Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to keep your children entertained while also teaching them something about airplanes and aviation? Look no further! In this article, we'll be sharing the top YouTube channels related to airplanes, aviation, and the world of flying. From funny videos to informative videos and travel videos, there's something for everyone in this selection. So read on to discover some of the best YouTube channels for kids and airplane enthusiasts!

Airplane: Top Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~16.6m Channel Subscribers: ~35.7k Channel Videos: ~932

mylosairplanefan Youtube Channel

Mylosairplanefan is a YouTube channel dedicated to the world of aviation. Here, one can enjoy videos of planes taking off and landing, of plane spotting and planespotting, as well as trip reports and other interesting content related to airplanes, vliegtuigen, and more. It's the perfect place for any fan of airplanes and aviation in general.

Aviation Channel 2010

Channel Views: ~58.4m Channel Subscribers: ~89.9k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

Aviation Channel 2010 Youtube Channel

Aviation Channel 2010 is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing viewers with engaging and educational content on airplane landings in and around the island of Madeira, specifically at Porto Santo Airport and Funchal Aeroporto. It features a variety of hard landings and arrivals, giving viewers an inside look at the world of aviation.

Big Mathis

Channel Views: ~386.4m Channel Subscribers: ~888k Channel Videos: ~820

Big Mathis Youtube Channel

Big Mathis is a YouTube channel based in the United States that showcases the aerial adventures of an airplane flown by enthusiasts. Join the team as they travel through Europe, besiege the skies, and capture amazing stories from the cockpit. Feel the thrill of flight and explore the world from the skies.

Relaxing White Noise

Channel Views: ~1.3b Channel Subscribers: ~2.6m Channel Videos: ~750

Relaxing White Noise Youtube Channel

Relaxing White Noise is a YouTube channel that provides 10 hours of airplane, white noise, white noise sound, and fan noise. This channel creates a peaceful atmosphere by featuring rain sounds and sleep sounds to help with studying, sleeping, and relaxation. Rain sounds for sleeping provide the perfect background noise to ease your mind into a restful sleep.

siddharth creations

Channel Views: ~106.5m Channel Subscribers: ~445k Channel Videos: ~733

siddharth creations Youtube Channel

Siddharth Creations is an amazing YouTube channel dedicated to teaching viewers how to make all sorts of awesome creations out of everyday items. With detailed instructions and an engaging personality, Siddharth creates all sorts of products, ranging from airplanes and helicopters to kites and rubber band powered vehicles. It's truly incredible to see what he creates from seemingly ordinary and waste materials!

Tech News

Channel Views: ~36.3m Channel Subscribers: ~112k Channel Videos: ~152

Tech News Youtube Channel

The Tech News YouTube channel is a great resource for staying informed on the most current happenings in the world of technology. Featuring top videos, top 10 lists, and the best 5 tech news stories from around the globe, this top-notch channel will keep you in the know with the airplane full of knowledge you need.

Foldable Flight

Channel Views: ~68.2m Channel Subscribers: ~352k Channel Videos: ~170

Foldable Flight Youtube Channel

The Foldable Flight YouTube channel provides detailed guidance and tutorials for building paper airplanes and origami aircraft. Learn the basics of folding paper airplanes, including how to make traditional designs and advanced techniques to construct intricate origami planes. Get step-by-step instructions for creating your own impressive origami airplanes. All in all, it's a great resource for aspiring paper plane pilots!


Channel Views: ~391m Channel Subscribers: ~2.6m Channel Videos: ~277

LivingBobby Youtube Channel

LivingBobby's YouTube channel features travel vlogs and 24 hour challenges with a focus on airplane, train, and hotel tours. Follow this intrepid explorer as he takes a first class flight, takes a bullet train tour, stays in a capsule hotel, and embarks on a food challenge. Get ready for some amazing adventures!


Channel Views: ~224m Channel Subscribers: ~283k Channel Videos: ~279

LuxPlanes Youtube Channel

LuxPlanes is a YouTube channel devoted to aviation, featuring videos of flight simulation experiences with the X-Plane 11, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and other similar flight simulator software. The channel also contains videos of real-life pilots operating aircrafts from Boeing and Airbus. The channel offers quality content for eager aviation enthusiasts and aspiring pilots. With LuxPlanes, viewers get a chance to explore the exciting world of aviation up close.

