Are you interested in the captivating world of architectural drawing, design, and art? Whether you are an aspiring architect, a talented artist, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of architectural sketches, this article is for you! We have curated a list of the best YouTube channels dedicated to all things architecture, drawing, and art. From step-by-step tutorials on how to draw stunning architectural designs to insightful discussions on the principles of good design, these channels are sure to inspire and educate you. So, if you are ready to delve into a world of creativity, technical skill, and artistic expression, read on to discover the top YouTube channels that will elevate your architectural drawing abilities and nurture your passion for art and design.

Architectural drawing: Top Youtube Channels

First Architecture School

Channel Views: ~1.9m Channel Subscribers: ~48.7k Channel Videos: ~504

First Architecture School Youtube Channel

The First Architecture School YouTube channel offers a wealth of knowledge and inspiration for aspiring architects and interior designers. With a focus on architectural drawing and sketching, their tutorials provide step-by-step guidance on how to master these skills. From sketch tutorials to architecture and interior design ideas, this channel offers a comprehensive learning experience for anyone interested in the world of design.

30X40 Design Workshop

Channel Views: ~55m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~243

30X40 Design Workshop Youtube Channel

The 30X40 Design Workshop YouTube channel is dedicated to providing architectural drawing tutorials and courses, making it an invaluable resource for architecture students and enthusiasts. The channel primarily focuses on residential design and provides viewers with insightful content to enhance their architectural skills and knowledge. Whether you're an architecture student or simply interested in the field, this channel is a great place to learn and explore all aspects of architecture.


Channel Views: ~56.4k Channel Subscribers: ~145 Channel Videos: ~197

roosterwax Youtube Channel

Roosterwax is a highly educational YouTube channel devoted to assisting architecture students and enthusiasts in honing their skills. Providing detailed tutorials and demonstrations, the channel covers various aspects of architectural drawing, including model making and how to draw like an architect. From land use and site plans to architectural drawing sets and building codes, Roosterwax offers valuable insights into creating accurate architectural details while navigating zoning codes.

Tom Budd

Channel Views: ~776.6k Channel Subscribers: ~7.4k Channel Videos: ~150

Tom Budd Youtube Channel

Tom Budd's YouTube channel offers a captivating blend of content related to architectural drawing, technology, lifestyle, and hobbies. With a strong focus on sharing knowledge, Tom provides insightful tutorials and tips for aspiring architects and enthusiasts alike. Whether you're seeking inspiration or expertise, this channel promises to engage and educate with its diverse range of topics.


Channel Views: ~202.7k Channel Subscribers: ~975 Channel Videos: ~145

Archisource Youtube Channel

Archisource is a YouTube channel that focuses on architectural drawing as a lifestyle hobby. The channel provides inspiration, tutorials, and tips on creating architectural drawings, making it a valuable resource for those interested in architectural design as a hobby.

David Drazil

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~28.9k Channel Videos: ~76

David Drazil Youtube Channel

David Drazil's YouTube channel is a valuable resource for aspiring architects and designers, offering tips and tricks on architectural drawing and sketching. His videos guide viewers on how to sketch like an architect and provide insights into architectural and interior design. With a focus on teaching the art of sketching and exploring various aspects of architecture and design, David Drazil's channel caters to those passionate about honing their skills in this field.

ASIRI Designs

Channel Views: ~18.8k Channel Subscribers: ~520 Channel Videos: ~39

ASIRI Designs Youtube Channel

ASIRI Designs is a YouTube channel hosted by architect Sharif Asiri, specializing in architectural drawing and design. The channel showcases the creation of custom homes, with a focus on kitchen design, floor plans, and incorporating building science principles. Based in the Pacific Northwest, ASIRI Designs provides valuable information on how to design innovative and sustainable structures.

The Drawing Room

Channel Views: ~89.6k Channel Subscribers: ~489 Channel Videos: ~21

The Drawing Room Youtube Channel

The Drawing Room YouTube channel is dedicated to architectural drawing, showcasing the talent and skills of the host. It serves as a hobby for both the creator and the viewers, who can indulge in the beautiful art form. The channel also touches upon the lifestyle aspect, exploring the intersection of architectural drawing with personal interests and experiences.


Channel Views: ~30.5k Channel Subscribers: ~448 Channel Videos: ~9

pencilarchitect Youtube Channel

Pencilarchitect is a captivating YouTube channel focused on architectural drawing and illustration. The channel provides valuable tutorials and guidance on how to draw buildings, offering useful insights into the art of architecture drawing. With a strong emphasis on pencil drawing, this channel aims to inspire aspiring architects and artists alike, encouraging them to develop their skills in architectural illustration.

