Photoshop Elements is a great tool for digital scrapbooking, photography, and game design. There are many great YouTube channels that offer excellent tutorials on how to use Photoshop Elements. In this article, we'll share some of our favorite channels for Photoshop Elements tutorials. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you'll find some great channels to learn from.

Adobe photoshop elements tutorial: Top Youtube Channels

Channel Views: ~8.6m Channel Subscribers: ~12.2k Channel Videos: ~3.5k Youtube Channel YouTube channel offers videos with tutorials, how-to guides and online lessons on how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements and Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer and Vector Masks, Pattern Layers, and Vector Shapes. It provides detailed instructions and tips to enable users to make the most of their image editing and design software.

Anthony Morganti

Channel Views: ~35.4m Channel Subscribers: ~372k Channel Videos: ~1.8k

Anthony Morganti Youtube Channel

Anthony Morganti's YouTube channel is all about becoming a better photographer. He offers Adobe Photoshop Elements tutorials, as well as post-processing and editing tips and tricks. He also reviews mirrorless cameras and introduces viewers to software like ON1 Photo and Topaz Labs. If you're looking to learn photography or improve your editing skills, Anthony Morganti is a great resource.

Total Training

Channel Views: ~5.4m Channel Subscribers: ~18.4k Channel Videos: ~1.3k

Total Training Youtube Channel

Total Training is an online course YouTube channel offering video tutorials on a vast range of topics, from Adobe Photoshop Elements, mobile development, cloud services, web development, graphic design, IT security, database security, machine learning, and social media marketing. Their vast possibility of tutorials is designed to help people learn and advance their skills across many disciplines. It's a great tool to help you improve your skillset.

LinkedIn Learning

Channel Views: ~76.3m Channel Subscribers: ~790k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

LinkedIn Learning Youtube Channel

LinkedIn Learning is a YouTube channel that offers tutorials and courses on a variety of topics including Adobe Photoshop Elements, how to use a DSLR for video, Photoshop, Illustrator, and WordPress. With step-by-step lessons and videos, its content is easy to follow and understand, making it a great resource for learning new skills or brushing up on existing ones.

Skills Factory

Channel Views: ~77.3m Channel Subscribers: ~362k Channel Videos: ~432

Skills Factory Youtube Channel

The Skills Factory YouTube channel is a amazing resource for tutorials on a variety of software programs, including Adobe Photoshop Elements, Microsoft Office, FL Studio, and Ableton Live. The tutorials are typically around 15 minutes in length, and cover a wide range of topics to help you master the software.

Nicole S. Young

Channel Views: ~3.7m Channel Subscribers: ~26.1k Channel Videos: ~347

Nicole S. Young Youtube Channel

Nicole S. Young's YouTube channel is all about providing helpful tutorials on Adobe Photoshop Elements and Lightroom as well as photography in general. Nicole S. Young is a veteran in the photography industry and she prides herself in creating high quality tutorials that cover a wide range of photo and photoshop topics. Her channel has become increasingly popular amongst amateur and seasoned photographers alike and it's definitely worth checking out.

Digital Scrapbooking HQ

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~5.5k Channel Videos: ~272

Digital Scrapbooking HQ Youtube Channel

Digital Scrapbooking HQ is a YouTube channel that provides comprehensive tutorials for digital scrapbooking using Adobe Photoshop Elements. It features step-by-step instructions, helpful tips and tricks, and an extensive library of tutorials covering a variety of topics related to creating scrapbook pages using the Adobe Photoshop Elements software.

Rick Peterson

Channel Views: ~3.6m Channel Subscribers: ~21.6k Channel Videos: ~149

Rick Peterson Youtube Channel

The Rick Peterson YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone wanting to learn more about Adobe Photoshop Elements. Rick provides clear and concise tutorials that are easy to follow, and his videos cover a wide range of topics to help users get the most out of this powerful software. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced Photoshop Elements user, you're sure to find helpful tips and tricks on Rick's channel.