Paper Planes Channel

Channel Views: ~27.3m Channel Subscribers: ~187k Channel Videos: ~210

Paper Planes Channel Youtube Channel

The Paper Planes Channel YouTube channel is dedicated to paper airplanes and paper crafts. By watching their videos, viewers can learn how to make a paper airplane in minutes, while also discovering all kinds of new techniques and tricks to make paper planes fly higher and farther than ever before. With step-by-step tutorials and tips, this channel is a great resource for those seeking to master the art of paper craft.

Jimmys World

Channel Views: ~49.1m Channel Subscribers: ~322k Channel Videos: ~187

Jimmys World Youtube Channel

Jimmy's World is an aviation-themed YouTube channel hosted by Jimmy, an FAA-certified private pilot. He posts funny aviation videos about his own experiences, as well as journeys to the Blue Angels airshows, general aviation flying in various Piper and Cessna aircraft, and training for his pilot license in his Cherokee. Join Jimmy for fun and informative videos about everything aviation!

Aircraft 777

Channel Views: ~167.6m Channel Subscribers: ~229k Channel Videos: ~178

Aircraft 777 Youtube Channel

Aircraft 777 is a popular YouTube channel that offers readers and viewers up-to-date news on all things aviation. Here, you can access an extensive library of videos covering all aspects of the aviation industry, from breaking news reports on airline news and pilot fails to engaging videos explaining the latest developments in the field. Additionally, they offer educational resources such as airline safety videos and interviews with leading professionals in the aviation industry. If you're interested in staying informed on the current aviation scene, then Aircraft 777 is definitely the channel to follow.


Channel Views: ~27m Channel Subscribers: ~64.6k Channel Videos: ~225

FlywithKay Youtube Channel

FlywithKay is a YouTube channel dedicated to all things aviation. From Piper aircraft to airplane flight techniques, FlywithKay has something for everyone. Whether you're a pilot, curious about aircraft, or just looking for some fun, FlywithKay provides the entertaining and informative content about airplanes, aircraft, and the air traffic control system. With the help of FlywithKay, you'll learn all the basics of airplane and aircraft flying.

Flying Dirty

Channel Views: ~523.3k Channel Subscribers: ~8.4k Channel Videos: ~83

Flying Dirty Youtube Channel

The Flying Dirty YouTube channel focuses on a variety of topics related to airplane ownership and flying. The channel showcases owner and pilot David Lowe's journey in purchasing and flying a Cherokee 6 for cross country flights. It covers topics such as instrument flight, how much does an airplane cost, and was buying an airplane a good or bad idea. If you're interested in learning more about airplane ownership and flying, be sure to check out the Flying Dirty YouTube channel.


Channel Views: ~310.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.3m Channel Videos: ~93

PPO Youtube Channel

PPO YouTube channel is a great source for DIY tutorials on how to make paper airplanes, origami and other paper crafts. The videos cover a wide range of topics like how to fold paper into different shapes and objects, and provide step-by-step instructions for easy-to-follow tutorials for beginners. It's a great resource for learning fun and creative hobbies.

Aviation Short

Channel Views: ~52.8m Channel Subscribers: ~71.2k Channel Videos: ~13

Aviation Short Youtube Channel

Aviation Short is a YouTube channel dedicated to aviation and airplane content, focusing on Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) aircraft and their emergency landings and crashes. Their videos feature a variety of popular model airplanes such as the Boeing 777, Airbus A380, Boeing 747 and Boeing 737.

Rudy Crafts

Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~7.3k Channel Videos: ~89

Rudy Crafts Youtube Channel

Rudy Crafts' YouTube channel provides viewers with step-by-step tutorials on how to make paper airplanes. From jets and birds to gliders, viewers learn how to create a variety of paper planes as well as origami planes and planes that can fly far. Additionally, Rudy Crafts' channel educates viewers on the science of flight and provides tips and tricks to create the best paper airplanes.


