15 Best Academic Novel Youtube Channels You Should Follow

Are you looking to dive into the world of academic novels, education, writing, and more? Are you a university student looking for tips on writing, researching, and learning? Or maybe you're an aspiring booktuber wanting to find the best YouTube channels for literary reviews, science, English literature, and more? Whatever it is you're looking for, this article will help you find the best YouTube channels out there! Keep on reading to find out more!

The Nerdy Novelist (AI Writing)

Channel Views: ~307.3k Channel Subscribers: ~6.7k Channel Videos: ~82

The Nerdy Novelist (AI Writing) Youtube Channel

The Nerdy Novelist (AI Writing) YouTube channel is a great resource for all types of writers, from academics to science fiction fans. Exploring topics such as how to plot your novel, how to write a book, and how to use artificial intelligence to write with AI, it provides both theoretical guidance as well as practical tips to help you create great pieces of fiction. Additionally, the channel touches upon subjects like writing science fiction and fantasy to bring your imagination to life. A must for all aspiring novelists!

Novels & Music 📖🖋

Channel Views: ~71.9k Channel Subscribers: ~3.3k Channel Videos: ~22

Novels & Music 📖🖋 Youtube Channel

Novels & Music 📖🖋 is a YouTube channel focused on Dark Academia content, featuring dark and atmospheric music playlists to accompany your reading or studying sessions. They offer many libraries- and study-inspired playlists, such as 'Exam Playlist' and 'Reading in a Library Dark Academia', to create the perfect backdrop for any academic novel you pick up. Make sure to explore the 'Dark Academia' and 'Dark Academia Playlist' sections too!


Channel Views: ~27.7k Channel Subscribers: ~7 Channel Videos: ~4


The NOVEL EDUCATION GROUP YouTube channel is a resource for learning about literature and books. With interactive lessons and engaging content, viewers can gain academic knowledge and strengthen their novel reading skills. They also provide various tools to help boost comprehension and writing abilities. With free access to their videos, anyone can take advantage of this wonderful educational platform.

Andrew Klavan

Channel Views: ~102.3m Channel Subscribers: ~449k Channel Videos: ~2.4k

Andrew Klavan Youtube Channel

Andrew Klavan's YouTube channel features the popular conservative podcast The Andrew Klavan Show. The channel dives into news and politics with discussion of Donald Trump, Republicans, and other timely topics. Andrew Klavan also shares clips from his popular academic novels and The Daily Wire. Fans of his work will find plenty of his materials for viewing on this channel.

ana neu

Channel Views: ~6.6m Channel Subscribers: ~60k Channel Videos: ~551

ana neu Youtube Channel

Ana Neu is a YouTube channel created by a young writer with a focus on academic novels. Through her AuthorTube and BookTube videos, she shares her passion for books, stories, and writing, offering her viewers a unique insight into the world of writing and literature. Join Ana Neu on her writing journey, and check out her WritingVlogs to get the latest updates on her novel projects!

Bethany Atazadeh - YA Fantasy Author

Channel Views: ~2.3m Channel Subscribers: ~39.5k Channel Videos: ~329

Bethany Atazadeh - YA Fantasy Author Youtube Channel

Bethany Atazadeh - YA Fantasy Author is a popular YouTube channel full of helpful authorship advice. It features guides on how to self-publish on Amazon, tips and tricks on writing a novel, and insightful conversations with other authors. It's the perfect place for aspiring novelists and writers to learn more about the craft and get inspired.

Literature Guide

Channel Views: ~240k Channel Subscribers: ~3.1k Channel Videos: ~142

Literature Guide Youtube Channel

The Literature Guide YouTube channel provides an in-depth look into the world of English literature, exploring the study of academic novels, English drama, poetry, prose, and literary terms, as well as covering literary criticism and history. The channel also investigates the various literary schools and movements that have shaped the English language and its literature. Content creators dive deep into the depths of language and literature, offering history, analysis, and criticism to those looking to explore the world of English literature.

Jessica Brody

Channel Views: ~656.9k Channel Subscribers: ~9.9k Channel Videos: ~112

Jessica Brody Youtube Channel

Jessica Brody's YouTube channel is perfect for teens and young adults looking for engaging fiction. From her academic novel series 'Karma Club' and 'Love Under Cover' to her Fidelity Files and 'Tick Tock' saga, Brody offers unique stories that explore the complexities of growing up and navigating love, work, and relationships. Don't miss out on this YA creator's entertaining videos and riveting content!

Mary Adkins

Channel Views: ~72.8k Channel Subscribers: ~3.3k Channel Videos: ~137

Mary Adkins Youtube Channel

Mary Adkins' YouTube channel is an excellent resource for any aspiring writer. She shares informative and educational videos about the creative writing process, offering helpful writing tips, how-tos for writing a book, and advice for publishing a book. Mary's videos also provide useful guidance for both academics and creative writers tackling the challenge of writing a novel.


