Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to help you get started with aerial yoga? Then you've come to the right place! Whether you're interested in trying aerial yoga, or you're looking for aerial yoga teacher training, aerial dance, or antigravity yoga, this guide can help you find the best YouTube channels to help you out. Read on to learn more about all the different types of aerial yoga and explore the best YouTube channels for aerial hammocks, aerial slings, and all other aerial yoga-related activities. Come join us on the aerial yoga journey to discover the best YouTube channels for learning aerial techniques in comfort and convenience!

Aerial yoga: Top Youtube Channels

Treeline Aerial

Channel Views: ~556.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2.2k Channel Videos: ~218

Treeline Aerial Youtube Channel

Treeline Aerial is a YouTube channel specializing in aerial yoga and physical fitness. Offering a range of lifestyle and hobby aerial activities, exercises, and tutorials, Treeline Aerial is great for those who want to stay fit and have some fun.

Aerial Yoga Life

Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~18.6k Channel Videos: ~145

Aerial Yoga Life Youtube Channel

Aerial Yoga Life is an incredible YouTube channel that offers a variety of aerial yoga classes and videos featuring aerial hammocks. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, it provides the perfect platform to learn, practice and improve your aerial yoga skills. With detailed tutorials and top-notch instruction, Aerial Yoga Life is a great resource to become a master of this beautiful practice.

Aerial Yoga GirlTM

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~12.7k Channel Videos: ~93

Aerial Yoga GirlTM Youtube Channel

Aerial Yoga GirlTM is a popular YouTube channel featuring fun, how-to videos on aerial yoga and aerial dance. Their content includes tutorials on using aerial silks, aerial hammocks, aerial slings, and aerial fabric, as well as lessons, tips, and techniques from esteemed mystic Dolores Cannon and her daughter, Julia Cannon. Past life regression is also covered in some of their videos.

Channel Views: ~568k Channel Subscribers: ~7.5k Channel Videos: ~12 Youtube Channel is a YouTube channel featuring aerial yoga classes, tutorials, and teacher training led by certified aerial yoga teacher Jost Blomeyer. Our channel focuses on providing viewers with quality content that combines aerial yoga, hatha yoga and even aerial flow for a complete aerial yoga experience. Each aerial yoga class provides detailed instruction for all levels, from beginners to experienced aerialists. Join us today and discover the magic of aerial yoga!

Aerial Yoga Hammock

Channel Views: ~50.5k Channel Subscribers: ~568 Channel Videos: ~6

Aerial Yoga Hammock Youtube Channel

Aerial Yoga Hammock is a YouTube channel offering a wide range of aerial yoga classes, tutorials, and exercises using a hammock to increase strength, flexibility, and balance. From beginners to experienced yogis, the channel features instructors and performances that show the potential for aerial yoga and the exhilarating experience it can provide. With its dedication to safety, Aerial Yoga Hammock is the go-to resource for aerial yoga enthusiasts.

Fit Fam Frenzy

Channel Views: ~9.3k Channel Subscribers: ~26 Channel Videos: ~376

Fit Fam Frenzy Youtube Channel

Fit Fam Frenzy is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals. It covers a wide range of topics such as aerial yoga, physical fitness, aerobic exercise, and fitness motivation. The channel also provides fitness music, fitness model tips, and a full body workout with an at home workout option. Additionally, it includes an abs workout to strengthen the core. Join the Fit Fam Frenzy and reach your fitness goals today!

Yoga with Ali Beale

Channel Views: ~206.3k Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~140

Yoga with Ali Beale Youtube Channel

Yoga with Ali Beale is an inspirational YouTube channel offering an array of video tutorials for aerial yoga and deep tissue work. Yoga enthusiast Ali Beale, aka Alison Beale, gives tips on yoga hammocks, weight loss, and yoga with Ali for people over 40. Her inspiring videos will help you reach new heights!

Vuong Kim Oanh

Channel Views: ~124.7k Channel Subscribers: ~837 Channel Videos: ~103

Vuong Kim Oanh Youtube Channel

Vuong Kim Oanh YouTube channel provides aerial yoga workouts, motivational law lessons, and positive lifestyle tips for women. It also offers yoga exercises, meditation, yoga trips, breathing techniques, and mindful relaxation. It's the perfect place to increase motivation and cultivate inner peace in your life.

