Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to help you shine in the world of photography? From advertising photography to tutorials and tips, there is a lot to learn about photography, and a great place to start is with YouTube. Through informative videos presented by professional photographers, you can quickly become a master of the art form. Read on to learn about the best YouTube channels for photography!

Advertising photography: Top Youtube Channels

Lenspassions Photography

Channel Views: ~445.7k Channel Subscribers: ~4.3k Channel Videos: ~189

Lenspassions Photography Youtube Channel

Lenspassions Photography is a YouTube channel run by Manjot Singh, who provides tutorials and insights about photography topics such as advertising photography, studio photography, portrait photography, travel photography, flash photography, and Lightroom presets. His channel is perfect for those new to the photography world, offering helpful tips and tricks for anyone looking to take their photography skills to the next level.

Frank Castillo Photo

Channel Views: ~97.7k Channel Subscribers: ~2.6k Channel Videos: ~52

Frank Castillo Photo Youtube Channel

Frank Castillo Photo is a YouTube channel that provides helpful photography tutorials and reviews. The channel focuses on topics such as commercial and advertising photography, product photography, jewelry photography, and watch photography. It also features reviews of Sony A7 cameras and Sony lenses, to help help viewers select the right equipment for their needs.

Ian Knaggs Photography

Channel Views: ~263.6k Channel Subscribers: ~2.2k Channel Videos: ~10

Ian Knaggs Photography Youtube Channel

Ian Knaggs Photography is a YouTube channel offering tutorials and insight into the world of advertising and product photography, specifically still life photography. Tutorials span topics such as retouching, lighting, posing, and composition. There is also a wide selection of products and tools to help viewers master their photography skills. With over 500 videos uploaded, this channel offers professional advice and guidance for all levels of photographers.

Dev Kush Photography & Studio

Channel Views: ~67.8k Channel Subscribers: ~678 Channel Videos: ~30

Dev Kush Photography & Studio Youtube Channel

Dev Kush Photography & Studio YouTube channel offers an array of photography education for beginners as well as professional photographers, with content that ranges from product photography and advertising photography, to fashion photography and portrait photography. They also provide tutorial videos on the best tips and tricks from some of India's best photographers.

Your Advertising Photographer

Channel Views: ~4.9k Channel Subscribers: ~38 Channel Videos: ~37

Your Advertising Photographer Youtube Channel

The YouTube channel Your Advertising Photographer is an instructional resource for learning about the art of advertising photography. It provides step-by-step tutorials, valuable coaching tips, and useful advice for both aspiring and experienced photographers. Through this channel, you can discover what it takes to become a successful advertising photographer and deepen your knowledge on the topic. Whether you're looking for guidance on the basics of camera settings, tips on composition, or how to make the most out of advertising photography, this channel has it all.

Visual Education

Channel Views: ~38.2m Channel Subscribers: ~557k Channel Videos: ~515

Visual Education Youtube Channel

Visual Education is a YouTube channel focused on providing top quality educational videos about photography. It offers courses, tips, lessons, tutorials, and training for all levels of photography, from entry-level to advanced. Learn photography, how to do photography, and advanced techniques from industry-leading professionals. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Visual Education has the tools to help you improve your photography. With a wide range of topics to explore, you'll be sure to find something to inspire your photographic journey.

R.Prasanna Venkatesh

Channel Views: ~5.9m Channel Subscribers: ~94k Channel Videos: ~323

R.Prasanna Venkatesh Youtube Channel

R.Prasanna Venkatesh's YouTube channel offers tutorials, tips, and advice on advertising photography, building a career in photography in India, deciding if photography is a good career choice, the pros and cons of photography as a career, ways to become a photographer without a degree, learning photography in Tamil, the best camera for beginners, photography jobs for beginners, how to become a professional photographer, and wedding photography jobs. Whether you're a beginner in photography or a seasoned professional, there are valuable resources to be found on this channel.

Global Image Creation

Channel Views: ~155.7k Channel Subscribers: ~719 Channel Videos: ~120

Global Image Creation Youtube Channel

Global Image Creation is a YouTube channel owned by Jeremy Mason McGraw, a professional photographer specializing in interior, travel, and advertising photography. He also produces videos for businesses and Airbnb hosts and shares tips, advice, and product reviews using Profoto lighting products. If you're looking to take your business to the next level with amazing images, Global Image Creation has you covered.

Nisar Panther

Channel Views: ~18.3k Channel Subscribers: ~471 Channel Videos: ~33

Nisar Panther Youtube Channel

Nisar Panther's YouTube channel provides an insightful look into the world of advertising photography, food photography, product photography, and product reviews. His channel also shares creative photography ideas, video and photo editing tips and tricks, and behind the scenes footage. From amateur to professional photographers, everyone can learn something from Nisar Panther's channel.

Kunal Rajput Studio

Channel Views: ~78k Channel Subscribers: ~2.5k Channel Videos: ~45

Kunal Rajput Studio Youtube Channel

Kunal Rajput Studio shares tutorials on how to shoot still life and product photography, as well as video content about advertising and travel photography. Kunal Rajput's videos go beyond just teaching basic photography techniques and principles, allowing viewers to benefit from his years of experience in product and travel photography. The YouTube channel also contains a plethora of helpful tips for photographers looking to improve their skills in all these areas.

