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Academic debate: Top Youtube Channels

Open to Debate

Channel Views: ~14.5m Channel Subscribers: ~189k Channel Videos: ~1.2k

Open to Debate Youtube Channel

Open to Debate is a YouTube channel featuring academic debate and intelligence squared debate from around the U.S. It draws from the Oxford style of debating and brings current topics and news to the fore. With IQ2US hosting many of the debates, viewers get to experience quick-witted yet intellectual debates, showcasing the highest level of IQ2 thought.

Modern-Day Debate

Channel Views: ~19m Channel Subscribers: ~117k Channel Videos: ~941

Modern-Day Debate Youtube Channel

Modern-Day Debate is an academic debate channel on YouTube covering modern debates including topics such as religion and atheism. It offers debates, podcasts, and other forms of discussion to discuss competing perspectives and find solutions.


Channel Views: ~4.1m Channel Subscribers: ~41.4k Channel Videos: ~141

Top7Debaters Youtube Channel

Top7Debaters is a popular YouTube channel featuring intellectual debates on a variety of topics from Society, Knowledge, and Religion. The participants, top debaters from around the world, tackle current affairs and provide in-depth analysis to help their viewers gain insight and knowledge on particular topics. With their lively and persuasive discourse, Top7Debaters is the go-to channel for anyone looking to explore topics from an academic debate perspective.

NextGen Debate

Channel Views: ~51.4k Channel Subscribers: ~295 Channel Videos: ~14

NextGen Debate Youtube Channel

NextGen Debate's YouTube channel provides viewers with an engaging learning experience, combining academic debate and knowledge with lifestyle topics. The channel is updated regularly with new videos, where debating teams tackle a variety of topics, from current affairs to social issues. Whether you're looking to gain a better insight into current debates around the world or enrich your knowledge around lifestyle choices, NextGen Debate's YouTube channel is a great resource.

Pass The Gavel Debate

Channel Views: ~99.4k Channel Subscribers: ~1.3k Channel Videos: ~7

Pass The Gavel Debate Youtube Channel

Pass The Gavel Debate is an instructional YouTube channel that offers educational tutorials and resources for students looking to hone their academic debate skills. The channel focuses on a variety of topics and is perfect for those in middle and high school looking to participate in school debate competitions. It offers an array of videos, from comprehensive lectures to debates and live events. This channel is a great way to sharpen those debate skills.

Brentwood Debate

Channel Views: ~341k Channel Subscribers: ~1k Channel Videos: ~5

Brentwood Debate Youtube Channel

Brentwood Debate is a popular YouTube channel that provides educational content surrounding academic debate, offering its viewers an opportunity to increase their knowledge and sharpen their rhetorical abilities. It features interesting and engaging topics such as international relations, politics, scientific breakthroughs, and economics. So, if you're looking to participate in some scholarly discourse and engage your brain, check out the Brentwood Debate channel.

Ben Shapiro

Channel Views: ~1.3b Channel Subscribers: ~5m Channel Videos: ~3.3k

Ben Shapiro Youtube Channel

Ben Shapiro is a conservative pundit and commentator with a popular YouTube channel. His channel features a wide range of content including his hit show The Ben Shapiro Show, interviews with top newsmakers, debates with political opponents, and his viral show Ben Shapiro Destroys to name a few. With a mix of wit and wisdom, the Ben Shapiro YouTube Channel is a must-see destination for academic debate and political entertainment. Additionally, Ben Shapiro is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Wire.

Objectv Media

Channel Views: ~18.4m Channel Subscribers: ~88.6k Channel Videos: ~2.9k

Objectv Media Youtube Channel

Objective Media is a YouTube channel that brings viewers the latest in Nollywood Entertainment, Naija Celebrities, and News Commentary. It also features academic debates, Nigeria Schools Debates, live updates, and Objective Analysis from Segun O'Law. Viewers can interact with guests on the show during Live Interactions and Chat Naija sessions.


