Are you an anime fan looking for great YouTube channels to watch? Do you enjoy abridged series, anime parodies, and anime reactions? If so, then you're in the right spot! We have compiled a list of some of the best YouTube channels out there that specialize in abridged, parody, and reaction videos of popular anime, such as One Piece. Keep reading to find out more about these awesome YouTube channels available for your anime entertainment!

Abridged: Best Youtube Channels


Channel Views: ~4.6m Channel Subscribers: ~69.5k Channel Videos: ~820

PhatDogStudios Youtube Channel

PhatDogStudios is a YouTube channel specializing in abridged series of popular anime such as One Piece, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Log Horizon, Shield Hero, and Air Gear. They also produce original content like Distortion Devil and Fuck the Judges. Whether it is an abridged series or an original take on characters, PhatDogStudios provides quality and entertaining content.

Spectro Sofa

Channel Views: ~3.3m Channel Subscribers: ~14.5k Channel Videos: ~421

Spectro Sofa Youtube Channel

Spectro Sofa is an abridged YouTube channel created and hosted by Jesse, Terrence, and Aaron. Primarily, they create Naruto Abridged videos by creating comedy parodies of the series. The videos are well made with original sketches and content. Fans of Naruto and comedy should definitely check out the Spectro Sofa Channel.

JoyRide Entertainment

Channel Views: ~23.4m Channel Subscribers: ~119k Channel Videos: ~196

JoyRide Entertainment Youtube Channel

JoyRide Entertainment is a YouTube channel that creates abridged series, anime parodies, and anime memes based on popular series such as My Hero Academia, Boku no Hero Academia, Dr. Stone, and Spy x Family. Its hilarious Spy x Family Abridged series is one of its most popular creations. Each abridged season carves the original series into a shorter episode that is packed with humor and lots of entertainment. Tune in and enjoy the ride!

2GS BootLegged

Channel Views: ~39.4m Channel Subscribers: ~208k Channel Videos: ~145

2GS BootLegged Youtube Channel

2GS BootLegged is a YouTube channel that provides abridged analyses and commentary on topics such as XRP Ripple, XRP Price Predictions, Ripple Price Predictions, Ripple XRP Price, Ripple XRP Price Predictions, XRP News, XRP News Today, XRP Coin and Ripple Coin. Their content is designed to educate viewers on the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space.

Scootertrix Studios

Channel Views: ~4.4m Channel Subscribers: ~22.9k Channel Videos: ~141

Scootertrix Studios Youtube Channel

Scootertrix Studios is an amazing YouTube channel renowned for its hilarious and unique abridged series including MLP Abridged, The Mentally Advanced Series, Friendship is Witchcraft, and My Little Pony Abridged Series. With raunchy fourth-wall humor, they have created some of the best MLP parodies out there.


Channel Views: ~57.1m Channel Subscribers: ~305k Channel Videos: ~135

Grimmjack Youtube Channel

Grimmjack's YouTube channel offers a wide range of abridged anime parodies. With shows like The Schmuck Squad, My Dumb Academia, My Hero Academia Abridged, The Devil Is a Part-Timer Abridged and Akame ga Kill! Abridged, and The Seven Deadly Schmucks, Grimmjack promises plenty of high-quality comedic content. So what are you waiting for? Join in on the fun and genre-bending entertainment, only at Grimmjack!


Channel Views: ~239.5k Channel Subscribers: ~2k Channel Videos: ~135

Sorabotics Youtube Channel

Sorabotics is an abridged YouTube channel focused on the hit video game, Super Smash Flash 2 (SSF2). It offers tutorials, tricks, and game-play videos related to Super Smash Bros and the fan game Super Smash Flash by McLeodGaming. It is a great resource for those wanting to get better at SSF2.


Channel Views: ~58.7k Channel Subscribers: ~526 Channel Videos: ~72

StephReacts Youtube Channel

StephReacts is a YouTube channel devoted to abridged reactions to the latest Entertainment Television shows and Films. Filled with witty and light-hearted commentary, StephReacts will keep you laughing and entertained. Be sure to check it out!

