6 Best Academic Hood Youtube Channels

Are you looking to get an academic hood for college or university graduation? Whether you need one for a higher education institute, research institute, graduate school, or engineering school, finding the best YouTube channels for preparation is essential. With the right set of tools at your disposal, you will be able to make it to the graduation ceremony with your head held high and don a hood made with the utmost excellence. Read on to find the best YouTube channels for your hood college needs!

Hood College

Channel Views: ~90.2k Channel Subscribers: ~638 Channel Videos: ~253

Hood College Youtube Channel

Hood College's YouTube channel offers viewers an inside look into the academic life of the school located in Frederick, Maryland. Through its videos, viewers learn about the college's graduate programs, cutting-edge research, and various successes of its students. As an institution dedicated to providing higher education, the college strives to open up new opportunities for its graduates. With its YouTube channel, travelers can get the opportunity to explore the campus and its rich academic culture.

The Graduate School at Hood College

Channel Views: ~483 Channel Subscribers: ~33 Channel Videos: ~10

The Graduate School at Hood College Youtube Channel

The Graduate School at Hood College is a YouTube channel showcasing the academic offerings of Hood College. It provides insight into the educational opportunities available to students, whether they are considering taking classes or enrolling in a graduate program. It is an excellent resource for students wanting to learn about the wide variety of graduate-level studies available at Hood College.

Hood College- CCWS

Channel Views: ~670 Channel Subscribers: ~4 Channel Videos: ~10

Hood College- CCWS Youtube Channel

Hood College- CCWS YouTube channel provides an academic experience in a fun and interactive way. It shares a wide range of content, from lifestyle elements to interesting hobbies and knowledge. With its focus on expanding and enriching minds, the channel is the perfect place to learn and be inspired!

Ashington Ceremonial Gowns

Channel Views: ~91k Channel Subscribers: ~327 Channel Videos: ~304

Ashington Ceremonial Gowns Youtube Channel

Ashington Ceremonial Gowns is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing quality academic hoods, graduation gowns, academic gowns, graduation caps, graduation hoods, choir robes, choral gowns, choir uniforms, Roman cassocks, and ecclesiastical vestments. They have an expansive selection of cloth wear tailored to your unique specifications. Their commitment and dedication to quality and service is unparalleled.


Channel Views: ~133.6k Channel Subscribers: ~128 Channel Videos: ~36

GraduationSource Youtube Channel

GraduationSource is a YouTube channel with helpful videos on how to dress for a high school graduation. It covers topics like choosing academic hoods, caps and gowns, graduation dresses, and outfits for graduation parties. It provides valuable information to help you look your best for that special day!


Channel Views: ~162.8k Channel Subscribers: ~908 Channel Videos: ~3

Gradshop Youtube Channel

Gradshop is a YouTube channel featuring educational videos on how to properly wear academic hoods and graduation apparel. It provides an easy guide to wearing your bachelor's cap and gown, master's degree hood, and doctoral tam and gown. Gradshop also offers an extensive selection of graduation items and apparel to help make your special day even more memorable. They strive for excellence in all aspects of graduation and offer unbeatable customer service.

Different Types of Academic Hoods

Different Types of Academic Hoods are important symbols of accomplishment in higher education and academia. These hoods are worn by graduates of universities, colleges and other academic institutions during graduation ceremonies. They come in various colors and sizes, and display different statuses of educational accomplishment such as doctoral degrees and master's degrees.

The first type of Academic Hood is the doctorate hood. These are worn in various colors and materials and usually measure around 5.5 feet in length. The velvet panels are lined with either silk or satin. The velvet edging of the hood is either black, blue, scarlet or brown. The doctorate hood is usually reserved for the highest qualification of academic achievement and is symbolically placed over the shoulder of the graduates.

The second type of Academic Hood is the Masters hood. The Masters hood usually displays a single velvet color edging and is much shorter than a doctorate hood. The velvet panel of a Masters hood has a standard length of 3.5 feet and is also lined with either silk or satin. The velvet colors typically range from black, blue, scarlet or brown, based on the subject of the graduation. Masters hoods are typically more elaborate in terms of their look, and carry greater prestige than the other hoods.

Overall, Academic Hoods are an important symbol of academic achievement within universities and colleges. From the elaborate doctorate hoods to the more understated Masters hoods, each one carries a unique level of prestigious accolades and honours. Regardless of the degree, these hoods serve as a reminder that dedication and hard work can lead to great accomplishments.

Proper Academic Hood Etiquette and Wear

If you are attending an official academic ceremony such as a graduation, you are likely to be required to wear a hood. Although it may not seem like an important detail, it is essential that you adhere to the correct academic hood etiquette and wear.

Firstly, always ensure that the hood pushes all of your hair back and away from your face. Hair should never be seen when wearing a hood in an official setting. Additionally, it should be worn neatly and pulled down to the shoulders. No part of the hood should be hanging down; it should be pulled up above the shoulders but not too tight in the hood itself.

Finally, always ensure that the hood is the correct color for your degree. At some ceremonies, having the wrong color hood can get you reprimanded. Research in advance the school's official hood colors and make sure you adhere to their specifications when purchasing a hood. Ensure too that you wear the hood properly and with respect - this is an important day in both your academic and professional life and you will want to look your best. Following the proper academic hood etiquette will help you do just that.

By following these tips, you can make sure that you look your best and adhere to the proper academic hood etiquette at your ceremony. You will be well on your way to looking the part when it comes to official academic ceremonies.

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