Are you looking for YouTube channels that will help you meet your academic goals? Whether you are in college or university, looking to learn more about business, or just want to stay informed on news and science topics, the right YouTube channel for you is out there! Keep reading to discover the top channels that provide helpful educational content and interesting videos on these topics.

Academic goals: Top Youtube Channels

Tarver Academy

Channel Views: ~13.4m Channel Subscribers: ~67k Channel Videos: ~2.2k

Tarver Academy Youtube Channel

The Tarver Academy YouTube channel is an educational channel led by math teacher Tyler Tarver. It offers math tutor and geometry help, tips from the teacher, and easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorials. Students of Tarver Academy Math can learn valuable tips and strategies to obtain their academic goals. The channel highlights topics in geometry, algebra, and other related math topics. With Tarver Academy math, users can receive the highest quality math education conveniently on YouTube.

The Academic Society with Toyin Alli

Channel Views: ~477.7k Channel Subscribers: ~12.5k Channel Videos: ~232

The Academic Society with Toyin Alli Youtube Channel

The Academic Society with Toyin Alli is a YouTube channel that provides helpful advice to grad students aspiring to reach their academic goals. It features Toyin Alli, a faculty member at York University, who offers her expertise and teaching style to help viewers get the most out of their grad school experience. Viewers can find useful grad school tips and advice on topics such as time management, course selection, and research activities.

University of Cape Town South Africa

Channel Views: ~3m Channel Subscribers: ~18.6k Channel Videos: ~1.1k

University of Cape Town South Africa Youtube Channel

The University of Cape Town South Africa YouTube channel is dedicated to the academic goals of Ikeys students studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa, and the rest of Africa. The videos feature inspiring stories from alumni and college events as well as information on the classes and programs offered at the university. Whether you're thinking of attending or already enrolled, the University of Cape Town South Africa YouTube channel is a great resource to gain insights and tips.


Channel Views: ~112.9m Channel Subscribers: ~1m Channel Videos: ~981

Let'stute Youtube Channel

Let'stute is a YouTube channel focused on helping students achieve their academic goals. It provides helpful study tips, study motivation, study hacks, and exam tips so that viewers can learn how to study effectively and discover the best study tips and tricks. By following Let'stute, viewers will be able to gain the skills and confidence to succeed in their studies.

Kantis Simmons

Channel Views: ~1.1m Channel Subscribers: ~12.6k Channel Videos: ~359

Kantis Simmons Youtube Channel

Kantis Simmons' YouTube channel is a great tool for students, teachers, and parents alike. His content focuses on academic goals, youth leadership, teacher training, and school motivation through a STEM lens. He is a passionate motivational speaker and teacher trainer who is committed to inspiring the next generation of STEM leaders.

Honor Society

Channel Views: ~1.2m Channel Subscribers: ~11.5k Channel Videos: ~325

Honor Society Youtube Channel

The Honor Society YouTube channel is dedicated to helping students reach their academic goals. It focuses on topics related to the Honor Society organization, from helping high school students get into college to providing assistance for members of The channel is a valuable resource for driven students looking to reach their highest potential.

Educational Fuel

Channel Views: ~5.5m Channel Subscribers: ~53.2k Channel Videos: ~99

Educational Fuel Youtube Channel

Educational Fuel is a YouTube channel focused on helping people reach their academic goals. It features inspiring speeches and motivational videos from industry leaders such as Jim Rohn and Steve Harvey. From Jim Rohn's teachings on motivation and discipline to Steve Harvey's motivational speeches, Educational Fuel provides an inspiring and uplifting environment to help its viewers achieve success.

Study Motivation Quotes

Channel Views: ~61.3k Channel Subscribers: ~522 Channel Videos: ~61

Study Motivation  Quotes Youtube Channel

Study Motivation Quotes is a YouTube channel designed to help viewers with their academic goals. The channel provides study tips, motivational quotes, facts about studying, and tips on how to make studying easier. Through inspirational videos and quotes, viewers can gain the motivation they need to reach their study goals.

