Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to learn about ant keeping? Ants have long been a fascinating topic to many, as they are one of the most diverse and interesting animals on Earth. From ant farms and formicarium to queen ants and pet insects, there is a lot to learn about them and their habits. With so much information out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. But fear not! We have compiled the best YouTube channels to help you become an ant keeping expert. So, come join us as we explore the wonderful world of ants!

Ant keeping: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~567m Channel Subscribers: ~4.6m Channel Videos: ~638

AntsCanada Youtube Channel

AntsCanada is a Canadian based YouTube channel focused on ant keeping and ant farms. It provides educational videos and tutorials on setting up formicariums, creating environments in which ant colonies can thrive, caring for queens, and raising worker ants. The channel is a great resource for anyone interested in learning about the world of ants and keeping them as pets.


Channel Views: ~90.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.2k Channel Videos: ~110

BRUMA Ants Youtube Channel

Bruma Ants is a YouTube channel dedicated to ant keeping. It is hosted by Bruma, an experienced ant keeper, and breeder. The channel covers topics related to ant-keeping such as ant care, ant biology and behavior, ant breeding, ant colony development, and more. The channel also showcases Bruma's impressive ant colonies. Bruma Ants is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about ant keeping.

RobJ's Ants

Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~8.9k Channel Videos: ~254

RobJ's Ants Youtube Channel

RobJ's Ants YouTube channel is an excellent source of knowledge and tips for anyone interested in ant keeping. With videos ranging from creating an ant habitat and ant nest to nurturing a queen ant and establishing a thriving ant colony, the channel is a must-watch for anyone using an AntKitUK or home-made outworld. Whether you're a newbie or an expert, there are plenty of informative videos that will make your ant keeping journey enjoyable and enriching.

Novo Ants

Channel Views: ~329.5k Channel Subscribers: ~4k Channel Videos: ~181

Novo Ants Youtube Channel

Novo Ants is a YouTube channel dedicated to ant keeping. It covers topics such as finding and caring for queen ants, setting up ant nests and colonies, and reviewing different kinds of ant outworlds. It also reviews different species of Australian ants and shares helpful tips for anyone interested in keeping ants.

Ant Holleufer

Channel Views: ~685.2k Channel Subscribers: ~9.9k Channel Videos: ~262

Ant Holleufer Youtube Channel

Ant Holleufer is a YouTube channel devoted to ant keeping. They provide informative and entertaining videos that cover topics related to setting up ant colonies and how to care for them. Their content also includes unboxing ant habitats, observing the ants' behaviors, and more. Ant Holleufer is the ideal resource for anyone looking to start their own ant keeping journey.

Ender Ants

Channel Views: ~908.7k Channel Subscribers: ~10.7k Channel Videos: ~157

Ender Ants Youtube Channel

Ender Ants is a popular YouTube channel that offers educational and entertaining advice on ant keeping. They focus on topics such as ant hunting, queen ant search, ant colony building, ant vivarium setup, and ant farm management for hobbyists of all levels.

The Ant Network

Channel Views: ~404.5k Channel Subscribers: ~6.8k Channel Videos: ~34

The Ant Network Youtube Channel

The Ant Network's YouTube channel is the place to go for ant keeping enthusiasts, especially fans of the popular indie game, Empires of the Undergrowth. It is hosted by Miles Maxcer from AntsCanada and regularly features content from the Discovery Channel such as finding Queen Ants and Ender Ants, Tree Climbing Techniques, and more. It is the perfect place to learn that is fun and entertaining.


Channel Views: ~89.7k Channel Subscribers: ~1.3k Channel Videos: ~71

MY ANTICS Youtube Channel

My ANTICS is a YouTube channel that specializes in helping viewers discover and care for ant colonies. It offers instructions on how to buy queen ants and ant colonies, and features detailed videos on setting up, caring for and maintaining ant nests and colonies. It also covers important topics such as nuptial flight and nuptial flight schedules. Overall, it?s the perfect resource for anyone interested in ant keeping.

Ants & The Colonialist

Channel Views: ~58.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.4k Channel Videos: ~51

Ants & The Colonialist Youtube Channel

Ants & The Colonialist is a YouTube channel focused on ant keeping. They offer guidance on keeping pet ants and share the knowledge of professional ant keepers. They post tutorials and resources for how to keep ants in either natural or artificial setups, featuring species like Messor Barbarus, Harvester Ants, and Weaver Ants. This channel is the perfect resource for anyone in Canada looking to start their own ant colony.

Ant Attic India

Channel Views: ~38.1k Channel Subscribers: ~740 Channel Videos: ~23

Ant Attic India Youtube Channel

Ant Attic India is a YouTube channel dedicated to ant keeping and the exploration of ants in India. It is run by The Indian Antkeeper, who provides helpful tips and information about keeping ants, as well as videos about their habitats and behavior in India. The channel is a great resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about ants in India, as well as ant keeping in general. Ant Attic India is an excellent source of information and entertainment for ant lovers alike.

The Ant Keeper

Channel Views: ~196k Channel Subscribers: ~3.5k Channel Videos: ~74

The Ant Keeper Youtube Channel

The Ant Keeper is a popular YouTube channel focused on the fun, educational hobby of ant keeping. Providing helpful tips and advice, this channel covers the lifestyle aspect of owning and caring for ants. Whether you are an experienced ant keeper or just starting out, The Ant Keeper has something for everyone.

