Are you an avid traveler who loves to explore the world? Do you feel the thrill of being up in the air and want to experience the majestic view? If so, you know how important it is to pick out the right airline when flying. To help you out, we've created a list of the best YouTube channels to find airline reviews, travel vlogs, trip reports, and more. Keep reading to discover the best resources for finding out all the latest information on your next flight.

Airline review: Top Youtube Channels

Noel Philips

Channel Views: ~66.4m Channel Subscribers: ~334k Channel Videos: ~598

Noel Philips Youtube Channel

Noel Philips is a popular YouTube channel specializing in airline reviews and inflight video. They showcase a variety of aviation videos, full flight video, and trip reports. Travel vlogs and takeoff and landing videos are also a common feature on the channel. Noel Philips is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in airline reviews, aviation videos, and trip reports.

Mike Chen

Channel Views: ~322.2m Channel Subscribers: ~1.5m Channel Videos: ~483

Mike Chen Youtube Channel

Mike Chen's YouTube channel is the ultimate destination for aviation and food travelers. With in-depth airline reviews, food reviews, and fascinating insights into how the world of business and first class travel works, his channel provides engaging content and exclusive looks at the world from the lens of a drone.

Nonstop Dan

Channel Views: ~124m Channel Subscribers: ~565k Channel Videos: ~483

Nonstop Dan Youtube Channel

Nonstop Dan's YouTube channel focuses on airline review, flight reviews and the travel experiences of an executive for American Airlines, Daniel Goz. He posts full flight video reviews covering different classes, from first class to economy class, and provides insightful trip reports. He offers a unique perspective, giving viewers an inside look into the world of airline executives and their travel experiences.

Josh Cahill

Channel Views: ~87.5m Channel Subscribers: ~509k Channel Videos: ~278

Josh Cahill Youtube Channel

Josh Cahill's popular YouTube channel consists of detailed airline reviews, flight reviews, and videos related to aviation. He provides viewers with comprehensive coverage of airplanes and delivers unbiased reviews. With his engaging content, Josh Cahill's channel is a great resource for anyone interested in the airline industry or aviation.


Channel Views: ~1.4m Channel Subscribers: ~5.1k Channel Videos: ~288

GO WITH JO Youtube Channel

Go With Jo is a YouTube channel featuring entertaining and informative reviews of airlines, ships, and cruises, perfect for those planning a vacation. The channel also has life and travel tips for kids and families, making it a great resource for those looking for an amazing family travel experience. From cabin layouts to in-flight services, get detailed airline, ship, and cruise reviews to make sure your trip is the experience of a lifetime. Explore the world and Go With Jo!

Global Aviation & Travel

Channel Views: ~1.4m Channel Subscribers: ~5.8k Channel Videos: ~242

Global Aviation & Travel Youtube Channel

Global Aviation & Travel is a YouTube channel that specializes in reviewing airlines and showcasing different planes and trains from around the world. Travelers can watch entertaining and educational videos to learn more about their chosen modes of transport. From in-depth reviews to snippets of journeys, this channel is a must watch for those interested in aviation and travel.


Channel Views: ~3.2m Channel Subscribers: ~20k Channel Videos: ~262

Dang Youtube Channel

Dang is a popular YouTube channel that focuses on airline reviews in Roblox. It provides detailed reviews of different airlines, both in terms of gameplay and experience. Additionally, they also provide helpful Roblox tips and tricks related to aircraft and routing. With over 500K subscribers, it is one of the most popular channels dedicated to Roblox Airline reviews. It is run by the YouTuber What's Up Dang, who has become well-known for having lots of experience with Roblox game airline reviews.

Jeb Brooks

Channel Views: ~63.7m Channel Subscribers: ~414k Channel Videos: ~192

Jeb Brooks Youtube Channel

Jeb Brooks' YouTube channel is a go-to resource for avgeeks who want to know about the latest in airline reviews and passenger experiences. He offers detailed trip reports for luxury travel and provides insightful analyses about first and business class airlines. He also brings viewers stunning aerial views with his highly rated videos.

Shank Kulkarni

Channel Views: ~49.7m Channel Subscribers: ~68.7k Channel Videos: ~117

Shank Kulkarni Youtube Channel

Shank Kulkarni's YouTube channel is an essential resource for air travelers around the world. He provides comprehensive airline reviews and air travel tips, as well as stunning footage of planes and beaches around the globe. Whether you're looking for a customized airline review for your next trip, or just want to explore the beauty of air travel, Shank Kulkarni's YouTube channel has it all! His videos make planning your next trip relaxing and enjoyable.


Channel Views: ~12.4m Channel Subscribers: ~52.2k Channel Videos: ~196

SANspotter Youtube Channel

SANspotter is a YouTube channel focused on airline review, trip reports and business class reviews, with a particular interest in frequent flyer and world travel. Those interested in aviation, airlines and travel can find reviews and vlogs about flying on the channel.