AIReal Yoga

Channel Views: ~118.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.4k Channel Videos: ~181

AIReal Yoga Youtube Channel

Aireal Yoga is a YouTube channel featuring aerial yoga tutorials and teachings of Carmen Curtis, a certified Aireal and Antigravity Yoga instructor. The channel offers online classes and teacher training as well as aerial classes and aerial teacher training to help yogis and practitioners of all levels understand and practice the art of aerial yoga. With expert guidance, Aireal Yoga makes sure to bring out the best in its viewers' aerial yoga practice.


Channel Views: ~774.8k Channel Subscribers: ~14.4k Channel Videos: ~108

CamiYogAIR Youtube Channel

CamiYogAIR is a YouTube channel offering tutorials and live streams of Aerial Yoga, Oro Joga, Joga Ore, CamiYoga Ore, Joga Kaune, Oro Jogos Studija, Oro Jogos Kursai, Oro Jogos Pamoka, and Oro Joga Vaikams. This channel provides resources to help viewers work through aerial poses and sequences with access to expert instruction. The channel is a great resource for anyone interested in Aerial Yoga, Oro Joga, and other related workouts.

Salty Water Yoga

Channel Views: ~147.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.1k Channel Videos: ~167

Salty Water Yoga Youtube Channel

Salty Water Yoga is a YouTube channel that focuses on aerial yoga by showcasing tutorials, demonstrations, and other resources related to the practice of aerial yoga, such as yoga swings, fly high yoga, yoga fly, flying yoga, yoga aereo, yoga hammock, and yoga columpio. This channel makes it easy for viewers to learn and practice aerial yoga from the comfort of their own homes.

Air Yoga Girl

Channel Views: ~1.5m Channel Subscribers: ~6.7k Channel Videos: ~66

Air Yoga Girl Youtube Channel

Air Yoga Girl is a YouTube channel dedicated to demystifying aerial yoga, antigravity yoga, and other fitness tutorials. It typically focuses on providing videos of yoga classes and aerial yoga classes for viewers to learn from. It also features yoga tutorials, aerial yoga teacher classes, and tips from experienced aerial yoga teachers. Followers of the channel can explore and discover high-quality aerial yoga information from a trusted resource.

SiRA Bring the Change Project

Channel Views: ~30.7k Channel Subscribers: ~128 Channel Videos: ~90

SiRA Bring the Change Project Youtube Channel

The SiRA Bring the Change Project YouTube channel provides educational and entertaining content related to Aerial Yoga and Flyoga for kids, demonstrating different yoga exercises and flyoga moves. It is an excellent resource for parents and professionals looking to help kids become more active and gain more strength and flexibility. Furthermore, the SiRA Bring the Change Project YouTube channel provides educational content on Aerial Yoga and Flyoga, enabling kids to learn the benefits of these ever-evolving exercises.


Channel Views: ~111.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.9k Channel Videos: ~58

VerticalArtDance Youtube Channel

VerticalArtDance is a YouTube channel devoted to aerial arts. It provides tutorials, tips, and ideas on how to practice aerial yoga, aerial silks, aerial truss rig, aerial fabric dance, and other aerial activities. The channel also features interesting contortion and aerial yoga hammock sequences, and many more fascinating vertical art dance exercises. So, if you're looking to get started in the world of aerial arts, VerticalArtDance is for you!

Fly & Flow Fitness

Channel Views: ~78.6k Channel Subscribers: ~1.6k Channel Videos: ~45

Fly & Flow Fitness Youtube Channel

Fly & Flow Fitness is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing viewers with exciting and informative instructional videos about aerial yoga and aerial yoga Barre tricks. Led by experienced instructors, this channel can help viewers learn the basics of aerial yoga and more complex aerial yoga Barre tricks to take their practice to the next level.

Alicen Rose

Channel Views: ~19.1k Channel Subscribers: ~50 Channel Videos: ~17

Alicen Rose Youtube Channel

Alicen Rose's YouTube channel offers an immersive experience of lifestyle and physical fitness. Her channel includes an array of aerial yoga lessons, offering viewers unique and creative ways to stay fit.

Jessi Rae Yoga

Channel Views: ~661.9k Channel Subscribers: ~9.4k Channel Videos: ~73

Jessi Rae Yoga Youtube Channel

Jessi Rae Yoga is a YouTube channel featuring Jessi Rae, the founder of Wild Roots Yoga. She offers a variety of aerial yoga practices and tutorials, including aerial hammock, aerial sling, and antigravity yoga, as well as aero yoga and fly yoga. Jessi Rae's yoga tutorials are designed to help viewers discover their unique path to wellness. Through her YouTube channel, she strives to motivate and inspire others to experience the benefits of yoga.