Channel Views: ~95.5m Channel Subscribers: ~230k Channel Videos: ~53

JKEY Youtube Channel

JKEY is a YouTube channel dedicated to Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA5) aviation. Their videos feature realistic plane and helicopter flying, emergency landings, airplane crashes, and more. Aircraft owners, traditional and power plane pilots, and fans of aviation fantasy will find a wealth of interesting content on the JKEY channel, with videos showcasing everything from plane stunts to emergency landings and plane crashes.

Exploring the Different Types of Airplanes Available

When flying for vacation, work, or pleasure, most people don't realize the different types of aircraft that exist to choose from. Airplanes come in a variety of sizes and capabilities, which can determine the kind of flights you take and the experiences you have. Exploring the different types of aircraft available can help you make an informed decision when choosing a mode of air travel.

The two different types of aircrafts you may encounter on a flight are fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircrafts. 

  1. Fixed-wing aircraft such as jets, propeller planes and gliders are the most common aircraft used for large-scale passenger and cargo transport. Jet aircraft require long runways and offer the speediest option for air travel, while propeller planes may be slightly slower but are far more versatile. Gliders are the least common amongst these three fixed-wing aircrafts and the most commonly used in recreational activities and low-altitude sight-seeing.
  2. The other type of aircrafts are called rotary-wing aircrafts, which are more commonly known as helicopters. Unlike fixed-wing airplanes, rotary-wing aircraft allow for vertical takeoff and landing and use an array of rotors to generate lift and thrust. Helicopters are often used for medical and search and rescue operations, as well as for civilian use such as sight-seeing, transfers and photography.

No matter your travel plans, understanding the different types of aircraft can help you make an informed choice where flying is concerned. Fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircrafts serve very different purposes, so researching the aircrafts available in relation to your flight needs can ensure you find the best possible flight option.

Airplane Safety Protocols and Regulations

Safety protocols and regulations put in place by the aviation industry are essential to protecting passengers, crew members, and aircraft. Airplanes must abide by strict standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and other regulatory bodies when it comes to safety. Understanding the different rules and regulations that aircraft must abide by is essential for aviation safety.

  • The FAA requires that all aircraft systems and compartments be designed, maintained, operated, and inspected in order to minimize the possibility of failure and to ensure safe operation. This includes onboard equipment such as engines and navigation systems, as well as implementation of best practices for aircraft maintenance and inspection. Aircraft airworthiness is a critical component of aviation safety, and aircraft operators must provide documentation and proof of airworthiness for each individual aircraft.
  • Another key component of air safety is the use of flight data and cockpit voice recorders (FDR/CVR), which are used to monitor and records all aspects of aircraft operations. This helps investigators and safety experts to identify and analyze safety issues, while also providing invaluable data that is used to make future aviation safety enhancements. Airlines and aircraft operators must also comply with rules and regulations regarding pilot performance and licensing, crew resource management, security, and other important aviation safety principles. 

Along with these rules and regulations, airlines and aircraft operators must also create detailed procedures for all operational activities. By implementing and complying with these regulations and procedures, the aviation industry can ensure that passengers remain safe and enjoy their flights.

How to Prepare for Long Airplane Rides

Long airplane rides can be exhausting and uncomfortable, but with the right preparation, you can make the most of your travel time. Here are some tips on how to make sure you’re ready for a long flight.

  1. First, get dressed for comfort. Wear something loose-fitting and comfortable like sweatpants and a t-shirt, and be sure to bring a warm sweater too. Your seat might get cold and you'll want to be prepared. 
  2. Bring snacks so that you don't get hungry and have to rely on airplane food. Stock up on things like nuts, granola bars and protein bars. 
  3. Lastly, bring a carry-on bag with items to keep yourself occupied. Make sure to bring items that can't break easily like a magazine, audiobook or a paperback. Don’t forget to bring your headphones, too.

With proper preparation, you'll be ready for a comfortable and enjoyable long flight. Not only will you be ready, but you'll be in a much better mood too. You may even come to the end of the flight feeling refreshed! So, next time you’re heading out on a long flight, make sure you’re prepared. You’ll be thankful you did once you’re in the air!

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