Channel Views: ~62.5k Channel Subscribers: ~535 Channel Videos: ~51

Fluhafen_YT Youtube Channel

Fluhafen_YT is a YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing airlines, exploring video game culture, and playing a variety of role-playing and action games. On the channel, you can find reviews of major airlines, interesting facts about the world of video games, and playthroughs of popular RPGs and action titles.


Channel Views: ~84k Channel Subscribers: ~180 Channel Videos: ~29

flytog Youtube Channel

Flytog's YouTube channel is a channel that reviews airlines, and provides a unique blend of music, electronic music, vehicle and rock music reviews, as well as occasional lifestyle and pop music posts. It is a channel that provides an entertaining and informative look into the world of air travel and music.


Channel Views: ~13.4m Channel Subscribers: ~61.1k Channel Videos: ~41

AlmostCaptainMorgan Youtube Channel

AlmostCaptainMorgan is a YouTube channel that specializes in airline reviewing, lifestyle videos and vehicle reviews. From luxurious aircraft to budget-friendly cars and cost-saving living tips, you're sure to find something interesting on this channel. It's the perfect place to get informed and have a good time.

Air Jermaine

Channel Views: ~139.9k Channel Subscribers: ~1k Channel Videos: ~14

Air Jermaine Youtube Channel

Air Jermaine's YouTube channel is dedicated to providing honest reviews and experiences of airline flights and services. He focuses on reviewing first and business-class options, giving viewers an insight into their offerings, as well as how their flights and services differ. He also talks about his favorite travel destinations and experiences and gives tips about the best places to eat along the way. Overall, it's a great resource for anyone looking for insights into airline flights and travel experiences.

Pros and Cons of Airline Reviews

Airline reviews are meant to hold airlines accountable and give passengers an unbiased look at a company’s services. Reviews on sites like Trip Advisor, Kayak and Skytrax are one of the best ways to get a complete picture of an airline. Though reviews can offer a comprehensive look in to an airline, they also come with a few drawbacks.

  • One of the great benefits of reading airline reviews is that they provide an unbiased look at how the airline really performs. Typically, the most current reviews are going to give the most accurate accounts of what one can expect from the airline. This can be beneficial for people who are on the fence about which company to use and want to make sure they’re getting the best service for their money.
  • On the other hand, one downside of airline reviews is that there’s no guarantee of accuracy. Since many reviews are based on personal experiences, their accuracy can depend on their objective lens. Even reviews that are labeled as being “objective” can easily be biased by the person writing them. Furthermore, passengers may post reviews based on the company’s mistakes but it doesn’t necessarily mean the company as a whole is bad. It’s important to keep these situations in mind before drawing conclusions.

Overall, airline reviews can be a great resource for those who want to make sure they’re getting the best deal. That being said, it’s important to remember that reviews can be subjective and there’s no way to guarantee the accuracy of a review. Trip Advisor and other sites can offer valuable insight, but it’s important to take them with a grain of salt.

What to Look for in Airline Reviews

When searching for the best airline to fly with, reviews can be a great tool to guide your decision-making. Airline reviews can be incredibly helpful in understanding what the quality of a flight experience will be like, but there are a few key factors to take into consideration.

  • First, reviews may be biased or have been manipulated in some way. It's important to read reviews that come from trusted sources, as false reviews can be a common occurance. Next, take into account the source of the review. If a certain airline has more reviews from frequent fliers, their opinion may be more reliable.
  • Finally, look out for company-branded reviews - they're often some of the most positive in the bunch. Rather than relying on these, it may be more useful to search for user reviews from people who fly less frequently. 

Ultimately, by keeping these factors in mind, you can find reviews that are useful and unbiased. With this information, you'll be able to make an informed decision on the best airline to fly with.

Analyzing the Different Types of Airline Reviews

Airline reviews can be invaluable for travelers looking for the best airlines for their journeys. As such, carefully analyzing different types of airline reviews can greatly impact our decision-making process.

Different review sites provide many different types of ratings that passengers can make use of. Common types of ratings include overall ratings, cabin comfort ratings, in-flight entertainment reviews, and airline staff performance reviews. 

  1. Cabin comfort ratings, for instance, can inform passengers of how comfortable seats, aisles, and other cabin components are on a specific airline. 
  2. In-flight entertainment reviews can give travelers an idea of the quality of the entertainment supplied on-board, while staff performance reviews can provide insight into the quality of service offered by the staff.
  3. Finally, travelers should also analyze individual reviews posted by other passengers on airline review sites. Such reviews can be incredibly informative, as they are from passengers who actually have been on flights, and can offer highly-valuable opinions about the experiences of an airline. 

Taking all these airline reviews into consideration can greatly aid your decision-making process, and help find the best airlines for your needs.

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