7 Best Academic Conference Youtube Channels

Are you a college student or grad student looking to expand your knowledge of education, research, and academia? Maybe you're a doctoral student looking for new ideas for your dissertation. Whatever your academic interests and goals may be, the right YouTube channel can help you reach them. Read on to discover some of the best YouTube channels to keep you engaged in all things university, PhD, and beyond!

Conference Gallery

Channel Views: ~62.3k Channel Subscribers: ~441 Channel Videos: ~651

Conference Gallery Youtube Channel

Conference Gallery is a YouTube channel that focuses on international conferences, webinars, and science conferences in the academic world. It features researchfora conferences and theiier conferences that bring together academics and researchers from around the world to share their research and collaborate. It also shares sciencewebinars, providing viewers with valuable insight and information.

TEDx Talks

Channel Views: ~6.5b Channel Subscribers: ~35.5m Channel Videos: ~183.9k

TEDx Talks Youtube Channel

The TEDx Talks YouTube channel offers a wide variety of entertaining, educational, and academic lectures. It features talks from various TEDx conferences, which are designed to bring together creative minds from a multitude of disciplines. With stimulating videos on topics ranging from design, art, and technology to science, literature, and finance, TEDx Talks provides a unique platform for sharing ideas and inspiring change.

Pac-12 Networks

Channel Views: ~81.7m Channel Subscribers: ~116k Channel Videos: ~16.9k

Pac-12 Networks Youtube Channel

The Pac-12 Networks YouTube channel is the official YouTube channel for the Pac-12 Conference, an academic conference composed of universities located in the states of Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and California. The conference is best known for its college football and sports programs, with many teams from Arizona State, the University of Arizona, Washington State, and Oregon State competing in the conference. Fans of Pac-12 college football and sports can access highlights, recaps, and other videos from the channel.

Patriot League on ESPN Productions

Channel Views: ~1.3m Channel Subscribers: ~2.6k Channel Videos: ~2.6k

Patriot League on ESPN Productions Youtube Channel

Patriot League on ESPN Productions is a YouTube channel dedicated to covering the NCAA Division I Academic Conference, the Patriot League. The channel features news, highlights, and updates from top schools such as Boston U, Holy Cross, and American, as well as content on various sports like field hockey, cross country, swimming and diving, and track and field. They also stream CBS Sports Network's coverage of the league.


Channel Views: ~416.2k Channel Subscribers: ~1.9k Channel Videos: ~278

IAFOR Media Youtube Channel

IAFOR Media is the official YouTube channel of the International Academic Forum (IAFOR). This channel provides viewers with a wide range of content related to the social sciences, language learning, publishing, grants and scholarships, and hosting Asian conferences. It is a great resource for anyone seeking to learn more about the academic conferences IAFOR organizes, as well as for those interested in submitting their abstract work for publication and any students wanting to look for thesis publication opportunities. IAFOR Media also serves as a think tank and hub for learning and innovation.


Channel Views: ~64k Channel Subscribers: ~880 Channel Videos: ~283

SECUniversity Youtube Channel

SECUniversity is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing content related to American Football and Sports, with coverage of academic conferences, interviews and highlights. The channel is the go-to source for fans of the Southeastern Conference teams, and provides an informative and entertaining look at the world of college football.

Kaufman Interfaith Institute

Channel Views: ~280.3k Channel Subscribers: ~2.3k Channel Videos: ~105

Kaufman Interfaith Institute Youtube Channel

The Kaufman Interfaith Institute YouTube channel offers viewers a library of recordings from academic conferences and events that cover topics related to interfaith dialogue, understanding, tolerance, diversity, respect, and acceptance. It is a platform to educate and promote discussions aimed at creating more inclusive communities and fostering greater mutual respect.

Preparing for an Academic Conference

Are you planning to attend an academic conference soon? Whether you’re going to a virtual conference, traveling to an in-person event or presenting yourself, it is important to be properly prepared. This will help you make the most of the experience by taking meaningful notes and engaging with other individuals. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to prepare for an academic conference.

  • The most important part of preparing for an academic conference is to be familiar with the topics that will be discussed. Read through the list of speakers and identify their research interests. Take notes on your conference materials either during the sessions or in writing afterwards. Research each speaker and their area of expertise so you can ask meaningful questions during any discussions and develop your own insights. Additionally, look at the topics that could be applicable to your career and make a list of those for further exploration.
  • Another way to prepare for an academic conference is to practice and prepare your presentation. It’s important to spend time refining and honing key points, especially when accounting for time constraints. Make sure to consider the best way to structure your presentation and make it both easily accessible to the audience and engaging. Make sure to develop visuals, charts, and multimedia that further your presentation. Practice your presentation as often as possible and if possible, deliver it to individuals ahead of time. This will make sure you get comfortable presenting your material without feeling overwhelmed when the big day arrives.

By following these steps, you can be sure that you are adequately prepared to attend the academic conference. This will make for a much smoother experience and help you gain the most from the event whether it be to make connections, have meaningful conversations or absorb new knowledge.

Exploring Opportunities Available at Academic Conferences

Academic conferences offer amazing opportunities for students and academics alike to both learn and expand their networks. Not only are they great places to share ideas and find collaboration, but they are also great venues to hear presentations from leading experts in the field. Furthermore, these conferences provide platforms to explore innovative ideas, gain inspiration, and create meaningful conversations with peers.

The benefits of attending academic conferences don't stop there. By networking and attending seminars, you can build relationships with mentors and industry professionals that can help enhance your employability prospects. Additionally, they present invaluable opportunities to meet potential employers and find out about existing job openings. Moreover, they can also help open up possibilities that may otherwise have been missed, such as international research partnerships and internships.

For students and academics alike, attending conferences can be an invaluable part of academic and career growth. Not only do these conferences offer the opportunity to explore new ideas, but they also provide attendees with a range of opportunities for networking, learning, and growing their career opportunities. Taking the time to attend an academic conference can be worth its weight in gold, as the potential outcomes that come out of such events can be remarkable. So don't miss out on this opportunity; explore different conferences and figure out which ones are best for you!

Guiding Principles for an Engaging Academic Conference Experience

Conferences are an incredible opportunity for academics to gain new insights and to make meaningful connections with colleagues. To ensure an engaging conference experience that provides the most value to participants, it is important to follow certain guiding principles.

  1. First, plan thoroughly to make the most of the experience. Research the other speakers, plan your presentation, and set specific objectives. Take advantage of networking opportunities by preparing conversation starters and business cards. Attendee feedback and surveys should be used to think of new ways to engage with people and get out of your comfort zone.
  2. Second, prioritize professional development and follow up with connections. Take the time to learn about trends within the profession or industry that affect your research. Use breaks to talk to different people and exchange ideas. It is also important to follow up with those connections afterwards and keep in touch to develop them further.

Finally, proactively seek out feedback from the conference’s host organization. By including attendee comments, the organization can use the feedback to further improve the experience. Moreover, feedback should be shared with others in the profession to ensure insights are transmitted and used. By considering and using these key principles, academics have the ability to maximize their conference experience and gain valuable connections.

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