Channel Views: ~338.7m Channel Subscribers: ~565k Channel Videos: ~2.6k

Destiny Youtube Channel

The Destiny YouTube channel is hosted by internet personality Steven Bonnell and is focused mainly on academic debate covering a variety of topics. Steven Bonnell regularly engages in lively discussions with viewers, encouraging healthy debate and critical thinking. Destiny's channel is a great place for the intellectually curious to watch and participate in high-level conversations.


Channel Views: ~261.6m Channel Subscribers: ~1.6m Channel Videos: ~2.3k

OxfordUnion Youtube Channel

The Oxford Union YouTube channel is full of captivating debates, interviews, and other discussions related to the Oxford Union Society at Oxford University. This academic channel provides viewers with insights into the intellectual discourse and activities of the renowned Oxford Union. From members debating complex topics to prominent figures interviewed, the Oxford Union channel is the perfect destination for viewers who seek to engage in educational dialogue.

The City Club of Cleveland

Channel Views: ~1.7m Channel Subscribers: ~7.7k Channel Videos: ~1.4k

The City Club of Cleveland Youtube Channel

The City Club of Cleveland YouTube channel showcases academic debates related to politics, health, education, and technology, making it a citadel of free speech in the heart of Cleveland. The channel offers a rare look inside the city's prestigious, members-only club, allowing viewers to learn about current issues affecting the city.

Intelligence Squared

Channel Views: ~61.5m Channel Subscribers: ~553k Channel Videos: ~802

Intelligence Squared Youtube Channel

Intelligence Squared is a YouTube channel that focuses on academic debates and current affairs from around the world. The channel features high-level debates from the United Kingdom, as well as top debates, most interesting debates, and best debates. The channel also features iQ2 debates, including those involving Boris Johnson, and debates on all aspects of culture, science, philosophy, world news, and politics.

Mohammed Hijab

Channel Views: ~97.2m Channel Subscribers: ~686k Channel Videos: ~652

Mohammed Hijab Youtube Channel

Mohammed Hijab is a popular YouTube channel dedicated to the academic debate surrounding the Muslim faith, key issues such as hijab, and discourses seeking to reconcile atheism and Islam. Mohammed is renowned for his informed critiques, religious apologetics, and interesting debates.

Policy-Relevant Science & Technology

Channel Views: ~197.6k Channel Subscribers: ~1.4k Channel Videos: ~374

Policy-Relevant Science & Technology Youtube Channel

The Policy-Relevant Science & Technology YouTube channel brings together academics from a wide range of scientific disciplines for engaging in debates about policy-relevant topics. Discussing science and technology, including energy, climate, epidemiology, complexity, physics, and mathematics, viewers gain insight into the latest research and understand the implications for public policy.

National Association of Scholars

Channel Views: ~385.9k Channel Subscribers: ~4.1k Channel Videos: ~337

National Association of Scholars Youtube Channel

The National Association of Scholars YouTube channel provides a platform for members of the academic community to engage in thoughtful debate and critique of higher education. A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, its mission is to protect and uphold the integrity of scholarship, freedom, and merit in America's colleges and universities. Through promoting collaboration between faculty, alumni, and supporters of higher education, the association provides a network of resources to academics and scholars across the academy.

Atlanta Press Club

Channel Views: ~1.9m Channel Subscribers: ~4.8k Channel Videos: ~227

Atlanta Press Club Youtube Channel

The Atlanta Press Club YouTube channel houses an array of academic debates and press club events hosted by Georgia Public Broadcasting. Events such as the Loudermilk-Young debate are hosted in the city of Atlanta and cover a range of topics around politics and current political issues in Georgia. The channel also provides access to the GPB's exclusive political coverage of state and local elections.

Patricia Jenkinson

Channel Views: ~2.2m Channel Subscribers: ~10.1k Channel Videos: ~168

Patricia Jenkinson Youtube Channel

Patricia Jenkinson's YouTube channel is a great source for anyone looking to engage in academic debate and gain knowledge. Featuring lectures from esteemed scholars as well as discussions on current topics, there is no shortage of stimulating content.