Barry Makariou

Channel Views: ~12k Channel Subscribers: ~670 Channel Videos: ~7

Barry Makariou Youtube Channel

Barry Makariou's YouTube channel is a great resource for professionals in advertising photography, behind the scenes filming, and product photography. He shares insights, creative approaches, and tips on how to create stunning still life and liquid photography, as well as how to expertly film liquids. You'll also find comprehensive tutorials about how to artfully capture drinks and other liquids in professional photography.

Sergio P. Studio

Channel Views: ~42.2k Channel Subscribers: ~382 Channel Videos: ~55

Sergio P. Studio Youtube Channel

Sergio P. Studio is a YouTube channel dedicated to offering tips and advice for photography professionals in British Columbia, Western Canada and Pacific North West. From product photography to commercial photography, Sergio P shares valuable knowledge and advice on his channel and offers viewers an insight into running a successful photography business on Vancouver Island.

Max Bridge

Channel Views: ~601.2k Channel Subscribers: ~13.3k Channel Videos: ~18

Max Bridge Youtube Channel

Max Bridge is a YouTube channel devoted to advertising, product, and still life photography. Through tips, tutorials, and instructional videos, viewers can learn lighting techniques, find product photography ideas, as well as take better product and drinks photographs. Whether you're a beginner or advanced photographer, Max Bridge provides the tools to improve your still life photography skills.

Choosing the Appropriate Style for Advertising Photography

Photography has come a long way since its inauguration. With the advent of digital technology, it has become even easier to take amazing photos with the appropriate photographic style. When it comes to advertising photography, however, there are certain styles that may be more effective than others. Choosing the right style for advertising photography is essential as it can make or break the effectiveness of the ad.

When selecting the style for advertising photography, there are several factors to consider. 

  • Firstly, the product or service being featured should be the focus. Selecting an appropriate color scheme that will highlight the product or service and make it stand out is essential. Additionally, the size and dimensions of the product being featured should be taken into account when choosing a style. For example, a product with an intricate design may require a macro lens, while a product with a simple design may require a wide angle lens.
  • Finally, the budget and timeline of the project must be taken into consideration when selecting the style of advertising photography. Certain types of photography can be extremely expensive, so intending to use a certain style may not be feasible. Additionally, if the project needs to be completed in a short timeframe, certain styles of photography may require a longer amount of time. 

With careful consideration of all these factors, the right style of advertising photography can be selected and the ad can be a massive success.

Utilising Technology in Advertising Photography

Nowadays, technology has significantly impacted the advertising photography industry in various ways. In today’s digital age, utilising technology can be the difference between capturing stunning visuals and producing content that has little return on investment.

  • One of the key ways that technology is being implemented into advertising photography is through automated software programs. These programs are designed to adjust colour, brightness, and contrast levels to deliver the best image quality. This automation ensures that all images have been through the same editing process to maintain uniformity in an advertising campaign. Additionally, the use of software can make it easier to conform to different display sizes on various platforms, perfect for campaigns that require both digital and print content.
  • Another way that technology is influencing advertising photography is through the use of drones. Drones allow photographers to capture aerial shots that would’ve been difficult to achieve otherwise, giving marketing teams a unique angle for their campaigns. Furthermore, advances in drone technology have allowed photographers to adjust the settings from the ground, giving them more control over their shots. So they no longer have to rely solely on the pre-set flight options.

Ultimately, utilising technology in advertising photography can make a huge difference in marketing campaigns. By taking advantage of automation and drones, photographers are able to produce stunning visuals that stand out from the crowd. Moreover, implementing technology into advertising photography is a must to maintain a competitive edge and increase return on investment.

Essential Tips for Taking Attractive Advertising Pictures

Attractive advertising pictures can have a huge impact on your overall marketing campaign. Whether you’re on a tight budget or have plenty of money to spend, it’s important that you take striking advertising pictures to ensure your product or service stands out from the crowd. Here are some essential tips to consider when taking attractive advertising pictures.

  1. Firstly, your advertising pictures should clearly show the features and benefits of your product or service. Try and get a good angle and interesting background colors or textures to add to the composition. Photographs should focus on certain details or emotions to ensure certain aspects of the product or service are highlighted in the images.
  2. Secondly, your advertising photographs should be eye-catching and show off the product in the best light. Natural light is always preferred for product shots and ensures an even exposure that is true to the actual product. If you’re shooting at night, use studio lighting and set up a backdrop to help keep the product colors true.
  3. Finally, you should make sure to check the quality of your images to ensure they are sharp and without any blur. Use a tripod if you have to, to ensure the image is sharp and clear. Use quality lenses and focus on smaller details to add richness to your images.

By following these essential tips when taking attractive advertising pictures, you will be able to ensure your product or service stands out from the competition. Investing time and effort into taking beautiful photographs will be well worth it in the long-term.

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