The Importance of Architectural Drawing in the Design Process

Architectural drawing is an essential aspect of the design process, playing a crucial role in the overall success of a project. These drawings serve as a medium through which architects can visually represent their design concepts and communicate them effectively to clients, contractors, and other stakeholders.

  1. Firstly, architectural drawings provide a clear and concise representation of the project's design. These drawings include plans, elevations, sections, and details that illustrate the spatial arrangement, materials, and dimensions of the building. This visual representation helps clients and stakeholders envision the final product, enabling them to provide valuable feedback and make informed decisions during the design development.
  2. Moreover, architectural drawings act as a communication tool between the architect and various professionals involved in the construction process. Contractors, engineers, and other consultants rely on these drawings to interpret and execute the design accurately. The precision and clarity offered by architectural drawings help eliminate any potential misunderstandings, ensuring that the project is built to the architect's intent and specifications.
  3. Finally, architectural drawings also serve as a record of the design process, providing important documentation for future reference. These drawings capture the evolution of the design, incorporating changes made throughout the project's development. This record not only helps in maintaining historical data but also aids in future renovation or expansion projects by providing a foundation for further design iterations.

In conclusion, architectural drawings are a vital tool in the design process. They enable architects to convey their design concepts effectively, facilitate communication among project stakeholders, and serve as a valuable record of the design's development. Without architectural drawings, the design process would lack crucial visual representation and clarity necessary for creating successful buildings and spaces.

How Technology has Transformed Architectural Drawing

In the past, architectural drawing was a time-consuming and meticulous task that required architects to use traditional techniques such as pen and paper or drafting boards. However, with the advancements in technology, the field of architectural drawing has been completely transformed. The introduction of computer-aided design (CAD) software and powerful hardware has revolutionized the way architects approach their designs.

  • One of the major benefits of technology in architectural drawing is the ability to create detailed and accurate digital designs. CAD software allows architects to create intricate 2D and 3D models of their designs with ease. This not only saves time but also provides a more realistic visualization of the final product. Architects can now easily manipulate and experiment with different design elements, such as materials, lighting, and textures, at a much faster pace.
  • Furthermore, technology has also facilitated collaboration and communication within the architectural industry. In the past, architects had to rely on physical drawings and blueprints to share their designs with clients and colleagues. This often led to misinterpretations and errors during the construction process. However, with the use of digital platforms, architects can now easily share their designs in real-time with multiple stakeholders. This has not only improved efficiency but also reduced the potential for miscommunication and costly mistakes.

Overall, the integration of technology into architectural drawing has had a profound impact on the industry. Architects now have access to powerful tools that allow for faster, more accurate and realistic designs. The adoption of CAD software and digital platforms has not only improved the efficiency of the architectural process but has also enhanced communication and collaboration. As technology continues to advance, it is exciting to think about the future possibilities that will further transform architectural drawing.

Essential Tools and Techniques for Architectural Drawing

If you are an aspiring architect or a student studying architecture, then having the right tools and techniques for architectural drawing is essential for your success. These tools and techniques not only help you create accurate and detailed drawings but also enhance your understanding of space, form, and proportions. In this blog, we will explore some of the essential tools and techniques that every architect should have in their arsenal.

  • One of the most important tools for architectural drawing is a good set of drawing instruments. This typically includes pencils, erasers, rulers, and compasses. Pencils of various grades are used to create different line weights and shading effects, while erasers are crucial for correcting mistakes and cleaning up lines. Rulers are indispensable for creating straight lines and precise measurements, while compasses are used to draw circles and arcs accurately. Investing in high-quality drawing instruments will ensure precision and control in your drawings.
  • In addition to traditional tools, architectural drawing can also benefit from technology. Computer-aided design (CAD) software has revolutionized the field of architecture, making it easier to create detailed and complex drawings. CAD software allows architects to create, modify, and manipulate drawings in 2D and 3D, providing a more realistic and immersive understanding of their designs. Moreover, digital tools like graphic tablets and stylus pens can further enhance the precision and speed of architectural drawing, allowing for greater exploration and experimentation.

In conclusion, having the right tools and techniques for architectural drawing is crucial for any architect. From traditional instruments like pencils and rulers to modern technology like CAD software, these tools enable architects to create accurate, detailed, and visually stunning drawings. With the right tools in hand, architects can effectively communicate their ideas, explore their designs, and bring their visions to life. So, if you are passionate about architecture, make sure to equip yourself with the essential tools and techniques for architectural drawing.

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