Channel Views: ~948.2k Channel Subscribers: ~11.2k Channel Videos: ~146

Happy-Literature Youtube Channel

Happy-Literature is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing enjoyable and informative videos about novels and related topics in English literature. Through engaging and witty content, viewers are able to gain a better understanding of classic works, while also receiving lifestyle advice and general knowledge. It is the perfect channel for those looking to gain an academic understanding of literature, whilst also gaining insight into the lifestyle that surrounds it.

Vradhi Pharma

Channel Views: ~21.4k Channel Subscribers: ~317 Channel Videos: ~97

Vradhi Pharma Youtube Channel

Vradhi Pharma is a YouTube channel that provides educational and industrial information related to pharmaceutical science. The content covers topics such as pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutics, and industrial pharmacy. Additionally, users can find most important questions of B.Pharm semester and videos about vridhikulsretha and pharma vidya. The channel helps provide an academic novel approach to pharmaceutical science.

The Oxford Writer

Channel Views: ~33.8k Channel Subscribers: ~1.4k Channel Videos: ~19

The Oxford Writer Youtube Channel

The Oxford Writer YouTube channel provides an array of creative writing tips and tricks. From writing for beginners to how to write a page turner to writing fiction, the channel takes viewers through the basics of writing novels as well as more advanced concepts like show don't tell, writing villains, and story pacing. Learn the essentials in crafting an academic novel or developing your own unique characters and writing hooks. With The Oxford Writer, you have the tools to create a captivating page-turner.

Diane Callahan - Quotidian Writer

Channel Views: ~5.5m Channel Subscribers: ~130k Channel Videos: ~40

Diane Callahan - Quotidian Writer Youtube Channel

Diane Callahan's YouTube channel is a great resource for aspiring writers looking to hone their craft. It offers a range of educational content related to novel writing, including literary analysis, creative writing techniques, and how-to-guides for crafting fiction and non-fiction stories. The channel is also a source of writing inspiration and advice, ensuring aspiring authors are well-equipped to tackle the quotidian task of writing a book.

Ellen Brock

Channel Views: ~6.5m Channel Subscribers: ~130k Channel Videos: ~99

Ellen Brock Youtube Channel

Ellen Brock's YouTube channel features helpful resources and information for novel writing, including how to guides, writing tips, editing advice, and publishing information. Her channel also provides comprehensive instruction for novel writing and editing, as well as in-depth advice for both fiction and academic writing. Writers of all levels can benefit from her excellent advice and guidance.

Michael Shaw

Channel Views: ~200.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.4k Channel Videos: ~27

Michael Shaw Youtube Channel

Michael Shaw's YouTube channel offers viewers an array of interesting and entertaining content. From watching Michael Ryan Shaw perform cardistry and explore the world of Magic, to diving into his pocket watch and book reviews, there is always something to learn and explore. You can also find videos centered around academic novels by Mark Efferent and his Jack novel series. These educational and creative discussions make Michael Shaw's YouTube channel the go-to spot for all your learning and entertainment needs.

Common Themes Found in Academic Novels

When discussing academic novels, it is hard to deny the prominence of certain themes throughout this genre. Although the stories and characters may vary drastically from novel to novel, common threads of identity, exploration, and values tend to appear in many works of this kind.

Identity is a recurrent theme in academic novels. Whether it’s a protagonist’s experience of self-discovery, some form of patriarchal oppression, or an exploration of the intersections of race, class, and gender, many works make use of identity as a plot device. In some works, the protagonist may feel repressed but ultimately realizes that they possess more autonomy than they initially thought. In other stories, protagonists face internal political and emotional struggles they must overcome in order to become their own person.

Exploration is another commonly found theme in academic novels. Whether it’s a student coming of age in their university years, a character exploring the social norms of another culture, or a protagonist’s inward journey of self-discovery, many works make use of exploration as a major element of their story. Novels that incorporate exploration often focus on the protagonist’s growth as they face challenges and discover the world around them.

Values and morals, too, often appear in academic novels. Whether it’s exemplifying hard work and perseverance, or struggling against a repressive regime, moral themes power many of the stories in this genre. Characters often go through difficult situations, yet their decisions and actions in response to hardship often define their values. Exploration, identity, and values intertwine in academic novels, allowing readers to gain insight into how their decisions and the choices of others can influence their lives.

Finding the Perfect Academic Novel

If you are looking for the perfect academic novel, it can be a difficult task. With the multitude of options out there, it can be hard to know which book to choose and if it will meet your expectations. Here are a few tips to help make selecting your ideal academic novel easier.

To start, figure out what genres you are interested in and what topics you are looking to explore. This will ensure that you narrow your search and only look at books that interest and excite you. Once you have made a mental or physical list, look up the reviews for each book. Take into consideration the average ratings and any positive and negative comments people have made. This should provide some clarity on what books to avoid and what ones to look into further.

Finally, read the sample chapters available online and get a feel for the language and tone of the book. If you are unable to find sample chapters online, head to the library or borrow the book from a friend. That way you can be sure to pick a well-written book that you connect with and feel passionate about. Keep in mind that the perfect academic novel should stimulate you intellectually as well as entertain you. Following these steps should help you find the perfect academic novel to meet all your needs.

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