Palm Beach Athletic Wear & Yoga

Channel Views: ~56.1k Channel Subscribers: ~936 Channel Videos: ~12

Palm Beach Athletic Wear & Yoga Youtube Channel

Palm Beach Athletic Wear & Yoga is a YouTube channel that highlights the use of aerial yoga, anti-gravity yoga, and other yoga-related activities in their store and studio. They offer a wide range of clothing and active-wear for yoga enthusiasts and those wanting to participate in the many benefits of yoga.

Types of Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is a relatively recent form of yoga that combines gravity-defying acrobatics, traditional yoga and Pilates exercises. Unlike traditional yoga, Aerial Yoga uses a special type of fabric or yoga hammock to support some body weight, allowing a person to balance, stretch and strengthen in positions that would not be possible on the ground. This type of yoga offers a variety of benefits, including increased body strength and flexibility, reduced stress levels and improved circulation. Here, we will explore the different types of Aerial Yoga and the benefits of each.

  1. One popular form of Aerial Yoga is AcroYoga. This practice combines yoga, thai massage and acrobatics to create a pretty impressive workout. This style of Aerial Yoga allows students to experience the thrill of being suspended in the air while practicing yoga poses. As AcroYoga requires two participants, it can be excellent for deepening your connection with a partner through breathing exercises, body trust and trust-building activities. By working together, each person is able to go to greater depths than they can while working alone.
  2. Another great type of Aerial Yoga is Restorative Aerial Yoga. This practice promotes relaxation and full-body stretches. During Restorative Aerial Yoga, the student is suspended in gentle and supported poses to allow a maximum ease of body and mind. It is the perfect way to unwind and heal physical, mental, and emotional blocks. Restorative Aerial Yoga is especially beneficial for those who are looking for a mild, therapeutic practice or those with physical limitations.

Aerial Yoga is an exciting practice that offers a wide variety of benefits. Whether you are looking to soar through the air in AcroYoga, relieve stress with restorative poses, or increase balance and flexibility in another type of Aerial Yoga, there is something for everyone. With safe instruction, Aerial Yoga can take your practice to new heights.

What Equipment Do You Need to do Aerial Yoga?

Aerial yoga is an exciting and unique form of yoga that offers a gravity-defying twist on traditional yoga practice. Performed in a hammock-like swing suspended from the ceiling with straps and hoops, aerial yoga combines traditional yoga and Pilates postures with swinging, inverting, and stretching, offering practitioners a different kind of body awareness and physical challenge. But it is important to have the right kind of equipment before you can get started.

  • To do aerial yoga, you need a special aerial yoga hammock or swing suspended from the ceiling, which is usually made of a soft and comfortable parachute material, and supported by loops and straps. The loops should be firmly secured to the ceiling so that they can safely support your weight without damaging the ground or damaging the structure of the house. It is also necessary to have the right kind of harness and straps, which must be securely attached to the support structure, and must be wide enough to comfortably fit the practitioner's body.
  • Finally, it is important to have safety mats placed below the hammock, which will provide support and cushioning in case of a fall. In addition, some aerial yogis like to keep a few hand and arm bands on hand during their practice, to help with balance and stability. 

With the right equipment, aerial yoga can be a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. So go ahead and get started with the proper equipment and enjoy the many benefits of this unique practice!

Common Mistakes in Aerial Yoga and How to Avoid Them

Aerial yoga is an exciting way to stretch and strengthen your body with the aid of a cloth hammock. It has become increasingly popular for its strengthening as well as relaxation benefits. However, aerial yoga comes with certain risks if not done properly, so it is important to be aware of common mistakes people make and how to avoid them.

  • The first and most important mistake to be aware of is failing to properly secure the hammock. Without a secure foundation, the risk of the hammock snapping or slipping is much higher. Always double check all clips and knots before getting into the hammock. Additionally, ensure you have ample mat space around the hammock so that if there is a mistake, you won't hit hard surfaces below.
  • Finally, it is important to practice good form when doing aerial yoga poses. People tend to rely too much on the fabric to do the work instead of putting effort into the poses. Poses should be done slowly and under control to ensure muscles are engaged and joints are stable. Thinking of engaging the body's muscles helps ensure proper form and ensure the pose is done safely. 

By avoiding these common mistakes and focusing on proper form, aerial yoga can be an excellent way to achieve strengthening and relaxation.

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