The Expert Show

Channel Views: ~5.7k Channel Subscribers: ~37 Channel Videos: ~30

The Expert Show Youtube Channel

The Expert Show is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping young adults meet their academic goals and financial freedom. It offers resources on personal finance, money management, saving money, credit score, debt reduction, and financial literacy topics. Through instructive videos and interactive quizzes, The Expert Show is a great tool for financial planning and economic education.

Pathfinder Tutorials

Channel Views: ~325 Channel Subscribers: ~45 Channel Videos: ~16

Pathfinder Tutorials Youtube Channel

The Pathfinder Tutorials YouTube channel is an ideal resource for meeting your academic goals. It offers free tutorials on a range of topics, from math to science, and English, to help students of all ages and grades excel in their studies. The channel covers a wide variety of topics, providing practical help and resources to empower students. With Pathfinder Tutorials, students can get the academic support they need to accomplish their goals.

Getting Started with Establishing Academic Goals

Establishing academic goals can be a great way to stay on track with your education and make sure that you are pushing yourself to reach your full potential. With the right plan in place, you can set yourself up to be more successful as you strive to accomplish your studies. Here are some tips to get you started on your journey to setting realistic and achievable academic goals.

The first step towards setting your academic goals is to get organized. Start by making a list of all your educational commitments and get a better sense of the level of dedication needed for each of them. This will give you the best idea of how much time and work is necessary for the goals you need to set and will help to ensure you are setting goals that are reasonable and achievable.

You should also think about how you can be consistent with your goal-setting plan and create a routine for yourself that includes studying. Carving out chunks of consistent practice time can help immensely when it comes to achieving success and it doesn't even have to be for an extended amount of time. Working in smaller, more manageable bursts can be a great way to get motivated and productive.

Finally, don't be too hard on yourself or get discouraged if you have a setback. Life happens and you will inevitably encounter bumps in the road. When this happens, take a step back and give yourself some grace. Learn from your mistakes, do what you can to course correct, and press on with your goals. With proper discipline and dedication, you can reach any point you desire.

Planning for Academic Success

There is no one way to achieve academic success, but research has indicated that certain planning strategies can be beneficial in helping a person reach their academic goals. Planning for academic success includes planning for the short-term and long-term, developing effective study habits, setting clear goals, and actively utilizing available resources.

When it comes to planning for the short-term, it is important to be mindful of upcoming assignments, exams, papers, and other deadlines. Many students find it beneficial to stay organized, and use a planner, calendar, or schedule app to track due dates and set themselves reminders for when work needs to be completed. Being aware of upcoming exams and setting aside time to properly study can be incredibly advantageous for academic success.

In addition to short-term planning, setting long-term goals can be beneficial in helping a person stay on track and focused. For those with academic goals, articulating what you want to accomplish can help you stay on track and prevent burn out. Additionally, developing effective study habits that work for you is key in preparing for tests and avoiding procrastination. There are many resources available and staying organized, taking frequent breaks, and utilizing study groups can be hugely helpful. Finally, utilizing available resources such as tutors, workshops, online study materials, and other learning aids can be vital in helping a person reach their desired academic potential.

In conclusion, the process of planning for academic success includes staying organized, being mindful of upcoming deadlines, setting long-term goals, and utilizing resources. Taking the time to identify individual needs and develop personalized strategies can be incredibly advantageous in helping a person achieve their desired academic goals.

Establishing Reasonable Realistic Goals

Establishing reasonable goals is an important part of life, as it helps to keep you motivated and on track without becoming overwhelmed. Goals give us something to work towards and help us to focus our energy and efforts in a meaningful way. Whether you want to start a business, work towards a promotion, or learn a new skill, setting reasonable goals is the key to achieving success.

  • The first step in setting realistic goals is to figure out what it is you want to accomplish. Make sure your goals are precise and within reach. Break larger goals into smaller, more manged chunks so that they are not intimidating. Obviously, you want to strive for greatness but if the goal seems unreachable or unrealistic, it can become discouraging quickly.
  • Finally, work out attainable action steps or tasks that will lead to your goals being achieved. Don’t set yourself up for failure by taking on too much at once. Take it one day at a time and reward yourself with small successes. Celebrate each progress you make as you continue to make progress towards your ultimate goal. Establishing realistic goals allows us to push ourselves towards achieving our biggest dreams, while still recognizing the importance of every accomplishment we make.

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