Preparing for Academic Debate

Academic debate is an important way for students to build their communication, critical thinking, and research skills. Preparing for an academic debate requires thoughtful strategy and practice if you want to be successful. To help you get the most out of your next academic debate, here are some tips on how to prepare.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the subject matter that you will be debating. Take time to research both sides of the debate so that you are well versed on the different arguments. Knowing what the opposition is going to bring to the table will give you an advantage when it comes to formulating an effective response. Make sure to document your sources in case you need to refer to them during the debate.

In addition to your own research, communication is essential for succeeding in any debate. Spend some time rehearsing your arguments and refining your delivery. Practice speaking in front of a mirror or with family or friends, as it will help build your confidence for the real thing. Also, when communicating, it is important to be respectful and professional, as these debates are a great opportunity to learn from each other.

Overall, preparation is key when it comes to conducting a successful academic debate. With proper research and communication skills, you’ll be well on your way to winning the argument. Put in the work now, and you’ll reap the rewards during the debate!

Interesting Topics for Academic Debate

Academic debates are a great way to pass time, to engage in intellectual conversations, and to learn more about the world around us. There are plenty of interesting topics available for a lively academic debate, ranging from politics to science to culture. Here are some of the fascinating topics that can be used to engage in an academic debate.

  • First, topics related to current events can provide a lot of fodder for a robust discussion. While it's important to remain respectful of each other's views, discussing and analyzing the events going on around the world can lead to an interesting debate. Anything from a nation's foreign policy to the latest social movement is worth exploring.
  • Second, bringing up topics related to economics can make for a thought-provoking debate. Discussing the role of the government in terms of taxation, trade, and regulation can bring up unique points of view, leading to a riveting discussion. Further, delving deeper into controversial topics like income inequality, government subsidies, or welfare can foster an engaging conversation.
  • Lastly, debating philosophical questions can be a great opportunity to bring up different perspectives and engage in a thought-provoking dialogue. Using philosophical skills such as critical thinking, logical reasoning, and analytical interpretation can help us answer questions that are difficult to answer. From topics like free will, morality, ethics, and personal identity, there's a vast array of philosophical ideas to explore in an academic debate.

No matter what topic is chosen, academic debates can be a great way to increase our understanding of the world while stimulating our minds. It's important to respect differences in opinion, strive to find common ground, and set an example for those around us. With the range of interesting topics available, an academic debate can be a great way to learn more about the world we live in.

Understanding the Essentials of an Academic Debate

An academic debate is a structured argument about a particular concept, issue, or topic, in which participants argue for or against a specific viewpoint. The goal of an academic debate is to learn more deeply about a particular subject, by exploring different perspectives on it within a logical framework. It is an effective way to hone critical thinking skills and to evaluate alternative approaches to an issue. Understanding the essentials of an academic debate can help students and participants to efficiently engage with one another and work towards a positively resolved debate.

When participating in an academic debate, it is crucial to understand the format and the rules of engagement. These generally range from how much speaking time each student or team has, to what topics will be allowed and the parameters of the debate. Generally, two sides present their argument within an allotted period of time, with a jury of impartial judges measuring the strength of the argument as well as the structure and the logic employed to conclude. Thereafter, each side can have the opportunity to rebut or challenge the arguments of the other side.

The outcome of an academic debate should be to come to an enlightened point of view. Participants should leave the debate feeling that they have made thoughtful and informed decisions based on the evidence provided. It helps participants to become more self-aware and to learn more about a particular subject. Most importantly, it helps participants to think more critically and analytically, and thus becomes an essential skillset to formulate sound judgement.

With these tips in hand, it is now possible to understand the essentials of an academic debate. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn and exchange ideas, and to have an educational dialogue between peers. With proper understanding of the format and rules for engagement, a rich exchange of ideas can be achieved. As a result, all participants can leave feeling that they have been challenged and have gained many important insights.

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