5 Best AP World History Youtube Channels

Are you a student or teacher of AP World History (APWH, WHAP or AP World) looking for the best YouTube channels? Then look no further! Here we'll take a look at some of the top YouTube channels offering educational videos to help you in your studies. From college board-approved videos to general APWH, History and APUSH content, you're sure to find something that fits your needs. So read on, and get ready to explore the great world of AP World History!

Heimler's History

Channel Views: ~43.8m Channel Subscribers: ~363k Channel Videos: ~431

Heimler's History Youtube Channel

Heimler's History is a comprehensive YouTube channel offering content related to AP World History, AP US History, AP Government, Document Based Questions (DBQs), Long Essay Questions (LEQs), and AP World Government. Heimler provides detailed video explanations for each topic, making it a great resource for AP prep.


Channel Views: ~1.8m Channel Subscribers: ~20.2k Channel Videos: ~197

FREEMAN- PEDIA Youtube Channel

Freeman-Pedia is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping students excel in AP World History with informative videos, illustrative examples, and practice questions. With content approved by the College Board, the channel aims to provide students with a more in-depth and detailed understanding of AP World History and its modern-day implications. Whether students are looking to review course material or preparing for the AP exam, Freeman-Pedia is the perfect resource.

Morgan AP Teaching

Channel Views: ~643.3k Channel Subscribers: ~7.3k Channel Videos: ~143

Morgan AP Teaching Youtube Channel

Morgan AP Teaching is a YouTube channel that provides informative, high-quality instructional resources for AP World History, AP European History, and AP US History courses. It has video lectures, discussion boards, and helpful previews of topics, as well as practice questions and quizzes. Students can find resources to understand and review topics such as dates, cultures, political systems, and key concepts. It offers helpful resources for teachers, so they can plan and organize lectures for their students. With Morgan AP Teaching, educators and students can get the most out of their AP classes.

Stephanie Gorges

Channel Views: ~2.1m Channel Subscribers: ~10.3k Channel Videos: ~111

Stephanie Gorges Youtube Channel

Stephanie Gorges' YouTube channel is an excellent resource for those looking to brush up on AP World History topics, from modern history to the Olympic Games. It offers numerous videos with review materials and resources for the WHAP (AP World History) exam. You can also find tutorials and other helpful content related to AP World History and social studies.

Hysterically Accurate

Channel Views: ~111.2k Channel Subscribers: ~205 Channel Videos: ~2

Hysterically Accurate Youtube Channel

Hysterically Accurate is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing humorous and educational videos about Ap World History and History. They use comedic and lighthearted storytelling to make learning history fun! Their videos provide an interesting and interactive way to engage with history and foster a better understanding of the past.

Key Takeaways From AP World History

The cumulative amount of knowledge and experience gained from taking an AP World History class can be very overwhelming. After all, this class covers thousands of years of history, from the earliest days of human kind to the present day. With all of this information to comprehend, it can be challenging for students to sometimes accurately identify what they’ve learned. So, what are the key takeaways from AP World History?

  1. First, it’s essential to recognize the impact that nations, cultures, and societies around the world have had on each other throughout history. It’s important to be aware of how ideologies and religions have developed and evolved in different parts of the world. Additionally, it’s important to be conversant in the major historical events and widespread movements that have shaped our collective past.
  2. The second major takeaway of AP World History is the ability to analyze and assess primary and secondary sources, as well as interpret contextual information from them. By engaging with historical documents, scholarship, and other artifacts, students gain the skills to identify, understand, and evaluate patterns in the history and the importance of historical context.
  3. Finally, students gain an understanding of global conflicts, human migrations, and the effects of imperialism. Through this knowledge, scholars come to an appreciation of the different ways that governments, people, and civilizations have interacted with each other throughout the ages. As students come to an appreciation of this history, they also become more aware and informed citizens. 
  • With these takeaways from AP World History, it’s clear that students are receiving a well-rounded and deep education in the study of history. With this knowledge, students become more rounded and informed members of society.

Resources For Becoming a Master of AP World History

AP World History can be a challenging course for students, but it can be mastered with the right resources. Here are some of the top resources for becoming a master of AP World History:

  1. First, exploring the course material and practicing for exams is essential for success in the class. Start by familiarizing yourself with the course topics and subject matter. There are many online resources where you can find information on historical events, civilizations, religions, and other topics you'll be covering in the class. It's also important to practice taking AP World History exams. There are many online practice tests available, and some of these tests include sample questions and helpful hints.
  2. Second, books on AP World History are also a great way to get prepared. Look for a guide written specifically for the AP World History course that outlines the major topics and provides practice quizzes. Additionally, consider reading a history book that covers the entire scope of world history. This will help to give you a more comprehensive understanding of the period and prepare you for taking the exam.
  3. Finally, seek out experienced mentors or tutors to help you prepare for the AP World History exam. Look for a mentor with expertise in the topic who can help you understand the material and provide guidance on taking the exam. Additionally, you can build your own study group and collaborate with classmates to work on practice exams and discuss the course material. Having someone who can provide support as you work through the course will help ensure you're well-prepared for the exam.

By utilizing these resources you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the material and become a master of AP World History.

Understanding the Relevance of AP World History in Modern Times

In the modern world, the idea of history often seems less relevant and important than ever. AP World History is a unique, invaluable class that encourages students to approach past civilizations, dynasties, and eras with a greater understanding of their relevance to modern times. As an AP course, it provides a solid background in the history of civilizations outside of the US, and it helps prepare students for college humanities courses.

  • The globalized world of the 21st century calls for a broader kind of analysis that encompasses the viewpoint of cultures around the world. AP World History teaches students to appreciate different beliefs and perspectives, as they learn to evaluate people, events, and movements within a specific cultural and historical context. Furthermore, they can gain an appreciation of the influences, both real and perceived, that one nation has had upon another. With the help of this understanding, they can better view geopolitical issues and world events that shape our lives today.
  • AP World History encourages students to make connections between the past and the present, and this ability brings a more holistic perspective to any academic pursuit. It builds an understanding of world cultures and helps the student appreciate our interconnectedness as humans. Such an understanding can be a valuable tool when engaging with different world issues. Furthermore, it nurtures the skills of intellectual curiosity and critical thinking, which are essential for making informed decisions and enabling social progress. 

In other words, AP World History can help students make positive contributions to both their local and global communities.

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