Are you preparing for an Academic IELTS listening test? Are you looking for the best YouTube channels to help you achieve your goal? If so, you have come to the right place! We have collected and reviewed all the information you need to find the best YouTube channels to help you practice IELTS, UKVI, and other IELTS-related exams. Whether you want to prepare for an IELTS exam, review a recent exam, practice on your own, or get expert tips from the British Council or IDP, we have something for everyone. Continue reading to find out more about the best YouTube channels for your Academic IELTS listening test.

Academic ielts listening test: Top Youtube Channels

Ielts-Practice- Test-Resources

Channel Views: ~568.5k Channel Subscribers: ~10.9k Channel Videos: ~294

Ielts-Practice- Test-Resources Youtube Channel

The Ielts-Practice-Test-Resources YouTube channel provides a comprehensive range of resources to help learners improve their performance on the UKVI IELTS Exam, with both listening and speaking practice tests, as well as new test material for 2022. With a wide range of videos on topics such as academic IELTS listening test, UKVI IELTS listening practice, with answers, and UKVI IELTS listening exam, users can gain the skills they need to ace the UKVI IELTS.

The IELTS Listening Test

Channel Views: ~16m Channel Subscribers: ~ Channel Videos: ~384

The IELTS Listening Test Youtube Channel

The IELTS Listening Test YouTube channel is an academic resource for IELTS test-takers, providing tips and strategies on how to improve listening skills and understand the questions in the IELTS listening exam. It features helpful video tutorials and audio exercises to help test-takers gain a better understanding of the IELTS Listening Test.

IELTS Listening Test

Channel Views: ~429.8k Channel Subscribers: ~18.3k Channel Videos: ~288

IELTS Listening Test Youtube Channel

The IELTS Listening Test YouTube channel provides comprehensive academic knowledge on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Listening Test. With helpful tips and tricks, their channel offers a great way to improve your listening skills and enhance your English language lifestyle. Their videos cover everything from beginner to advanced level topics, providing useful guidance for IELTS test takers.

Crack IELTS with Rob

Channel Views: ~11m Channel Subscribers: ~255k Channel Videos: ~279

Crack IELTS with Rob Youtube Channel

Crack IELTS with Rob is an educational YouTube channel covering IELTS related topics. It provides IELTS listening test practice, IELTS practice tests, IELTS listening tips, and actual IELTS listening tests. It is the best place to find academic IELTS listening tests and IELTS listening practice tests. Rob's guidance can help you ace the IELTS listening test.

Dos and Don'ts to Keep in Mind During the IELTS Test

The IELTS test can be stressful and requires a lot of preparation. The right attitude and preparation can go a long way to making your IELTS test results successful. To help you stay in the best frame of mind while taking your IELTS test, here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Do make sure you are mentally and physically well-prepared to take the test. Prepare for the test ahead of time by studying all the written material you need to know for the test. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before, eat a healthy meal, and are dressed comfortably and appropriately.

Don’t spend too much time on any one question. It’s easy to get stuck on an unexpectedly difficult question. If you find yourself spending more than a minute on a question, it’s a good idea to move on and come back to it, if you have the time. Similarly, if you find yourself getting bogged down in your answers, simply move on.

Do listen to the examiner and follow their instructions closely. They will provide directions to help you better understand the question and answer it in the most appropriate way. Additionally, concentrate on answering the question in the right way, using the right words and phrases. Pay attention to the time limit and answer each section within the allotted time. Finally, ensure you are constantly referring to the exam rubrics and following the instructions.

Grasping the Tips and Tricks for Academic IELTS Listening Tests

Academic IELTS Listening Tests are invaluable opportunities to test the English language skills of international students who are planning to pursue higher education in English-speaking countries. These tests can be difficult to master, but with the right strategies and tips, it can be much easier to pass. The following are some tips and tricks to help you prepare for an Academic IELTS Listening Test:

  1. First, practice as much as you can. Before the test, you should listen to English audio and practice recognizing different words. It is also important to develop your ability to listen to and understand a variety of accents. Studies have found that better performance in listening tests is linked to the number of words recognized and understood by the student.
  2. Second, focus on academic-based listening materials. It is important to practice listening to academic-based English, such as lectures and talks, in order to prepare for the test. This type of listening material is more likely to be used in the test so it’s important to get familiar with it. Additionally, listen to the same material multiple times in order to pick up new information and become more familiar with the language.
  3. Last but not least, practice your timing. You only have a limited time to complete each section of the exam. Therefore, you need to practice timing yourself so that you can improve your ability to listen and answer questions quickly and accurately. Doing timed practice exams using online platforms can be a great way to prepare for the real thing.

All in all, with the right strategies and tips in mind, it is possible to successfully pass an Academic IELTS Listening Test. The key is to practice regularly and focus on the type of material which you will likely encounter in the exam. With hard work and dedication, anyone can become more comfortable with English listening and improve their scores. Good luck!

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