Lord Daedryth

Channel Views: ~7.2m Channel Subscribers: ~59.2k Channel Videos: ~40

Lord Daedryth Youtube Channel

Lord Daedryth is a YouTuber who creates abridged parodies of popular anime series. His videos often add humor and parody elements to the original stories, providing viewers with hilarious and entertaining content. He can be considered an Anituber and belongs to the Anitube community. Lord Daedryth is the perfect channel for those who enjoy abridgments and comedy.

Studio Weeb 07

Channel Views: ~45.4k Channel Subscribers: ~602 Channel Videos: ~15

Studio Weeb 07 Youtube Channel

Studio Weeb 07 is an abridged YouTube channel dedicated to providing entertaining film and television program content. With a diverse array of parodies and original shows, they seek to provide viewers with a unique take on their favorite shows.

West City Studios

Channel Views: ~143.3k Channel Subscribers: ~2.4k Channel Videos: ~7

West City Studios Youtube Channel

West City Studios is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing entertaining content related to film, video games, and the culture surrounding them. They produce abridged versions of blockbuster films and popular video games, giving viewers an enjoyable shortened version of the entertainment they know and love.

Exploring the Benefits of Abridging Content

When it comes to conveying a message, less is often more. In the age of information and technology, abridging content provides a compelling case for using simpler language and fewer words to express an idea. Abridging content makes it easier for readers to quickly understand what is trying to be said and can focus the attention on the most important points that need to be communicated.

  1. One of the most obvious benefits to abridging content is the faster rate of information digestion. By keeping the message simple and succinct, readers won't become overwhelmed by the amount of information presented to them and can easily digest the content. This can ultimately lead to quicker decision making and more effective readers. Another benefit of abridging content is the potential for wider reach and increased understanding of the message. By removing unnecessary language and focusing on the core message, different audiences can more readily identify with the message that is being shared.
  2. Finally, abridging content can help contribute to overall SEO performance. Since SEO relies heavily on keywords and phrases, cutting out irrelevant information can help to highlight the more important keywords and phrases. Additionally, cutting out the unneeded sections of content can help to reduce page loading time and keep visitors engaged with the page. This can improve overall ranking in search engine results and make it easier to be found.

In conclusion, there are several advantages to abridging content that can lead to improved readerships, better understanding of the message, and higher search engine rankings. Whether used for business or personal communication, understanding the power of abridging content can lead to increased efficacy when communicating information.

Creating An Abridged Version of Anything

Creating an abridged version of anything can be seen as daunting task, yet it's possible and beneficial for many reasons.

  • The primary benefit is that it's an easier process for most readers. After all, reading can be a tiring process if it is too long, making it hard for people to pay attention when they’re just feeling overwhelmed. Abridging content is more succinct and easier to understand, helping readers to stay engaged with the content until the end.
  • It’s also great for students and professionals who lack the time to consume all the information provided. An abridged version may be seen as a quicker route for them to get the necessary information, allowing them to make the best use of their time. Reducing the content helps readers to focus on key points and essential information, allowing to learn and understand faster. Abridging content can be seen as a time-saving process and way to efficiently manage resources.

Overall, creating an abridged version of anything can be extremely practical and beneficial. Not only does it offer an easier reading process and allow readers to save time, but it also encourages clearer understanding of key points. Abridging content can be used by readers to gain knowledge efficiently and effectively.

Key Takeaways From Abridged Content

In today’s world, businesses and individuals are looking for ways to declutter and simplify content they ingest. Abridged content is one solution that focuses on summarizing long-form content. It offers readers an easier way to gain insights and ideas from high-quality sources in a fraction of the time. Here are some of the key takeaways from abridged content.

  1. First, abridged content can be useful when there’s a need for a quick overview of the subject. For readers, this makes it easy for them to understand the core ideas and principles without taking the time to read through all the source material. It also enables them to get a better understanding of the subject matter in a shorter span of time.
  2. Finally, abridged content can serve as a starting point for further exploration and learning. The facts, ideas, and insights presented in abridged content can act as a launching point for readers to go further. It can also be used to help readers gain a deeper understanding of a topic they are already familiar with and to acquire more knowledge.

Overall, abridged content offers a concise summary that can give readers a general overview and understanding of the subject. It provides key takeaways, which can be further researched and explored. Abridged content can be a great tool for quick, informative learning.

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