Ants Manitoba

Channel Views: ~186k Channel Subscribers: ~4.5k Channel Videos: ~79

Ants Manitoba Youtube Channel

Ants Manitoba is a YouTube channel that offers viewers a comprehensive guide to the fascinating world of ant keeping. Hosted by ant enthusiast and biologist Miles Maxcer, viewers are taken on a journey through ant nests, habitats, colonies, and farms as they learn the basics of ant keeping. Miles and his team have created The Ant Network to provide access to reliable information and resources, making ant keeping easy and enjoyable for everyone. With lessons such as Ant Keeping 101 and special collaborations with other ant enthusiasts like Ants Australia, Ants Manitoba is the perfect place for anyone interested in exploring the world of ants.


Channel Views: ~30.9k Channel Subscribers: ~740 Channel Videos: ~56

TheUrbanAntKeeper Youtube Channel

TheUrbanAntKeeper YouTube channel is an educational, entertaining, and informative resource for those interested in ant keeping, Myrmecology, and related creepy crawlies such as bugs, insects, and Formicidae. Featuring great videos on inspiring topics such as brave wilderness, the channel provides a platform to learn more about the wonderful and fascinating world of ants.


Channel Views: ~1m Channel Subscribers: ~10.9k Channel Videos: ~87

AntsVienna Youtube Channel

AntsVienna is a YouTube channel dedicated to ant keeping. The channel provides educational and entertaining content about ant colonies, ant nests, queen ants and ant farms. Through various videos, the channel explores ant behaviors and helps viewers learn more about these fascinating creatures. AntsVienna provides an excellent resource for everyone who wants to learn more about ant keeping.

Essential Supplies for Keeping Ants

Ant keeping is an increasingly popular hobby that many people are turning to in order to explore the world of tiny creatures. If you’re one of those intrepid individuals who wants to keep ants, you’ll need certain supplies to have a successful colony. Below are the basic supplies you should consider to start your ant-keeping journey.

  1. The most important part of setting up an ant keeping colony is to provide your ants with the proper habitat. This starts with finding the right ant farm or formicarium, depending on the type of ant you’re keeping. This is a special enclosure where your ants can build tunnels and forag for food. Some ant habitats are specifically designed to meet the needs of the specific kind of ant you’re keeping. 
  2. Next, you’ll need to find an appropriately sized and shaped food dish. This should fit tightly against the walls of the habitat, making it easy for the ants to access. 
  3. Lastly, you’ll want to add an ant-safe water source so that your ants can drink and stay hydrated. Many ant-keepers use a special gel designed for ants.

These are just a few of the essential supplies you need to start your ant-keeping journey. With the right supplies and setup, you should have a thriving ant colony in no time! Remember to do your research beforehand so that you’ll have the best possible environment for your ants. Best of luck!

Common Problems with Ant Keeping and How to Avoid Them

Ant keeping can be a fun and rewarding experience, but there are a few common problems to be aware of before starting an ant colony. An inexperienced ant keeper can face a variety of challenges, ranging from colony death to ants escaping the formicarium. Here are some of the most common problems with ant keeping and a few methods to help avoid them.

  1. The first issue that is often encountered is dehydration. Ants need constant access to water sources, and if the formicarium is kept in a dry or warm environment, the ants may quickly dehydrate and die. To avoid this, ant keepers should always be sure to consistently keep an eye on their colony’s water supply. Additionally, setting up a few water drops throughout the formicarium can give the ants a way to drink without flooding their environment.
  2. A second common problem is mites. These parasites can often enter an ant colony and wreak havoc on the worker ants. The best way to avoid mite outbreaks is to be sure to use sterile tools when handling the formicarium. Doing this can make sure that no mites are brought in from the outside environment. Additionally, frequent checks of the insects themselves will help catch any mites before they spread.
  3. Lastly, escaped ants can often prove to be a problem. Ants can sometimes escape through the smallest cracks or gaps, especially if the surroundings are warm and humid. One way to prevent this is by placing a layer of petroleum jelly around the outside of the formicarium, as this will make it harder for the ants to climb out. Additionally, an additional formicarium lid can also help itself from ants escaping.

With a few preventative measures, these common problems can easily be avoided. Ant keeping can be a fantastic and rewarding experience, and with these tips in mind, any ant keeper can make sure their colony is healthy and thriving.

Choosing an Ant Species to Keep

When it comes to choosing an ant species to keep as a pet, the decision isn’t easy. However, the joy of taking care of an ant colony can be immense and rewarding. There are numerous varieties of ant species available out there, each with their own unique characteristics and benefits.

  • The first step in choosing an ant colony is to determine what type of environment you want to provide. Ants come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, so consider what environment would be suitable for your ants. Decide whether you want to house them indoors or outdoors, and make sure that your setup will provide the type of environment they need. Once you have the environment figured out, it’s time to determine the type of ants to keep.
  • If you’re new to antkeeping, a good starting point is to go with the Fire Ants. These ants are commonly kept as pets and have an easy to care for and docile behavior, making them an ideal choice for beginners. Another popular species is the Harvester Ants. These ants are known for their highly organized nature and their prolific appetites, making them an excellent choice for experienced antkeepers. And, of course, there are also the carpenter ants, which are known for their hard-working personalities and vast tunneling capabilities. Whichever type of ant you ultimately choose, the key is to research how to care for them properly, so your ant colony has the best chance of thriving.

Whether you choose Fire Ants, Harvester Ants or one of the many other ant species, the key is to research their needs and provide the necessary environment for your new colony to thrive. With some patience, dedication, and research, you’ll have a long-lasting, enjoyable ant-keeping experience. Good luck on your antkeeping journey and have fun!

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