autoencoders (AEs).

The use of AI has made it possible to create art that is more complex and realistic than has ever been possible with traditional art methods. By using AI algorithms, artists can produce pieces of art made up of intricate line, texture, and color combinations. Computer-generated art has also pushed the boundaries of creative recognition and interpretation, creating an entirely new medium for interaction.

The AI art universe is vast and interesting, offering a unique perspective on the potential for art beyond our own human capabilities. Through AI, art can be more accessible and personalized, enabling us to explore our creative boundaries and discover new and exciting ways to engage with art. By embracing Artificial Intelligence, artists are able to create art that represents both our human and technology perspectives — truly making it the art of the future.

Exploring Core Elements of AI Art

Exploring Core Elements of AI Art is an area of ongoing interest, with works of AI-generated art appearing in galleries and exhibitions around the world. There is no single definition of AI art as the medium is both constantly changing and highly personal. However, there are some core elements that can be explored in order to understand the impact of AI on art.

  • One of the defining features of AI art is the use of algorithms to generate original artwork. Artists create algorithms to generate pieces based on various input, allowing for a complexity and variety that would be impossible to achieve manually. AI art also has its own style, often with a surreal and abstract quality characteristic of the work generated by machines.
  • Finally, because of the ability to generate infinite variations on a theme, AI art allows for more experimentation. In the hands of a skilled artist, algorithms can be used to create completely new visuals and explore ideas that have never been seen before. AI art is a powerful tool for extending the creative potential of an artist, allowing expanded artistic freedom, and raising a host of interesting questions about our relationship to the art created by machines.

Exploring Core Elements of AI Art is essential for comprehending the implications of this medium. There is an exciting potential for humans to combine their own creativity with machine learning, and many new ways of creating art are only now being realized. It will be interesting to see what new possibilities arise as this field of art develops.

Defining the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Art

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in art is continuing to increase in importance with new, exciting developments being made all the time. AI is increasingly being used to create, compose, perform, and even critique artwork; demonstrating human creativity in a new era of computational creativity. This new way of creating art offers unique and potential creative outlets and opportunities for expanding our understanding of what it means to be an artist in the modern world.

AI can be used in a variety of ways, from generating life-like images with deep learning models, to using it as a generative tool for creating unique compositions and pattern creations. AI can also be used to enhance artistic experience, allowing artists to explore a wider range of possibilities. For instance, AI can be used to create animations or interactive visuals, using user input to inform the creative process. AI may also be used in collaboration with musicians and composers, allowing for highly complex compositions that are often difficult for the human hand to replicate.

In addition to creating art, AI can also be used to critique and analyze artwork. AI-driven tools can help artists figure out what works, and what doesn’t, in their artwork, making it easier for the artist to develop and grow their skills. Art critique is usually a subjective process; however, AI programs can provide a more objective and consistent approach. AI-based tools can also help art galleries or museums analyze collections and provide recommendations for curating exhibitions. Overall, AI is revolutionizing art and redefining what it means to be an artist in the modern world.

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