Channel Views: ~1.7m Channel Subscribers: ~12.8k Channel Videos: ~103

InfoPuppet Youtube Channel

InfoPuppet is a great YouTube channel for people wanting to learn more about Adobe Photoshop Elements. The tutorials are easy to follow and understand, and they cover a wide range of topics related to Photoshop Elements. Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced user, you'll find something of value on this channel. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to learn more about this powerful photo editing software.

Essential Tips for Using Adobe Photoshop Elements Like A Pro

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an excellent photo-editing software used by both beginner and professional photographers. With its powerful features, you can create amazing pieces of artwork, adjustments, and effects to make your images stand out from the rest. But to truly make the most of Photoshop Elements, here are some essential tips that every user should know.

  1. First, use the Smart Brush tool to make quick adjustments to specific areas of your images. This feature allows you to apply a range of effects with one brush stroke, making it easy to bring out some highlights or enhance colors in certain areas. Smart Brush can also help you remove unwanted objects from your photos.
  2. Second, make use of the powerful selection tools in Photoshop Elements. By selecting specific objects in the image, you can make quick and precise adjustments. With the Magic Wand tool, you can select objects of a similar color, and with the Lasso tool you can draw around the desired object to create a more precise selection.
  3. Finally, be sure to save your work often while using Photoshop Elements. With features like the Auto-Save option, you can save your work without having to think about it, but you can also create multiple versions and save them with different names to keep your work organized. All of these tips will help you take your photo-editing skills to the next level with Photoshop Elements.

What You Need to Know Before Diving Into Adobe Photoshop Elements Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop Elements is one of the most popular photo editing software programs available today. It's packed with features and tools that help you quickly and easily enhance and create amazing images. If you want to get the most out of Photoshop Elements, then familiarizing yourself with the software and what it can do for you is essential. Before you dive into tutorials, here is what you need to know.

  1. First and foremost, you need to understand how the software works. Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool and learning the basics will give you a foundation of understanding for tackling more advanced tutorials. Get familiar with the toolbar and menus and practice a few basic tasks such as creating a document and adding layers. Taking the time to understand the interface will make the tutorials easier to follow and the results much better.
  2. Next, you should know exactly what your goal is. Photoshop Elements tutorials can vary a lot depending on what you set out to accomplish. Whether you are looking to enhance photos, create graphic designs, or just getting to grips with the basics, there is a tutorial out there that meets your needs. Take the time to determine what you are looking to do and then search out the tutorials that fit your specific goals. That way you’ll be spending your time in the most productive way possible.

By learning about how Photoshop works, setting a clear goal for yourself, and researching the best tutorials, you can make the most of your photo editing experience. With a little bit of effort and research you can become an expert in no time. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a powerful tool that can help you take your photos from ordinary to extraordinary. So take the time to get familiar with the software and reap the benefits.

Get the Most Out Of Adobe Photoshop Elements with This Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an image editing application that you can use to enhance and manipulate your photos. With a good understanding of the tools and features, you can use the program to its fullest potential. This tutorial will help you learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop Elements, so you can get the most out of the program.

  • First, you will want to familiarize yourself with the different features and settings. You should try out each of the options to get a good feel for how they work. For example, if you want to adjust the color and brightness of an image, you can use the Color Balance, Brightness/Contrast, or Levels adjustments. Once you know how each tool works, you can easily adjust the image to your liking.
  • Finally, there are a variety of effects and filters in Adobe Photoshop Elements. These range from blurring and sharpening to creating various textures and adding frames. Learning how to use these options will help you enhance your photos and make them more eye-catching. With proper practice and the right combination of features, you can get stunning results.

Learning how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements properly will help you create amazing photos. By taking the time to go through this tutorial, you can ensure that you are getting the most out of this powerful image editing program. Once you get comfortable with the program and its features, you can start experimenting and creating even more impressive images.

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